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This video is sponsored by ea. Thank you so much to them, there’s less than a week left for winter express which means, if you’re like me, you’re, probably panicking, because you wanted to complete all of the badges and suddenly you don’t have much time and the hardest badge in this game requires you To get 100 round victories, either by capturing the train or killing all the other players, so that’s like the equivalent to 30 games one basically. So how are we going to do this in the quickest time possible? Well, this video will help you out. So let me explain how we’re going to win in winter express as quickly as possible to get as many wins in a short amount of time as possible, so that we can get that badge completed now.

First things: first, let’s talk about this game mode and why? It’S so much more difficult than any other game mode. In my opinion, now, let’s not fact on this, it’s just personally what i’m seeing it seems that, because there’s less players on the game, less players on the server things are really smooth, which means when a player strafes back and forth, it’s really hard to track them. Because they’re just moving so much more fluidly than before, i don’t know how to explain it, but somehow trying to kill someone. Who’S strafing in this game mode is so much more challenging than trying to kill someone who’s strafing in the normal game. Is that just me? It seems to be something at least i’m noticing that so we want to make sure we’re strafing like crazy, so we’re as hard to hit as possible. Now that also means that we can think about what legends to play. Based on this information, i personally think both bangalore and octane are really good, because their strifing speed is amazing. Thanks to bangalore’s, passive and octane’s. Tactical bengal is also really good, because you can just throw smoke down and heal in the craziest situations.

The heroes are a lot faster in this game mode, so that’s going to allow you to heal faster, so we’re able to survive for longer by taking bangalore and octane or if you’re, playing in a team i’d say take car stick as well. That’S a really good choice. It’S a little bit more challenging to play on your own, because you’re just going to get bombarded by grenades and stuff, but of course it can be a really good choice as well. So those are the top three legends. In my opinion, for this game mode, rafe’s really good as well, because she’s so small and it’s just hard to hit her. So that’s always something to consider now. Another thing is, you should try and stick with your teammates as much as possible.

That’S going to make sure that you are there to back them up that they had to back you up at the end of the day, the fights are just quick three on three on three fights, so you need to be there to help your team. If you go to 1v3 you’re going to be in a bad spot, you’re going to get attacked from two different angles and you’re going to die. So just stick with your team as much as possible and you’re going to increase your likelihood to get more wins faster, which is obviously what we need right now now we can talk about weapon loadouts most of the weapon, loadouts are pretty good, i’d, say, try and Go for something like the r9, the devotion or the havoc, but that may mean you’re going to play a legend that you don’t really want to.

So what you could do is actually play this legend on the first round drop your weapons and then on the second round. You can change the legend and then pick up the weapons you want so long as you survive. This could be a more effective way to use weapons that you really want. You’Ll only lose one round, but it could help you to win the game faster overall and get straight into other games. If you have more powerful weapons, if you’re playing with a team, you can also mix and match your weapons or tell your friend to hold your weapon for you, so you can respawn or you could all drop the weapons you want on the legends you don’t want To play, put them somewhere, safe, respawn the next round and then go and find your weapons together and stick together. This could be a really good strategy to work with now the game designer who worked on this update of the winter express mode. The 2020 version specifically made it, so you have one powerful weapon and one not so powerful weapon as a loadout.

So if you take the powerful weapon and combine it with the powerful weapon of another loadout you’re going to be kind of having like a bit of a power creep over the other teams, especially if all three of you do this, for example, you could take the R9 and the flatline, or perhaps the devotion charger and the r9, or something crazy like that. You can take two really high tier weapons instead of one really high tier weapon and sort of a mid to low tier weapon. It’S a bit tricky because you do have to waste one round to do it and if you do die, the weapons will disappear and go back to the normal loadout. So it’s something to consider and experiment with see if you can do it effectively. If you waste too much time doing this, then you probably just want to go back to the normal strat of just playing whatever weapon you can. I think that, if you’re in that situation, where you can’t really do this effectively, it’s probably better to prioritize weapons over legends, you want to find that balance where you’re able to get a weapon, that’s pretty decent um, and you know most of the time, if you Just focus on your aim and stick with your teammates, the other movement stuff, the other abilities aren’t as important. So i’d say: devotion is really good. The turbocharger on the havoc is really good.

The flatline is good. The r9, the hemlock all of these loadouts of these weapons are my favorites. I also think the massive loadout can be good as well, if you’re feeling comfortable with hitting your shots. I also think one of my favorites is actually the wingman p20 lowdown, so ultimately, strafe like crazy play a legend like bangalore or octane for crazy movement, speed, corsic’s, really good as well, and even bloodhound’s, pretty good uh. If you can wait long enough to have the ultimate available, the next thing is: if there’s like a stalemate, you know there’s game modes where people are just like trying to get on the train and then they’re just holding the angle and you step on the train And then they push you off the train and then you try and get back on it just goes back and forth in this situation, you’re just wasting time. That round is losing its value. If you win that round, it’s not as valuable because you spent so much so long trying to get it. So, if they’re, just playing hard to get just go and run face first and just force a victory in their hands or yours. So you can get straight into the next round again.

Another thing is: if you jump into a game, and it glitches out on your solo – should probably just quit and get back into the next game, you’re going to increase your odds of survival, then, of course, if you can play your friends, that’s really going to help As well another thing that you can do to really speed things up, just a little bit is as soon as the game is done, whether you’re the champion or not. Quit the game. Don’T wait for all of the loading screens just as soon as it says game over or you are the champion you can quit. It will record your stats as you can see here. This is a game where we just won three points right i quit here. Then we check our score after the game and we’ve gained three more points towards completing the badge. Now, that’s pretty much it. I think another strategy is, of course, to think about how you’re going to capture the train itself.

Personally, i think spending the least amount of time on the train is actually the best strategy. It seems weird, but the more time you’re on the train, the more you’re like the focus of the fight right and when there’s two other squads trying to fight you get a lot of pressure on you. You get a lot of pressure. So the best thing you can honestly do is try and stay away from the train. Wait for the other two teams to fight each other when they’re low, pushing and attack them. You can kind of get some good spots around the different stations where you can chill for refinery. You can stay on top of the roof and just peek down below for fragment. You can wait in the buildings nearby or underneath the train building and then just go up the stairs when the time is ready to strike the hardest. One is actually the sort of canyon one that one’s really difficult because you’re kind of out in the open um.

I find the best thing to do, for this is actually to choose long-range weapons and sit up on the mountains and just wait for the other players to fight and have a good movement based legend to get you down there as quickly as possible. So you don’t accidentally miss the train getting captured by another team. Now this one is also a bit tricky. These two train stations here, the one kind of next to capital and then the one on the other side is where survey camp used to be. This is a spot where you’re kind of just screwed, and actually, i think, being on the train – is actually better in this location. The one closer to fragment or capital city. You can kind of sit on the above area or what i like to do is sometimes sit on the building or near the building on the sort of direction towards skyhook. If you sit in that area kind of chill out of the way, then you can just slide down onto the train when the time is ready.

So hopefully, with all of these tips, you’ll be able to get all of the winds you need just before the end of this game mode so that you can jump in get the badge and well yeah good luck out there. I hope this video has been useful. If you have any of your own tips, do make sure to leave them in the comments below and i’ll see you all in the comments. Cheerio!

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