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OVER 30+ Secret EASTER EGGS Discovered At BIG MAUDE! Apex Legends Guide


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to big mood. Now this place is chock full of easter eggs, clues interactables more than i think any other new update has introduced and if you learn anything new or see anything you haven’t seen anywhere else then be sure to hit the like button, but other than that. Let’S get straight on to it, hello hope everyone’s happy with their likeness just kidding, rampart’s hilarious, so you can ping this and you see it highlights. The entire thing is a square like as a rectangle. Sorry around the picture you can see like it glows.

Ah, look at us, we were just nippers. Well, i was you are old. So apparently, all of the legends have something unique to say about this painting. What does mirage have to say? I swear if she’s giving me a monobrow again, i’m oh huh, thanks ramya yeah.

You did my boy mirage, pretty he’s a pretty boy, bloodhound you’re. Next, she even got my uncle’s hand right. Oh yeah, it’s his uncle’s, helm, okay, hi, i’m friendly, i’m friendly. Yes, thank you. I just want to have a look at this where’s where’s jimmy look at jimmy up there.

The light shines bright with this fan. Thank you. I just want to ping this little. They are definitely not. I find just got this big old stretched out neck.

I went on a long quest just to find what was right. Oh my family, isn’t that cute? Oh there’s, a freaking, there’s a little teddy bear up here. There’S a little nessie. I didn’t even spot that that’s right there.

She is, but maybe this isn’t real. Oh wow, she found comfort in her own painting, bangalore, hey popcorn, hat good job p. We look, we look good together. You do right, where’s, caustic there. You are right in the middle you beautiful bastard, oh whoa.

There we need for go is a perfunctory act of humanity: hey hey, you’re right in the middle of it caused it don’t complain. You know you want to be there in between all these beautiful. Ladies, oh and uh yeah, oh there’s octane! This is what you have to say, because octane moves really fast, no motion blur. What’S up, ah, they are beautiful.

I thought i’d spend the rest of my life alone. I was on like pathfinder she’s found family in apex legends, that’s crypto, wait is crypto. Not here. Oh he’s right there, nice painting there you are i’ll, do it quick? I like that remnants like i’m gon na cross their faces off of the wall as i kill them all.

Where are you beautiful there you are. We look. I told ramya that wasn’t my good side and that color doesn’t work on me at all. Let’S move on, oh lobas, being a bit self-conscious. She has probably got one of the prettiest faces in this picture.

To be fair, though, hey don’t mind me, i’m just checking out this awesome painting wait: where’s horizon! Oh there you are rascals geniuses. Now, the occasional loon i can think of a better description of family than that yep. That’S the kind of family. I hope to build.

One day a bunch of crazies fusey boy, fusey boy, one big, happy family who’d have bloody thought yeah. I know half of these people are rivals, and now it looks like they’re all family she’s right here, quick. You know this crew is really starting to grow. On me, except for mr evil trash can, over there don’t diss my pathfinder valkyrie you’re, my new mane, but i won’t have dis in that pathfinder he’s my old man. We loyal boys hi sir, oh god, ramyazart extends beyond machines of death.

I look good ramirez’s. Art is beautiful: what’s in rampart’s shop we literally have 200 energy, we could buy both weapons, so it’s prowler and a 301 okay, we’ll we’ll take both look at this. This is the new one. That’S got the the freaking paintball on it. Yeah boy splat around the prowler’s also got the paintball on it.

We got full paintball guns, it looks like everything you get from. These must have paintball effects on it. What i’ve never seen? Anyone mention this. If you go up to this sign, look, it says requires rampart.

Oh, we got ta come back this symbol up here. Most people don’t know about this, but you can get up here and interact with this the sign, but you it requires rampart. It’S been so long, except for me. I wish you could turn the announcer off. Oh, you can interact with the photo.

Oh my first mod, oh yeah. I still can’t figure out how i got it to fire paintballs that fast without catching fire. Her first mod was a paintball, mod, hello, you, okay, oh, we do have another interaction, hello, big sister, okay, let’s see what we have to say: rampart’s big sister for this big sis me and sheila will be having a word. Okay, okay she’s definitely got problems with her big sis, so once you interact with it, you can’t interact again. I’Ve just found a qr code and i want to see if we can scan it there we go yeah that takes you to respawn careers.

You can literally apply apply for a job through the game. That’S nuts, look, it even says impress me right next to it require. Oh, this requires mirage. Okay, we’re gon na have to come back with mirage now, let’s have a look at this men’s only door. So this is in the uh.

The bottoms middle section go up to this door. You need mirage, wait, that’s my men’s bathroom sign! Yeah, i’m not i’m not gon na lie. This makes me feel a little masculine. You know it doesn’t make me feel very good about myself inside.

Oh poor barrage rampart stole mirage’s door. Oh, is that nessie there’s a secret nessie. We found the nessie okay, there’s a little nessie in here as well, just hidden behind the box. Here on the bottom level, opposite the zip line, there’s a little nessie here, yeah boy, i was wondering where the nessie was. You do have plenty of voicemails to go through and this gives loads of law clues.

Okay, so we haven’t heard him before we got bliss [ Music ] wait who’s tama. Who is he? Oh yeah? You got gibby. I forgot about this.

Romeo made it so that says: drones spelled out rude words in the air: that’s brilliant, [, Music, ] all used to drink together, that’s cool! That’S stop cool! So much time with your roomie. I really wish you could turn the announcer off it ruins these type of videos. So apparently, rampart has stolen some mirage hollow tech anymore to her.

Well, i am a shopkeeper, so she probably had some tryhards come in and steal all her stuff and kill her. You

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