New Apex Legends Ammo Belt Revealed and Explained for Season 2


Hey everyone, I hope you’re well. Respawn may have accidentally revealed a bit too much at the Apex legends season 2 reveal event. They wanted to keep some things hidden until release, for example, the new mysterious fifth gear slot. But, it seems that they accidentally leaked it themselves in the Wattson reveal footage. Take a look. Did you catch it? let me show you again. Yep, that’s right. That’s an ammo belt. Now, what’s interesting is that when I uncovered the Wattson select character Legend icon last week, I also noticed some interesting icons. At the time, I wasn’t sure what they were, but now it all makes sense. Here are the icons I found. As you can see, these match up with the new ammo belt gear slot.

There’s an icon for each ammo type. And, wait, hang on a minute? What’s this? Well, I think it’s safe to say this is for the grenades. There hasn’t been a universal grenade icon in-game yet, so this is likely to be it. I don’t think we’ll see any new weapon ammo types yet so if anybody else says otherwise I’d be sceptical of their claims unless they can prove it. So, with the fifth item slot pretty much guaranteed to be an ammo belt, how exactly could it work? Well, there are a number of ways it could potentially work, but what’s clear is that it will allow you to carry more ammo so that you have more free inventory slots for meds, grenades, and other items.

Whether the ammo belt will give you new ammo specific inventory slots, or whether it will just increase the size of a stack of ammo, is yet to be seen. It’s likely it will be one of these options. Usually, gear has four levels, but in this case it seems we will have variants for each ammo type. And, I’d speculate that the explosive ammo belt will be the rarest. But, that could be wrong. That’s just my speculation. Alternatively, belts could hold any type of ammo, and there may be varying levels that contain different capacities for ammo. Either way, this really helps to make larger full auto weapons more viable, it makes energy weapons more viable, and it’s going to open more potential for crazy grenade spam. Inadvertently, that adds even more value to Wattson’s ultimate, too. I think another thing to think about is that because they are adding these items to the general loot pool, the loot rates for in-game loot is finally going to change.

So far, it hasn’t been adjusted whatsoever, and I’ve always felt that loot pools leaned too far towards the lower tier weapons like the Mozambique and P2020, so hopefully once they add the belts, they’ll make some adjustments to the loot rates. Like before, we should be able to get our hands on the in-game loot rates so I’ll make sure to keep you updated as the time comes. Whilst this gear item may not seem that exciting, it’s always been the smaller changes that have made the biggest changes to the meta in Apex Legends. Remember how much the meta changed when the Longbow got its buff? Well, this ammo belt change is really going to open up some room for different playstyles and who knows how that could change up the meta. Whatever happens, it’s safe to say season 2 in Apex Legends is going to offer a drastically different flow of gameplay. i’ll take a deeper look at the remaining icons in the game files to see what else could potentially be on its way, but for now, that seems to be mostly it. Are you excited for these changes? Would you like to see more changes like this? Let me know your thoughts.

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