NEW HEIRLOOM SHARDS System + Octane Heirloom Animations in Apex Legends


Hi everyone, I hope, you’re well yep, I’m back again. There was some information that I missed in my other video and I think you’ll really want to hear about it. I’M trying not to post more than one video per day, but this will be an exception. There’S a new system for heirlooms and more details about how the event works so I’ll jump into the details. First, was we talked about the heirlooms. Take a look at this really cool octane animation for the new octane. A loom you’ll find all of this details on the EA website. It’S what I’d like to say. First, they are adding this new heirloom shard system, we’re changing up the heirloom system to make it easier for you to acquire the heirloom you want, instead of an entire heirloom set, dropping at once. Who now receive heirloom shards? You can then use those shards to pick the exact heirloom set.

You’D like the shards will have the same drop rate as the previous system, so that, after five hundred effects, packs will have enough heirloom shards to obtain an heirloom set from the heirloom shop. And don’t worry your existing progress towards the 508 expects will carry over with the switch. Also, here’s something that’s interesting when supplier has all of the heirloom sets, they won’t be able to get any more shards until a new heirloom is added, so basically you’ll get shards over time. As you open more packs and by the time we’ve opened. 500 you’ll have enough shards to open one.

They very much need a change. This is really cool. You never have to worry about RNG again, I’m really really excited about that, and now I’m going to just show you some of these skins that are in the pack. You can see the Arthur a1, the Peacekeeper and that skin that I didn’t quite understand was actually a wing man. So that’s nice to see all of this stuff once again can be seen on the EA website. If you want to learn more this time, they will have a prize tracker similar to the grand soiree event and there’s a bit of law going through this. I want to read this to you. Please join us for the system override limited time event brought to you by Hammond robotics, as we continue to make outstanding progress in the field of mechanization and cybernetic enhancement. You’Ll be the first to go hands-on with our latest cutting-edge prototypes, complete challenges to earn points, unlock, rewards and discover what Hammond robotics can do for you. So all of these cyborgs are actually sort of tied into the law.

They’Re all robots based on the legends, pretty cool. So in this thing you will get some charms that is a rev skin, appear skipper, skin and a wingman skin as you’ll see in this video, and now we also got some more information about the Evo shield. To start, the Evo shield will be exclusive to the Dajjal loot game-mode hands on at higher rate after the event we’ll consider adding the Evo co2 or matches. So please give us your feedback, so, like I mentioned in my previous video, we didn’t know if it was gon na be confirmed to be added in the whole game, but, like I assumed this is sort of a test for them, we’ll see if the Evo shell Is good? This is a really cool feature, because Dad patching is crazy and apex legends and if you manage to get some damaged and your shields will increase in power which gives you some benefit for being more aggressive.

I also want to talk a bit about the day, shall loot so ever spent the whole match. Looking for a Spitfire only to come up with mozambique’s wish, he could just put a reliable path to an afro one in purple armor. Well, this next mode is really going to speak to you today. Jolla is a unique take on the apex games, where a glitch in the system has caused all loot to spawn in the same location, every match for the duration of the event, even the plane. Puffer encircle occasions will be fixed for this mode to change on the daily basis, while the loot location stays the same for the whole event.

The intent is to create a short-term meta shake-up and reward players for learning the new progression, but be careful just as you know where that sweet r99 extended matte combo is so everyone else, so very cool yeah. I’M sorry that I didn’t get us information in the first video, but I definitely think it’s important to see – and I hope you like to see in the heat of Hell, imp animations. Thank you for watching I’ll, see you in the comments. Cheerio [, Music, ],