Ranking And Explaining Every Weapon In Apex Legends!


It’s simple we all want to know what is the best gun in Apex legends a lot of Conversations around it and a lot of questions around. How do I shoot these guns, which one is better in which situation? why are they better and and for whatever reason why am I missing all of my shots if that’s you then you have come to The right place because we’re gonna be going over every single gun in the game That’s right right now in the next 15 or so minutes buckle and you’re gonna see every single gun every single recoil pattern and you’re gonna understand how these things work So that when you step out into your next apex Legends game You’re gonna be that much better that much more prepared as to what to choose when you see it and also how to use it When you choose it that right, I wasn’t meaning to do that.

Anyways, we’re taking a look right now at all The light weapons these use light ammo and you can see up close How they impact them with headshots and how they impact with just body shots and what they have for a full clip That was the r 301 which is probably the heavier version Of that machine gun style that the light weapons can have now what you’re looking at here is an assault rifle Which is a submachine gun. It’s a smaller gun, and it has a smaller clip size Oh they’re not gonna hit as hard, but they are decent for mid-range fighting and as about 200 damage in a clip which in this game 200 damage means somebody has 100 health and 100 shield.

That’s full health full shield I think the only way to get higher than that as maybe legendary And I think that may just be a little higher but it’s still just reaching over 200 So if you hit a full clip and you hit some head shots, you can kill somebody with the alternator as you notice, though If you are hip firing those bullets aren’t gonna spray a bit not on that far target, but if you’re close It’s it’s not gonna be the most accurate thing The alternator’s dps is 65. It does headshots for 18 and it has an 18 magazine here We’re looking at the are 99 now the r99 has significantly higher DPS at 84 so about 20% higher in terms of the dps body damage will do a little bit less headshots for the same and the magazine is The same as well.

So what you’re looking at is pretty much just a faster fire rate for why this weapon is chosen It’s not as heavy hitting as you would look at the 301 but it’s also not as It doesn’t have as I think a slow of a shop. This is a much faster shot So you’re gonna see a lot more burst and sometimes when you’re in the thick of things and you want burst in a fight That’s what’s gonna make you choose this weapon over some of the others you see I’m just hitting 2-16 Alternator was exactly the same but this comes out so quickly that sometimes people won’t be able to react they might be flustered It’s also good if you have a couple targets and you’re trying to spray an area as well don’t want to be so choice with Your bullets you just kind of want to get it out there now here we look at one of the handguns This is probably the weakest gun.

I would say in the game You see me clicking it here, and I have to actually tap it to fire it So it is a pistol that is gonna hit you for 18 in terms of those headshots 12 for a body shot Really? Not much. If this is an early game situation, you’re still gonna have to hit somebody close to 5 Times maybe 6 or more if you’re hitting only body shots to kill them. It is not efficient So I would not suggest using this weapon if you have another weapon available.

However, it is decently accurate from far range So if you do want to poke if this is all you got you have the ability to just try to finish somebody off by Lasering them from a distance. There’s the hipfire and let’s move on to the next one now The re 45 is a automatic pistol. This is also part of the light class And this is a really fun one the DPS a lot lower than the our 99 and the alternator It’s 55 does 11 for a body shot 16 for a head shot and it’s got a 15 clip magazine Which is really the only thing that holds it back It fires pretty nicely if this thing had about five to six more shots You’d be seeing a pretty decent value in terms of clip size Damage and relative ease to find now we’re looking right back at the big boy Which you started at the AR 301 you guys can see hitting for 252 So a little bit more damage the bullets a little bit meteor hitting for about 14, but then the head shots as well 28 It’s got that two times head shot multiplier For some reason some guns have those the heavier kind of style of guns have those two times multipliers And that is what separates it so that’s one of the reasons why I like that you get those head shots in the AR 3 or 1 and it’s a big Deal now to talk about head shots.

This is what is many are considering the best gun one of the best guns in the go to loadout in the game a lot of people running wingman’s Peacekeepers peacekeeper is insane. It is a nutty nutty gun. You’ll see that in just a little bit But the reason we man is so good is because it’s very very accurate very little recoil It’s actually so accurate that the surprises you playing in this game notice a lot of the guns I’m gonna fire and you’ve seen me fire when I just let my hand off the mouse button And I don’t move and I just press the left mouse button. They just go everywhere They spray up and down and left the wingman It’s gonna give you some more consistency. And if you see there just waiting a little bit you’re hitting almost Identically where you want, it’s very very good.

I’m not moving my mouse at all It’s just returning right back to where I want it to go So it’s really strong from range plus 90 damage a two times multiplier on the headshot That means to you headshots and you’re probably knocking somebody. Here’s my other favorite gun right here the Spitfire now think about the Spitfires It’s got good DPS sixty. It’s pretty solid Um, but the clip size is enormous look at the amount of damage in a clip that you can output to somebody while still firing Here is the hipfire there and you can see just exactly what that reco it Looks like goes up to the left and then sways to the right a little bit and so to counteract that What you need to do is basically do the opposite on your mouse.

You need to basically be holding It slut slowly down when it shifts left go slow Slightly right when it’s shifts to go and straight down again. Just go straight down and that’ll essentially keep its center Recoil is basically just a skill ceiling for players who can control that and obviously become a little bit better make sure their shots land even more dead center and thus take advantage of the Fight so it’s something to learn not something I’m very good and very familiar with but it’s something I’m learning here and hopefully giving you guys an idea of where to improve or To take your next steps at becoming better in this game.

Here’s the longbow This is a heavy weapon kind of sniper rifle. It’s essentially very slow shot. You can only Press it. Once you can’t hold it down and shoot So it’s gonna operate like most sniper rifles and it’s got a decent clip size I would love it to be six if you get an extended mag on this You’re probably gonna have a much better reason to run this gun gets about six seven eight in terms of the clip size And you definitely need a scope it is pretty accurate even without it, but it’s just a kind of a weird fire pattern It’s kind of an interesting kick and it does have a decent headshot bonus, but 55 Is I mean, it’s right around the wingman with a much slower fire rate.

So, why would you run that instead of the wingman? I’m not quite sure the Prowler here though. This is a big one you have this kind of five shot burst, which is very Unintuitive for a player who’s not used to this type of burst I do like this weapon though because as you can see 70 damage in a full burst means that two of those full bursts hitting your target. You’re probably going to knock them You’re probably going to finish off most of their shields If not, it’ll be three and you’ve got plenty of ammo in the cut for that one now I think that this is a weapon that’s probably gonna snot see a lot of play in front of the wingmen probably not see a lot of a lot of play in front of Spitfire if you if you run across that, but if that Medium-range.

It is probably gonna be a pretty effective thing though. The recoil is pretty strong north So that’s why at close range when you can control that a little bit better. You’re not gonna get this violent recoil up top Now hemlock is probably my favorite burst weapon in this game as you can see It’s got a good clip size good damage in the clip 324 it hits headshots If you’re hitting headshots, you’re getting 72 damage And that’s a pretty accurate burst as you can tell it’s not swaying too much not going up too high I’m hitting 72 really consistently on these dummies and not having to control the recoil any crazy way even 54 for body But the pace at which it’s coming out makes this a very valuable gun in my opinion I’m a very big fan of the hemlock.

All the dps is about 54 I feel like the headshots being a double headshot bonus making it so you can get a hundred and eight in the full clip and Basically just instil one shot somebody who doesn’t have a lot of shields or basically no shields makes it a pretty valuable pick Now here we go to the flatline, which I think takes kind of like First runner-up to the Spitfire as far as the assault rifle class that I would use in the heavy I just think that the headshots from range are probably one of the better aspects about it You can see that there is some decent damage.

There is some pretty decent clip size as well But the flat line although having you know The double headshot multiplier and some decent actual spray even at the hip fire from long range It just doesn’t Suit a lot of the needs that I would find either the Spitfire or the hemlock shooting as far as the burst the surprise burst Or just the insanely large clip size that the Spitfire has and the consistent DPS there It’s a most somebody down If you’re in an up close fight now, let’s take a look at the energy weapons These weapons have the hardest ammo to come by Light is the easiest you’ll see shotguns probably around just under light then you’ll see heavy and then you’ll see energy now this is a weapon called the triple take it is purposefully named that because it actually shoots three bullets now when you are Zooming in you’re actually able to concentrate those bullets and aim and get them together It’s gonna do 69 damage on that and it is 138 So it’s got that two times multiplier.

Every time you hit a headshot But there you go when your hipfire and you can see that is actually three bullets coming out That’s why it’s called the triple take if you shoot a hipfire from long range You’ll see those spread out even more and even if you’re able to shoot from close range Sorry with it zoomed in from far range. You’ll see those kind of spread out as well. It’s a really cool gun it gives you that mark that says if it has three red dots after you shoot all three of those bullets it and if it Has two red dots after you shoot only two of those bullets hit However, you can see the accuracy is pretty strong once you get some scopes Some stabilizers on this bad boy.

You need a turbocharger on this It is a really strong gun one of my favorite guns to use and if I see this gun And I have a lot of energy ammo I pick it up I would definitely recommend using triple take if you can as far as the sniper choice, it’s also you know Not the worst thing to use up close hip firing as you can see you could be kind of mobile with the gun Right, so I mean there’s options here.

So it’s just your play style. It’s up to you But I really rank it very high the devotion now. This is the just take a look at this You got to take a look at this recoil pattern Look at that thing. I mean this gun is out of control the amount of damage in the devotion is insane, but the recoil pattern is Absolutely Nutty you have to be a very good player and a very probably experienced player to do it Here’s me trying to just control it and as you could see 7:48 in the cliff when you can get it done. So are you gonna are you gonna run the devotion? I don’t know if you are It’s got that two times headshot multiplier goes from 17 in on a body shot to 31 or on a headshot It’s got 44 in the clip and if you can get good at it boy.

Oh boy, the potential is there right? But again, here’s the reason why I don’t normally run the devotion and I like the trip We’ll take if I can find both one the use of your ammo without being able to guarantee that you’re hitting all of these shots It’s rough. It’s rough because you’re gonna miss half this clip you waste all that valuable energy ammo and Your now you don’t have a secondary gun, right? It’s much more I think reliable to run something like a heavy assault rifle or heavy, you know type of machine gun that way, you know You’re gonna be able to get some ammo and your your shots aren’t as valuable However, when you get a thing called the turbocharger for this it spins up the devotion very quickly It’s a legendary attachment it spins it up so fast Yeah, I’m just getting going now at about half my clip.

It starts it at that half the clip rate essentially So if you get that, I think the devotion could be worth it. But again it just chews through your ammo I’ve had to reload ammo about two to three times here in this test dummy kind of shooting range But it is a fun gun and it is a satisfying gun And if you want to get good at the devotion, you’ll probably make some great clips You’ll probably become a fan favorite if you get really good at this weapon because it is so fun to watch an action seven hundred damage, you could basically kill somebody three times over and then Their buddy like that’s how much damage this thing does.

It’s insane So those are the energy weapons now, it’s time to take a look at the shotguns. The shotguns have clear tiers There are clearly three shotguns that are better, but there was one that is situational The Mozambique is the worst shotgun that is just unequivocal in my opinion It is not the best shotgun Although I am waiting to see someone change my mind and if you are one of those in the comments section Please let me know I’d love to know how you value the Mozambique and why it shoots these three shots and a little bit of like a triangle and it can headshot to get you around sixty damage, but it’s really not necessarily as Intuitive as you might think The the actual I think reason it’s not as intuitive is because it’s it’s relatively precise So precise that you’re not expecting that shotgun to kind of hit in that red dot right there But it does and so it can be a very weird change to go from hitting in this weird huge triangle to immediately shooting at that pinpoint lasered red dot on a Shotgun up close though the way I’ve expected to use.

This is just run in hit fire And just hope for the best try and hit some head shots as you can see I’m missing I’m hitting and you can get some decent damage, but it is not the the shotgun I would prefer to have in most situations and I think most people would agree with me in there just now There’s nothing not enough damage and not enough range and just not enough kill potential now if you’re talking about kill potentially talking about range Yeah, the Peacekeeper. This is the weapon for you. This is the shotgun and one of the most surprising things about this gun Not only is the insane potential It has look at that with just probably thirty percent of the pellets hitting headshots and you could see in that pattern that is the shotgun spray pattern a lot concentrated and it’s basically like a Looks like a human being right arms and legs sticking out. That’s how the pellets go, but look at the amount of damage I’m doing this is double this is one. This is basically 1.5 times Two times two point five times what it is for the Mozambique and look at the range I’m hitting 490 out here and I’m I can even hit fire and hit 490 out here That is some insane stuff I don’t know what this gun is on but it is on some real like take over to game ish right here I don’t know what this is but 95 damage.

I mean this is this is a 105 from here Like what happens when I shoot this thing 110. I just got a 110 damage That’s a one shot If that person has lost their shields in a fight you roll up on them You shoot their shields down and they’re 1 and from this range. You knock them for you. Knock them for a hundred like that’s in Saying to me, but that’s the Peacekeeper.

So keep an eye on that This clearly takes number one for the shotguns once you get this thing turbocharged as well You get a precision choke you get all that goodness like this gun. Oh my god It just I could see I could probably see it hitting, you know 150 s no problem from very long range now Here’s my second favorite gun and let me just tell you why the clip size and the speed of fire the rate of fire on The Eva eight. The Eva eight is kind of the shotgun for beginners in my opinion You can miss a lot of shots and still redeem yourself.

And I think it’s a really shotgun for that case It doesn’t have crazy headshot damage, but its value is that you can fire multiple time so in a lot of skirmishes where people get caught Reloading or if you’re early game and people don’t have as much ammo and you know You’re not ready to run a peacekeeper because you know you just maybe you miss your first shot You’re they surprise you they run through a room This is really great to miss one two and then you still got four in the clip, right? That’s one of the best things you actually have six in the clip after that eight shots Obviously the range doesn’t keep up with a peacekeeper even when you’re zooming in the rain starts to fall off So it’s really much an up-close weapon It doesn’t have the range of the peacekeeper But it will have some of the value in terms of those fights Now you talk about range you talk about the last kind of guns standing in the shotgun category It’s gonna be the Mastiff anytime anywhere any place you see a mastiff you pick it up you use the massive That’s the rule right in an apex legends.

You see a massed if you use a mastiff, it’s that good 234 damage on the headshots to 52 if you get even a little closer and I haven’t even hit all of the pellets there when you really get up close with This thing hip firing or ATS ink, it’s your choice. It’s pretty accurate on the ATS and you will find a lot of value No matter what talking about range is probably the more consistent hundred damage Shotgun that you can have and so that’s why you want to basically use it from anywhere You can even look how far am I mean? This is so far away This is a guy in another building peeking me and I’m shooting him with my shotgun Mastiff shotgun or just a massive whatever it is. Maybe it’s not a shotgun exactly. It’s behaving like a shotgun. Yeah this shotgun Um, and I’m shooting him with a shotgun from that far hitting him for a hundred each time.

That’s 270 on the clip right there 288. Oh Mama, the massive is not to be messed with I think that is it really the 288 all headshots there that is the max damage the massive is going to be able to get you and it is uh It is a beautiful beautiful thing. Now, you’re only gonna be able to find that through special supply drops or special areas And so you’re not gonna run across that all the time But if you do see it definitely use it just like this weapon as well. The crater is a essentially a Weapon that’s going to give you a sniper rifle That just does not freakin fall off and when you shoot it you’re gonna hear this this incredibly it sounds like the air like a like NASA is Launching a rocket after you shoot this thing I mean it the sound effects on it are like dope enough But the fact is if you had a headshot you’re just knocking somebody down.

No problem and the range is so strong the scope on it is so intense and I could even zoom in by the way guys I could zoom in right now and I’m not doing that it is just Clearly a one shot things are done So check out the crater check out this weapon guide again, if your friends need some help basically send it to them Hopefully I’ve broken down every single weapon in the game and giving you an idea on what you should choose and why Where are the values for these weapons are they mid-range is the clip size worth it You know, what do I prioritize as a player and and we can continue kind of developing here? I think some of these guns have some room to be explored Like I said, I think I’d love to see somebody show me Mozambique is actually kind of tight see some Mozambique highlights I’d love to see some some work done with the r9 9s and the r3 are ones I know those are pretty popular I use those a lot I’d love to see somebody get really good at the devotion and it might just be you So let me know what you think about this in the comments section below Leave a like if you enjoyed this video share it to people if you feel like they need some help with this topic for sure You’re playing with your buddies and they just don’t know What’s what and again if you have any comments, let me know down below I’d love to talk guns with you here in this game and talk about apex legends as always my friends remember to never give up Never stop gaming subscribe if you want to see more and I’ll see you all next time

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