Octane Jump Pad Tricks You Can Try In Apex Legends Right Now!


If you didn’t know already, Some jump pads have been added to the game, near the market. These are the same Jump Pads that Octane can place down. But, Octane isn’t in the game yet. I’m not sure what Respawn are playing at, but anyway, I thought it would be interesting to see exactly what you can do with the Jump Pad. So, firstly, if you simply touch the pad, you’ll be thrown into the air at high speeds in the direction you are facing. You can also jump on it and slide on it. When in the air, you get a lot of air control if you let go of forward, allowing you to control what ever direction you fly in. It’s pretty cool, but I think the best potential comes from synergizing the jump pad with other items and abilities. For example, Pathfinder’s zipline, you can get some pretty insane movement going with this. Or what about Wraith’s abilities? It could be a good way to create an escape whilst using into the void.

Or a fun way to bounce about with the portals. I’ve seen some videos of the portals perfectly linking together with the jump pads, so if you are unfortunate enough to go through a portal, you just kind of end up on this continous jumping loop. You can also throw projectiles on this jump pad. This includes grenades, Bangalore’s smoke launcher, Gibraltar’s ult, Bangalore’s ult, and caustic’s ult. There’s some potential here for some interesting plays, that’s for sure. Obviously, you can throw grenades pretty far already, so it’ll be interesting to see where this has potential. Or what about throwing a smoke down near a jump pad and running through it.

A player that chases you down may run straight into it and be thrown into the air. You can also send Mirage’s holograms on the Jump pad, pushing them into unique areas, potentially opening up new opportunities to bamboozle your enemies. You can also use his ult on the jump pad but it’s hard to get more than one hologram to land on the pad. My favorite is the ability to launch Caustic’s mines into the air. Once again, this could be used for some interesting plays. You could launch mines on top of a roof where players are sitting, or throw his ult up there and then jump up with it.

This is the one ability that can’t be thrown very far that has offensive potential, so the jumppad actually unlocks some new potential. You can do the same thing With Gibraltar’s dome shield, but I’m not sure why you’d need to fling it into the air. Just like with Pathfinder’s ultimate, the Jump Pad has some uses, but it’s entirely situational, it will take some creativity and craftiness to put it to it’s full potential, I think. Thanks for watching! If you made it this far, I have one question for you. What are your thoughts on Respawn’s behavior recently? Do you like this strange tease or is it just frustrating that they’re doing this but not actually releasing the battle pass? Let me know what you think. I’ll see you in the comments. Cheerio!.

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