How to Warm Up in apex legends| Apex legends Season 6


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So in todays video I will show you how to warm up your mind and body. You enter a game or say How do I warm up before? I go to the top you watch. The warm up game Front is very important because it injects new vitality, Be prepared to familiarize you with guns and Action mechanics. This is at the beginning of the game, Its a good habit to warm up before, because if you enter without warming up, Then you may have a bad day. You may be destroyed many times. Finally, the anger disappeared and I felt frustrated with the game.

So, yes, As I told you before, entering the shooting range for the first time And then once I enter the shooting range, I usually run to the wall and jump off the wall And then slide down the slope 360 degrees, while falling. If you dont know how to jump down the mountain Ive recently Posted a video about sports, you can check it anytime. The next thing I want to do is, I then pick up some weapons and then train Target. Usually I pick up my gun to find the hardest Things used or things that require a lot of practice, For example, “ wing forward” and then start with them.

You can use any target, but I prefer to go to the far right This way. I can also practice shooting in the range you see You can shoot on both sides. You can use right to left or right, But i’m right handed. So i went to the right Try to get a headshot off the dummy here. If you feel necessary, if Feel free to use extended heavy MAG, You can easily hit the headshot try to move it away a bit To make it more challenging, while still remembering Practice shooting while doing strafing. So you get used to it And by making it difficult for you to hit strafing Can help you in a gun battle.

Just move left and right e and keyboard, you can press A and d And the controller you can just swing. The left stick to do left Right. You can also squat down on spam to avoid headshots More effectively just spamming Crouch. Once you choose to use this and height practice, shots are done on the rocks here. You can climb on it and shoot at any target, While keeping the clockwork and crouching spam movement Practice for 3-4 minutes. Then move on to the next exercise.

This is I’m on the far right of the shooting range And the actions Im talking about are like wall jumping and climbing mechanisms. The problem is that I tried to make this video as short as possible. If i go too fast Or you think I dont, like my words, to go into the details but, as I said, I recently posted a video about sports. If you are interested in learning how I practice Sports, I have linked my video in the description. Please Make sure to check The next thing I want to do. Is I pick up the “ heirloom gun”, Kraber, R9 and PK, and then with them. These are the most lethal gun exercises in the game. I suggest you practice how to use Them, because I feel shameful if I, When I lost the battle to have these guns And PK peacekeepers. I just ran from left to right, while hitting the training dummy And when doing this.

Dont forget, as you saw in the trailer Practice shooting while sliding, which may actually be very helpful for the game, Can also Try to headshot with PK, Because they did a headshot. Without a brain, The biggest damage, but I have to mention it – I do the same thing with R9 and I also try to hit the target Far while controlling recoil, Helpful And in Kraber I practiced in a stable Location, quickscoping while im, Then I practice the shot Is in the far range then the target I moved to practice hipfiring and finally, I, After shooting from a commanding height by climbing rocks. I will tell you about. I spent 15 to 20 minutes in total. I think its worth it Because the game, when I warm up is better than nothing After finishing Its much smoother. You can jump into the game Or open the dummies to activate them and engage them in a gun battle.

All you have to do to open the dummy is to move to the last booth. You will see that there are 3 stalls, so the one on the far right. I think Yes, the one on the far right is This. Is here then, on the ceiling To this metal here, the easiest way is to switch to the path and Hold it tightly then put it on top Put down each item in the inventory and turn over and crouch Then face down and face down. You can switch to any role, You will hear the voice confirmation and when you enter the shooting range, The dummy will be alive. They will shoot you Just pick up any weapon of your choice and practice as you wish.

You can use any armor and guns. You want to use If you want to close the dummy, If you want to close them, just follow the same steps, Put down each item in the inventory and then switch to any other character. They will close. Yes, This is a great way to practice. Robots Now also started to cross Competition. Invite your friends to participate in 1v1. Competition is a very interesting warm-up activity. In my opinion, this is better than fighting against robots.

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