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So with the r99 coming out of the care package, this season, one of the big questions people have been asking is, which is better the r99 or the volt smg. So it’s no secret that the volt smg climbed its way up into the top tier weapons in apex legends when it launched in season six. It was an absolute beast of an smg with the r99 getting uh put in the care package in season six. It was one of the top picks as a sidearm and even sometimes a main weapon, so this brings us to which is better. So, first and foremost, we’re gon na go through these stats really quickly. So the r99 has a rate of fire of 1080 rpm and i do believe it is the fastest firing weapon in the game. It does 11 damage per body shot. It has a base magazine size of 20, any body dps of 198. Now for the volt smg, the volt has a rate of fire of 783. Does the 16 damage per shot? Has a base magazine capacity of 19 and has a body dps of 208?

Now, taking a look at the recoil patterns for both of these weapons, the r9 has a slight curve uh to the right, and it has a little bit of vertical recoil. And then, if we talk about the volt smg, the recoil on this weapon is very, very minimal and pretty easy to control. In my opinion, which gives it a little bit of an edge because you can use it in slightly longer range situations than you would be able to use the r99 in it also has a very, very fast reload. So the volt smg has a short reload or a reload when your gun is an empty of 1.6 seconds and a full reload takes 2.25 seconds. As for the r99, it takes 1.8 seconds to reload when the gun is not empty and 2.45 seconds for a full reload.

So, as you can see, you do shave off a couple of milliseconds on the reload, with the volt smg and in a game like apex legends and how fast it is that can be the difference between you dying or you getting out of that firefight alive. So both weapons are really solid choices, no matter which weapon you decide to pick, but the big difference and we’re going to do a little bit of math here between the r99 and the volt smg comes down to how many shots it takes to down an enemy. So, with a purple mag, the volt smg has 26 rounds and the r99 has 27 rounds with the same purple.

Mag now calculating how many shots it takes to kill an enemy that has, for example, 200 hp, which would be a purple shield. As this is the most common shield, people would have in mid to late game red shields being a little bit more rare now that it requires more damage to get to that level. So with the r99, you would take 200 damage and divide it by 11, which would give you 18.18 bullets. But you have to round it up, because you can’t shoot .18 of a bullet which gives you 19 rounds to kill an enemy with purple armor, and that is provided you get all body shots we’re not going to mix in headshots with this, because that would defeat The whole purpose of the calculation here moving on to the volt smg, if you take 200 health and divided by 16 body, damage per shot that gives you 12 and a half rounds so 13 rounds to take down your enemy. So the reason we’re calculating this is to know the amount of accuracy you would need to one clip an enemy with full purple shields, and this is where, in my opinion, the volt smg takes the crown. So, with the r99, as previously calculated, you need to hit 19 shots out of the 27 available in a purple mag.

So if we calculate that real quick, that means you would need to hit a total of 70.3 percent of your shots out of that purple magazine. But if we take the volt smg now you have 26 shots at your disposal and it would take you 13 bullets to kill an enemy within that mag. That means you only need to hit fifty percent of your shots to actually take down an enemy. So the volts mg, if you hit a hundred percent of your shots, has the potential to take down two enemies in one clip. As for the r99, that is not doable at all, as you need to hit almost three quarters of your shots out of that purple magazine to take down a single enemy. So this is where, in my opinion, the volt smg really shines is just because it has a higher damage per bullet makes.

The big difference is how many shots you need to hit out of that magazine and which percentage of accuracy you would need to take down an enemy, and that is why the volt smg is, in my opinion, the superior weapon out of the two. Now, of course, both weapons, in my opinion, are s tier and you could do really good with either or, and you know, i really like to switch it up between the r99 and the volt, and i just think it provides people with a good means of you Know varying weapons, instead of always seeing people use the r99 like we did in seasons prior to season six. You know ninety percent of players would have an r99, and that was just the meta, but now with the volt smg being thrown into the mix. I think it’s just a nice change of pace, and i mean it is a strong contender in.

In my opinion, it is a better overall weapon than the r99 smg, but again it always comes down to which weapon you prefer using and which weapon you are the best with but uh yeah. So that is the definitive answer. In my opinion, the volt smg is the superior weapon. Let me know in the comment section down below which you like the best and hit the like button. If you enjoyed the video subscribe to the channel, if you haven’t already and as always, thank you very much for watching, i really appreciate it i’ll see you guys in the next video have a good one:

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