How to Win with the RE45 in Apex Legends! Hipfire and Reload for Days!


What’S up guys, it’s BrknLaw here with some more apex legends for you Now, one gun in apex that i have kind of slept on is the re45 pistol and man. It is a hidden gem. I think it’s really really great for that hip fire potential, because you got that nice pistol, strafe speed, going back and forth to evade bullets, and additionally, it’s got a pretty decent recoil. That’S mostly vertical and last man. It’S reload time is legendary. It is so fast. It helps you really stay in those fights and not get caught unawares without that ammo in the chamber. Now, in today’s video, I’ve got two wins for you one. I was just solo queuing with some randoms and really clutched it at the end with the re-45 and then the other one. I’Ve got a nice high kill game with TalkingSpud and Unpoppedcorn that I think you’ll enjoy.

So you guys know what to do hit that, like button make sure you subscribe, leave a comment of what you want to see and without further ado enjoy the video i haven’t seen any yup right ahead. He’S got a longbow, I think, target over there revenant down. I eliminated the whole squad. They’Re gone, they’re gone nice work, guys, oh, that was so good. Is cracked? One focus one side push out this way. Nice elimination, nice outlets and one of them has a cover over an outlet right next to a hose, and i’m like in what universe? Are you putting an outlet in your shower? No, there you go, i think you can have some arch beers. This one’s right on this team is right on us.

So let’s stick together and just punch him out. I got a re they’re punishing me. Oh i punched him. Pretty good should be low. He ran out if you got him i’ll, get him up. There blew my hair there and i tried to pick it up. I guess it didn’t. Okay, there we go oh they’re up top in the middle. I’M sorry, it’s okay got him. Nice work guys holy crap. That revive was perfect, dude. Okay, i need. I need energy ammo. Another guy here on me, wow, what a start guys that was insane that was nuts. I have five kills. That’S great! That’S i have zero. It’S fantastic. Give me one we’ll see.

Do you how many batteries you have? I have two okay yeah. Let me know if you do not have any okay, we got ta change to the south, yeah mobs. You have my zips. So if we want to get the zippy zap on top of them, oh they’re, on top of this building, i’m zipping on top – oh you guys are another team to you. Another team melted one. Oh he’s inside i’m just gon na. Follow you all right! I’M gon na whatever i’m just watching to see. If i can spy anybody can click on their head and do some fun damage yeah i mean if we get a knock, then we’re. Oh, two people are down one of them thirsty: oh they’re fighting, so we okay! Okay, awesome squad left, we got this and one of them’s kill leader yeah. I didn’t even hear a uh, i didn’t either so either they fixed the audio or they’re far. Oh, i just heard it they’re, just messing around yeah they’re sure come on come fight. I us it okay, let’s take this room.

This might be something good. This way great already inside the ring might hear them on the left. I shredded one of them pulling a bat. I got this guys. We got this we’re better, taking the color, oh they they got my number pulling another bat i’ll be walking down for the finish. Oh, that was huge. That was huge. Oh my gosh, guys. That was so good. We each took out one of them. I don’t know if you guys noticed, but i grabbed pushed it at the beginning of that fight no dude. It was perfect, you pulled the octane out and i finished them off for you. It was perfect. Well done! Oh yes, you

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