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How to Win Solo Vs Squads Fights – 1vs5 Analysis! – Apex Legends Combat Tips #3


Hey everyone, I hope you’re well. Welcome to Apex Legends combat tips, where i take different engagements I’ve had during my live stream to showcase different combat tips you can implement into your own gameplay. In this episode, let’s talk about 3v1 situations. I want to take an engagement I had that showcases some different mechanics I used that can help you win fights that have odds stacked against you. In my last Apex Legends combat tips episode, I said I’d cover peeking corners, but I’m still trying to get together some good clips to show peeking corners, so we’ll skip that one for now. I also want to show you some tips on how you can fight outside the ring. I think a lot of you are afraid of it, when you don’t need to be. Keep in mind, this is just for standard queue and not for Elite Queue or ranked mode. Before I begin, here’s a quick sneak peek of what you can expect from my live stream over on Twitch.

Alright, let me break this fight down for you. Instead of giving you a list of tips, I’ll just take you through my thought process and decisions as they happen. So, immediately, the fight starts with a pathfinder standing blatantly in the open. I get him low, so I follow up with the kill. Solo squad fights are so much easier if you can take down a player and eliminate them initially. So, it’s important here I don’t let pathfinder escape. I don’t jump down, though, because I want to return to the cover afterwards. I noticed other players are shooting at us.

They are far away, so I have time to reload and heal up. Tip one for soloing is to always heal as much as possible. a fully geared squad has 600HP, so you need to be able to make up for that by healing in between every possible situation. Let’s pause it a second here. You will notice when I am healing, it’s always near a door. Healing outside is fine, but healing near doors is by far the best option due the the way you can block doors with your body. Okay, back to the clip. I repeek from a different angle to get information on what’s happening. I try to stick arc stars, but no luck. Here, note that I’m not peeking this corner very wide. It’s a very dangerous idea to push this squad as there’s no cover. Instead, we stick to this set of buildings. It’s an excellent area for a solo engagement because of the multiple doors and routes you can take.

I always find that the best strategy for 3v1 situations is to choose your anchor point on a building. Then, you should never leave that area – let the players push you and use the cover to create small 1v1 engagements. At this point, we are essentially in between two teams, which isn’t great. But we know that this player is engaging on the team that was shooting the pathfinder. So, as far as I can tell, this is a player coming to pathfinder’s rescue. That’s a 2V1 squad, so my thoughts here were that I needed to push this squad and eliminate them quickly before the other team rolls up on me. I instadown this player because I’m hoping for some quick heals. The other team is obviously on their way. Unfortunately, she had no armor. I don’t want to leave this position because there’s still one player on that first squad.

There’s a chance they could have armor for me and I favor a 1v1 fight over a 3v1. It turns out that wasn’t part of the same squad. Bad news for me because that means the other 2 players of that squad are going to push me now. So, my thoughts here are immediately I need to create some distance.

My plan here was to throw two nades on either side of the rock so that they are hesitant to push me, that could have potentially gave me some time to heal up, or down one player which would have been important. If they were arc stars, it could have worked better maybe, but the grenades didn’t roll where I wanted them to. The bloodhound just strafes right past and lays into me. So let me just pause here. Honestly, at this point I should have been dead. I was essentially caught out in the open.

If I could do anything differently I should have stayed in that building when I downed that octane. I was banking too much on it being the last player on the first squad and him having level 3 armor. It wasn’t the case. By leaving that building, I lost my advantage. You should always favor cover and doors when solo – this rock in the open was not ideal. Somehow, by some kind of miracle, I manage to phase out and get past these two players. Like I said, should be dead here, but sometimes luck favors you. Just because I survived, doesn’t mean this was the right play, though. So lesson here – don’t push too far away from any anchor point you’ve chosen. So, now it’s clear that team will push me, so a good tactic is to throw grenades at my feet as I run.

That way, they either have to run through the grenade and take damage, or they have to wait, or run around a different route. It doesn’t always work but it has a pretty good success rate. Also, armor swapping is always so useful in 3v1 situations. So, try to memorize where armor is in the cover you’ve chosen. This is also another reason why picking an anchor point is so good – for example, if you know a building has two level 1 armors, you can play around cover and swap out once the team pushes you.

This player just pushes right at me. We don’t really know why the bloodhound didn’t push too. Maybe they were zoned by the grenade, we’re not sure. I’d love to see the replay from a different perspective here. Either way, The pathfinder pushed us very aggressive. I was honestly expecting the grenade to damage him, so I held my ground here. I hold my ground here again. If that bloodhound were to be with their teammate, I probably would have lost this fight. But, luckily that last remaining player from the first squad earlier came in to save the day. So, right now, they are fighting. That gives me time to heal up. So, let me explain what’s happening here. I am healing on a door, but I have left it open.

The reason for this is because if a player pushes me, I have no idea what direction they will come from. This allows me to go either side of the door and close it depending on what side i’m being pushed from. So at this point we hear the death sound, which means our hero just came in to wipe the bloodhound out. So I take a quick peek, there could be a chance that they are looting and we can catch them off guard. We don’t see them, so I make the decision to heal up completely before I push out to find him and get back in the ring. I should note, throughout this whole fight, we have mostly been outside of the ring. Don’t feel afraid of the ring damage at this stage, unless you are playing a game mode with increased ring damage. I hear them looting at this point so I go to push them.

So, we need to reload here, I slide behind cover because I cannot do any damage to him right now. The best thing we can do is stop him dealing damage from me whilst we reload. Interestingly enough, he does the same tactic, but we push him. He should have pushed us when we reloaded, but he didn’t even try. So there we have it, we managed to take down two squads whilst solo by using cover as an anchor point, we healed at each chance we could get, and were passive when others are engaging on each other. The engagement wasn’t perfect and there were some moments we could have done things better, but either way, we can watch back and look at what we did right and what we did wrong so that we can learn for the future.

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