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Wraith’s tactical, Into the Void, is one of the most versatile abilities in Apex Legends, but I often see players not using it to its full potential. So here’s the ways I’ve found to use Wraith’s tactical more effectively. Firstly, Wraith’s tactical will give you a 10% speed boost. Sure, this is enough to get away from somebody running at normal speed, but if they use sliding and jumping they can easily catch up to you. So, don’t just run, instead, use crouch sliding too. You get even more momentum this way and you can ensure you stay ahead of anybody chasing you. Also, try to mix some verticality into it. Whilst you can’t interact with objects, you can still climb and use ziplines. If you are using Wraith’s tactical as a disengage, it’s far easier to do it with quick climbs, turns, and movement from cover to cover so that you break line of sight.

I really can’t stress this enough. Also, try to time your tactical so that you are behind cover when you leave the void, when it ends, you can often be a little disorentated as you try to locate nearby enemies, if you can slide behind cover, you have just enough time to get your bearings. The tactical lasts three seconds. If a player is chasing you, a good tactic is to throw a grenade in front of you, and then go and sit on top of that grenade. the grenade will always explode before you leave the void. This works even better if somebody is pushing you into a small room. Also, remember that it takes a short while for the ability to activate after you press the button to trigger it. So, keep that in mind before you try to escape on low health. You’ll need to press it a little ahead of time. A good defensive strategy is to place a portal in a small area, like on a staircase in a building.

You can then use your tactical to phase past it. You won’t go through the portal whilst in the void. Any player that chase you will go through it of course. Wraith’s tactical can be used offensively, but there are some things to keep in mind. If a player spots you in the void, they are likely to wait for you to pop out and then shoot you.

So, when using offensively, try to do it when you know an enemy hasn’t spotted you. This can give you the freedom to push up closer without taking shots. Also, don’t just run straight towards somebody you want to engage on. You have a short period after leaving the ability where you’re quite vulnerable. You can’t just start firing straight away. So, I’d suggest using it to get behind cover near where you last spotted the enemy, but still in a position where you should be out of their line of sight. Also, if you see another Wraith use her tactical and you want to chase her down, you can actually see her in the void if you use your tactical at the same time. If you’re out in the open and there’s literally no way for you to get to cover, but somebody is chasing you, I’ve found that running forward, then doing a 180 and turning back the other way can sometimes confuse enemies.

It doesn’t work all the time but it can be just enough to get them confused about your location. Also, I notice a lot of people just using Wraith’s tactical as soon as they get shot at, or when they still have a lot of health. If you do this, you’re putting your team in a 2v3 for a short time, so only try to use it when you actually need to.

And, generally, just think about where you want to end up before you use it too, just popping your tactical with no real plan is potentially just going to end with you staring down a Peacekeeper barrel as soon as you leave the void. That’s it! I hope that these tips have been useful. If you’ve watched this far, I have one question for you. What would you consider to be Wraith’s best ability, and why? Let me know. I’ll see you in the comments. Cheerio!.

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