My Secret To High Kills With The Sentinel Sniper Rifle (Apex Legends Season 4)


That’S the bad guy is Jacqueline Nik portal. I got you [ Music, ] noise. What’S the budget of my name’s quick fee and welcome a batch another apex on this video? Now in today’s video we’re using the Sentinel, which was the new weapon added in apex legend sees enough or and honestly, it is very underrated. This weapons been cast aside by the high level high level gamers. You could call them in in predator and masters rank people don’t use this weapon in high level. Ranked professional players don’t use this weapon and honestly, I think it’s definitely underrated and I don’t think people have given the weapon enough time. I’Ve been putting a lot of time into learning how to get most value out of this weapon and, honestly, I think I’ve gotten to the point where I figured it out pretty well and you guys will see in the game today exactly how I use it.

But one quick tip I can give you guys before we do get into the game – is to use this weapon close-range and use the battery mechanic as much as you can. I know it’s called a sniper rifle, but you actually want to be using this weapon close-range. As like a one-shot cannon, basically, what you want to do is always charge it up, because you don’t get really much a value on this weapon. You can still get value, but you don’t get as much if you don’t use your charge mechanic. That’S the point of this weapon: you want to be using the charge mechanic as much as you can and then get close range of. What you want to do is crack an enemy’s armor with the Sentinel just kind of take one shot, crack the armor and then switch to your secondary and push in for a very quick kill. That’S how you want to use this weapon, you don’t to be sitting super far back trying to shoot them.

You would actually be close to the enemy, so you can crack their armor and then immediately follow up on that armor crack before they can heal with your secondary weapon. So I would say, put a 2 times bruiser or 1x hollow RH cog on this weapon and you that is the best way to use the sentinel use. It close-range crack their armor and switch to your secondary and push in and, like. I said these guys to me: do that a lot in today’s gameplay so without further ado, make sure you’re down below hit that, like button subscribe to the channel and put the hit those. Oh my gosh words hit that bow notification. So you never miss a video for me also guys make sure to go check out my twitch channel I’ll leave the link to that down in the description. Follow me there and you can turn on my posting upstairs.

So you guys know when I go live on Twitch and you can ask me any questions about the game or just watch me frag out in some apex legends, but without farther ado guys, let’s get rain to today’s no game, though listen to the royalty-free music right. Now, let’s go take this fight, hopefully we can get some frags early off the bat. I went back to the Avalanche genome. My r9 gon na be careful here. This teammates somewhere else he’s on the other side. There is a big boy squad actually hit him. Get a gas my little room up type. I like this deal with that white armor. So there’s no point in my way: they’re two teams here, oh yeah, they’re, getting pushed fight – everybody, nice, oops! Oh, was that a no record I miss. I think I just miss London reload, okay, that was a yeah. I’Ve been using this, no no sweat like it’s like, so it’s think of a moisture like hand moisturizer, but the opposite. So basically like it smells good and it like you, put it in your hand or you like you, rub it in your hands and basically does the opposite that I’m always trying to do it. Do it make it so you put a moisturizing your hands and makes it so you like don’t sweat like it dries your hands out, but it doesn’t work for me like I still sweat through it. So if you guys know any like products that work to combat gamer sweat hands, then definitely let me know down the comments cuz.

It is a issue. Gamer struggles, dude, this gamer struggles heads up care package coming in hey. They come on when you sign a petition to bring back bunny by bunny bop bunny, hop healing I’ll see. If my teammate sees me, do those and tries oh, I fucked it up I’ll. Do it I wan na see if you can get it. Let’S see, let’s see, let’s see it oh well, far away from the wall today I mess it up twice though, so I can’t really say anything. Can I making contact with enemy, okay ciao? Maybe that nade was actually perfect. I was a perfect name.

Nobody uses like snipers ever since they like made snipers like their own thing. You will stop using them. I still think they should have made just like special email and special attachments, actually no well yeah, just like I guess they could have kept the same attachments, but instead of having shotgun and sniper ammo. So, like I don’t exactly know what that guys, like plan was my teenagers. It runs through the fire kind of cool. I don’t know what that lifelines plan was dude, but I feel, like you had one you just didn’t execute properly or like how I thought it would now to get that dip going. Something cool didn’t work out. It’S okay, all right! It worked out fine. We both have blue interval receiver, give a lot of batteries. My teammate has one I’m digging this music, not gon na lie. You hang up eyes are open, though now my hands are still sweating man, you should know someone or what what’s going on waggle waggle. Oh lag line whoa target spotted 9z. It was like a four by ten microscope.

Oh hey yeah, I’m gon na go ahead and order get that that’s the bad guy you take photo. I got you nice noise and a me down a headshot on the Watson was pretty clutch. I think my teammate got the pathfinder low. I thought that was a person up there. What is that? Oh, it’s just a little speaker. I guess that’s how the champions here, the lady that makes the announcements can’t package coming in round four ending. Actually, I played this game since season zero and I’d still remember what the exactly she says, those how much I pay attention to things to the small things. Contact with target no way I’m taking shots. Oh you, just w king is neat and pressing our money’s good how’s.

This Pathfinder. I would have just crawled into the Ridge that they couldn’t get my goat armor. That would have been my lifeline. Get that already have it I’ll sure he has it. Okay, take it that you’re fighting over here only two other squads left. We can’t pull a win out of this. I clear down here: yeah – they are hostile right here rings, not too far. 45 left in charges over big a lot of batteries. This is a move. Man dude, oh my god. It fries! I kid she’s loading. I have another to stuff ground. We win those teammates. Let’S go, I need all the batteries just because of this weapon he’s my grandmother. We should’ve got some of that early fine camp T that would be bad is my first game on today.

Wow I keep pressing my inspect instead of my charge boy, do you cancel charge and chest which, which weapons I just thought like accidentally, ate up a battery every time, hey, dude where’s, the last team. I think this stuff, I’m using for my hands, just made it worse, actually made the problem even worse than it is hello. Looking to get cratered like out of no way where’s this last scene, man is hiding. I am confusion I feel like they’re just hiding in a bit I was like hey, I thought I saw and we’ll just the glistening of the crate. I have no clue where they are. I’M just gon na go for this pack. I guess devotion by hearing him. I can’t let me check over here. I am yeah he’s up here. Where are they? Let’S go? That is a sentinel game and a half. Did I take back what I said about this weapon? I think I do want to become the number one settle player again. Get ready guys, I’m on my way, nice. Those fun headshots with a super satisfying you jeez, been 14 kills 2005 our damage. I will take it. I will take it. [ Music ], you [, Music, ],