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Hello, youtubers rugwinkeyjunior here and in today’s video we’re going to talk about weapon stocks. Now there are two different types of stocks in apex legends: there are the standard stock and the sniper stock standard stocks, fit on smg’s, ars and lmgs, and sniper stocks fit on marksman weapons and snipers, except the bow check bow which cannot take a stock because, where The hell would you put it so weapon stocks offer a bunch of benefits to the weapons that you equip them on, and here is what it gives you. So you get less abs time you get less, deploy slash holster time. So that is the time it takes to actually take your weapon out and then put it back away. You also get less raise slash lower time.

So when you are running you can see your weapon is kind of lowered and having a weapon stock on the weapon reduces the time it takes to get it back ready. It also gives you less aim drift, so aim drift is when you’re looking through a sight. The weapon slightly sways around you can see, there’s like a little floaty, which kind of mimics breathing, if you could say so, and having a stock equip on a weapon, reduces that sway stocks. Also, since season 10 reduce reload time or make it quicker. Depending on how you formulate it so that used to be reserved for magazines, but they removed some of the power from extended magazines and switched it over to the stocks so now, weapon stocks also reduce your reload speed or increase your reload speed would be the proper Way to say it now, sniper stocks work a little bit different.

They have some added benefits. So if we grab a sniper here, let’s just say we grab this sentinel and um unequip that stock, let’s grab a magnified optic and go up to the top all right. So if i aim down side here, you’re gon na see some really noticeable weapon sway. You can see how much you are swaying with magnified optics and snipers have much more weapons with than other guns. So you can see how much the crosshair is just moving around and i’m not even touching the mouse or anything now now equipping a weapon stock to uh sniper rifles.

If we put this on you’re gon na see it is almost unnoticeable. There is a massive difference from having a stock equipped on a sniper than having no stock and the aim drift reduction that you get from sniper stocks is way way bigger than the one you get from standard stocks when you’re equipping it on lmg’s, ars or smgs. Something specific to sniper stocks is it reduces the drift speed. So if we take the stock off again, you can see there’s a lot more ink drift, but it also increases how fast that aim. Drift is now if we put a weapon stock back on or a sniper stock back on, you’ll see the aim.

Drift is much slower, so it’s a lot easier to hit your targets so just to give you guys an idea of all the numbers associated with level. One level two and level three stocks: here’s a table. You can see the greater the stock, the more percentage it knocks off of every single category. So you can see level. Three is obviously the best it gives you, 25 percent less abs time, 25 percent, less deploy.

Slash holster time 20, less rage, slash, lower 45 percent, less aim drift and 10 less reload time for the standard stock. And then, if we go to the level 3 sniper stock, you get 20 20 less abs time. The same thing for uh holster deploy raise lower. You have 80 percent, less aim: drift 20, slower drift speed and the same increased reload speed now one of the common misconceptions of stocks. If we grab two weapons that could equip the same type of stock like this uh one of the common misconceptions – and i also thought this for the longest time is you always want to equip a stock to the weapon that you’re going to switch to?

So in this case, if i were to have let’s say only one stock to split between these two weapons, i used to think that it was better to put the stock on the prowler, thus increasing the time or decreasing the time it takes to switch from the R301 to the prowler, when i’m mid firefight, but in actuality, how it really works, seeing as it is a percentage based bonus, uh, the r301 is a bigger weapon. It is an assault rifle, as for the prowler, is an smg. So the handling time of the r301 is greater than the handling time of the prowler. So let’s take, for example, these are fictional numbers, they’re, not real whatsoever, let’s say, for example, the r301 has a 0.5 second uh handling time so that it takes .

seconds to either take take it out or put it away, and the prowler, for example, has a 0.25 second time to put it away and take it out, so the total time that it would take to switch between the two weapons would be 0.75 seconds. So the time it takes you to put the r301 away and then pull the prowler out 0
75 or 0.75 seconds, i think, would be the proper way to say it now if we equip the purple stock on the r301 again, it is a percentage based benefit, seeing as the r301 takes a longer to handle, so to speak, you’re taking 25 off that initial 0.

seconds bringing the total handling time of the r301 down to 0.375, as opposed to 0.5. So if we add both times together, so the stowaway time of the r301 and the unholstered time of the prowler, it would bring us to 0
625 seconds to complete the entirety of the weapon switch now, on the other hand, if you were to equip the stock on the prowler, you are taking 25 off 0.25 seconds of handling.

So, instead of taking you 0.25 seconds to take out the weapon or put it away, it’s going to take you 0.1875 seconds, bringing the total time to switch between two weapons to 0.6875 seconds. So, as you can see again, it is a percentage based benefit uh.

You always want to put it on weapons that are heavier basically, so an r301 would be considered a heavier weapon than the prowler. Thus, you’d have a much bigger advantage. You would save more time if you were to equip the better stock. In this case, we only have the one the better stock on the heavier weapon, and it would decrease the time it takes further between uh switching between two weapons, as opposed to putting the stock on the prowler. Again, we’re talking milliseconds here but again in a fast-paced game like apex legends, every second counts.

So if you can shave off as much time between the weapon switch as you can, you are at an advantage to do so now. There is one caveat since season 10 uh. It also increases the reload speed of your weapons, so you really want to think about which weapon you’re going to be reloading more often um. So it kind of begs to the question: if you’re going to use the prowler more, you might want to put the stock on the prowler because it increases the reload speed uh. But if you’re really always starting off with the r301, for example, and then switching out to the prowler once you’re out of ammo on the r301 uh, you would have an advantage to put the stock on the r301, because it’s going to greater reduce this time.

It takes to switch between the two weapons. So if we were to talk about priority, i would always put the stock on a lmg first uh an ar second and then an smg in last, and you always want to prioritize the better stock on the heavier weapon. As for sniper stocks, i would equip the sniper stock on the sniper first and on the marksman weapon. Second, but i feel as though this is probably a moot point, because i don’t really see a lot of people carrying both a sniper rifle and a marksman weapon. Usually people are carrying a a sniper rifle or marksman and something like an ar or an smg or even a lmg.

So you can split the stocks between the two because they don’t take the same stock as opposed to previous seasons. So i hope this helped cleared up some misconceptions about weapon stocks. Even i for the longest time thought it was beneficial to equip the stock to the weapon. You were switching to and not the weapon that had the longest handle time. But if you did learn something hit, the like button, uh subscribe to the channel, if you haven’t already and as always, thank you very much for watching.

I really appreciate it and i’ll see you guys in the next. Video have a good one: [ Music ], you

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