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With Season 1 landing, the spotlight has been on Octane. The high mobility legend that has won over new hearts in the Apex Games with nothing more than his pure ruthlessness, doing anything to get that next adrenaline hit, no matter what it takes. Sure, he’s a great addition to the game, and I’m absolutely loving playing him. But the real star of the show might just be pathfinder. The true mobility king has risen back up from the crowds of other Legends. He’s flung himself out ahead after a recent hitbox change that has completely flipped the script. Players no longer target you like you’re some kind of monstrous behemoth with a target on your head. Players are treating Pathfinder with respect. He’s now harder to hit and his hitbox manages to fall closely in line with many of the other Legends, including the likes of Bangalore, Bloodhound, and Octane. Now that this gigantic flaw has been taken care of, Pathfinder’s true potential can really shine.

If you haven’t played him much since the latest season 1 update, I highly reccomend you give him a try. Pathfinder’s mobility is, without a doubt, the best in the game. His grapple ability provides you the opportunity to get out of all numbers of dangerous situations. You can grapple up to unreachable heights to create space to give yourself time to heal. You can grapple whilst arc starred to give yourself much needed movement in a situation many other legends will fail to get out of alive.

You can use Pathfinder’s grapple to fling yourself through the air at breakneck speeds, using the scenery around you to your advantage. And, the zipline is always by your side as an excellent tool for disengaging, engaging, moving your team, or playing smartly against the other Legend’s lack of mobility. Pathfinder’s grapple works as this excellent tool to get you out of the most difficult of situations. And, unlike Octane’s jump pad, the momentum you get can be used to truly confuse enemies about your location. You aren’t thrown into the air in a predictable way, you can fling around anything. However, it’s not just the disengaging that Pathfinder is good at. He might seem cute on the outside, but he is an absolute killing machine with just the right components to absolutely tear through any hostiles that come his way. You can hunt down kills like there’s no tomorrow. When a player is low and healing behind cover, you can use your grapple to close the distance immediately.

When you take a shot at a player and get them low, you can literally grapple them, pulling them toward you, before they even have a moment to think about escaping. He’s not only efficient at killing players, he can do it at incredible speed. If you think Octane has the ability to constantly chase down kills without a moment to breathe, consider Pathfinder as the ultimate one-up. This twisted example here shows how Pathfinder comes out on top as he and Octane race to put the final shots into a poor bambi lifeline, running for her life as two maniacs hunt her down for nothing more than boasting rights within a newly formed rivalry.

If the Apex Games is a bloodsport, then Pathfinder is the ultimate bloodsport champion, which seems fitting when you consider the only blood that will ever come anywhere close to him will be the blood of his enemies. If the top players put as much time into Pathfinder as they had into Wraith, Lifeline, and Bangalore, I’d just say the battlefield would look a whole lot different. Pathfinder’s grapple and general playstyle is hard to master, but it’s something that rewards you far more than any other Legend ability. When movement is so important, Pathfinder becomes number one. It’s safe to say his ranking in my personal meta list is going to change quite significantly. I’m already starting to see so many more Pathfinder’s out in games now and it’s quite clear that more and more people are realizing he’s an excellent choice with his season 1 changes.

Even with Octane, Pathfinder still has the best pure speed and mobility potential, even if Pathfinder can’t quite use his tactical ability as often. It’s pretty close, though. When you consider Octane’s ability lasts 6 seconds, and the cooldown is 2 seconds. That puts the total time at 8 seconds against Pathfinder’s 10 second grapple, which can arguably get Pathfinder much further, much faster in almost all cases. Both legend’s passives are their weak points, and they are so different that they are hard to compare. Octane has the added bonus that his ability provides movement in all directions, but Pathfinder’s grapple is great, too. I do think it’s useful that Octane’s ultimate can be destroyed, so there’s some benefit here, but in terms of tactical and raw speed, Pathfinder is certainly the winner. This a sort of a call to arms to go and try Pathfinder out again if you have neglected him in the past. He deserves a good try. But, before you give up on him, consider that his abilities do require a bit more learning and practice to master.

I’ve never really made a decent Pathfinder guide, but there are already great videos out there, so I’ll list some in the description below. It’s all about realizing how to effectively move with the grapple, something I admit I’m not yet perfect at. However, even with just a few games worth of practice, you can easily move faster than other players, get to positions to heal up, and survive through almost impossible odds. In my opinion, pathfinder’s mobility is just that much better than Octanes. Not only that, but he’s easily as high intensity and as exhilarating to use. And to top it off, he has an adorable personality that just can’t be ignored. Well, most of the time. Alright, that’s it! If you’ve watched this far, I have one question for you.

What Legend have you been neglecting like this soulless bloodhound just neglected this loving, adorable pathfinder? Let me know what you think. I’ll see you in the comments. Cheerio!.

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