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Most ADVANCED Apex Legends Season 2 Movement Pro Tips & Gameplay Guide for ALL LEGENDS – Part 1


Hey everyone, I hope you’re well. Today, I wanted to share some lesser known tips for each legend that many people don’t really know about. These tips think outside of the box a little bit, and are very hard to master. They talk about gameplay and movement mechanics that become a core part of each legend’s kit without people even realising. Keep in mind, these tips are for more advanced players, so i won’t be explaining simple movement tips like strafing or each legend’s abilities.

I’ve found these tips after playing all of the legends myself since the game first launched, so hopefully my experience will help you to learn something new. Some tips were also found through other people. In that case, I’ll put their channel name on-screen at the time. I’ll put timestamps in the description so you can jump to different legends, but I think it’s worth watching it all, you may learn something you didn’t know that may encourage you to try new legends. I have also added captions so make sure to turn it on if you want to pay attention to everything I’m about to say.

Let’s start with Octane. You can destroy his jump pad, which means he can be a great legend for positioning, especially late game in ranked. You can jump up somewhere high, or even get your whole team there with you, and then shoot down the jump pad. This gives it more value over pathfinder’s zipline in some situations. You can still Bhop heal effectively with Octane’s stim and you can also bhop very fast whilst using stim, which creates for an excellent getaway tool. Many people think that Octane’s stim just gives him more forward sprint speed, but that’s not how it works at all. In fact, all it does is add a boost to your velocity in all directions. All actions you do, whether it’s crouching, walking, sprinting, or strafing side to side will be boosted. This means octane’s stim can be a great tool to use whilst in a fight – pop it once then do long strafes side to side to be difficult to hit. Your stim can give you enough forward momentum to slide jump further, allowing you to jump further and reach areas that are otherwise hard to do without really, really good air strafing.

Take this jump for example. It’s so much easier to do with Octane’s stim. Once again, it is still possible without the stim, but it needs a good air strafe to be possible. Also, if you want to see more videos on more advanced movement tips like this air strafe here, let me know. Next, let’s move to Pathfinder. So, firstly, you can jump up and down on your zipline as you are zipping to make it harder to get shot. It works better down hill. Uphill, you kind of lose momentum. Next, pathfinder is one of the tallest legends, and a big part of his height comes from his legs.

What does this mean? Well, crouching as pathfinder is even more powerful than crouching with other legends. When you are fighting, it’s a very good strategy to crouch as you are strafing. This way, players will miss more shots. I’m sure most of you know about why crouching is good in apex legends, make sure to try extra hard to implement it with pathfinder. I find the best way to do it is to crouch as soon as you anticipate a player to shoot you. Everybody knows that you can press crouch or your tactical button to immediately detach your grapple, but you can also immediately stop your momentum by moving against the direction you are currently flying. So let’s say you want to grapple to a high place that has a small area to land on, just as you are above it, just press backwards to completely stop your momentum. You can bhop after grappling to maintain momentum for longer – this can be so useful for moving quickly and to engage in fights.

If you get good at it it’s incredibly fun and incredibly powerful. Next, it’s wattsons turn. You can stand in your own traps to stop them from appearing, then as an enemy comes closer, move out of the way and they will reactivate and trap players. Another good strategy as wattson is to place down traps on either side of a corner or door as you are being hunted by a player. When they are pushing you hard, they won’t stop to check for traps because they are so hungry for the kill. Wattson also has a very unique animation set, which means she can be very, very hard to hit if you practice her right. Her standard strafing side to side animation isn’t that great, but if you can learn to do quick, sharp turns in the middle of combat, along with some crouches, she can be very, very hard to hit. People always talk about hitboxes, but never touch on animations, and it’s actually a big part of why wraith is so hard to hit. Wattson has a bigger hitbox but her turning animations are so tricksy.

So, if you want to be a master Wattson player, practice sharp turns in combat. I’m not the best at it myself, but I see the value in it and when I come across a wattson that can move well, it’s scary. like, really scary. Next, it’s lifeline’s turn. With Lifeline, every time you turn a corner during a fight, you should pop a shield cell. You can shoulder peek corners to see if anybody is pushing you. If they are close to pushing you, you can just cancel the shield cell before they start shooting. If they aren’t close to pushing you, you get extra health. You can also rotate around cover as a player is pushing you so that you can get enough time to pop off the shield cell.

Essentially, a good lifeline player needs to learn to heal constantly and be very smart with cover to buy yourself time to heal up in crucial situations. Bhop healing has been nerfed, but lifeline’s heal time is fast enough that with good air strafing, you can have just enough time to bhop and have the shield cell finished by the time your momentum stops. To do this, Turn into a very wide arcing turn, then bhop as usual and keep following that wide arcing turn. This is best done as you are turning towards some kind of cover. I will put a card on screen now to my more in-depth guide on this. You can also use Lifeline’s airdrop for portable cover late game, to block certain areas, or to create an area to jump on so that you can get somewhere high. It’s a useful piece of terrain that’s permanent and nobody else has such an ability. Also, one thing to note is that players are getting smarter against lifeline players. They are waiting for lifeline’s to revive and then they one tap the recently revived player as soon as the shield is down.

To counter this, either try to body block your downed teammate until they can get into cover, or try to get the player that is focusing you low enough to make them back off before you heal. Next, it’s gibby’s time. For gibby, I have a couple of tricks that can completely change the way you play him. So everybody will tell you how important it is to aim down sight with gibby, but it’s not always the smartest thing to do right away. I actually find it’s best to hip fire first, and then aim down sight just as a player starts to shoot you. That way it will be much harder for them to adjust their aim mid spray. If you just ads as soon as they see you, a good player will just aim for your legs or your head.

So, my suggestion would be to do wide strafes with a good hipfire weapon, then ADS and crouch once you start to take damage. Gibby does best with SMGs and shotguns because of this. You should play hyper aggressive and get up close as possible so that players are forced to take shots on your shield unless they have super good aim. Gibby of course has a lot of value far away with a sniper too, but don’t be fooled, gibby does well by taking aggression in fights. Finally, when you crouch with gibby and aim down sight, there’s very little of you that is shown to you, so if you’re in a bad situation, just turning yourself into a turtle isn’t such a bad idea. You can also BHOP whilst aiming down sights to move fast while shielded. Super situational, but good to know. Alright that’s it for this episode. I’m working on part 2 right now, which will cover advanced tips for Wraith, Bangalore, Bloodhound, Mirage, and Caustic. Let me know what you think of this guide so far, i’d love to hear your feedback. And as always, if you liked this video, please subscribe and like the video as it really helps me get seen by new people.

Alright, thanks for watching. I’ll see you in the comments. Cheerio! We got one. We should just stay into the fight. Instead of going for that player that’s alone. Awwh. Woah. Where’s your friend? Oh there was an Octane too. Where are they? You gotta be somewhere. Need to recharge my shields! Yeah we needed that. Can I share my playlist? Um. I just play autoplay on YouTube. Just pick a song and it just does itself. That’s the Octane I hear him. Nice. Good. We’ll have that on there. Oh we have tons of shotgun ammo. Ooh more fights? Oh no, flyer. Just a flyer. Attention! Delivering care package! Oh thats a rock. Now we wait. Wow that was out of nowhere. How? What was that? Flying life. Er, pathfinder. Probably just grappled into a full squad, he’s so sad. Could be real mad right now..

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