The Only Apex Legends Bunny Hop Guide You Need | Infinite BHOP, Shoot While Bhopping and More!


Want to know how to bunny hop effectively? Or, how about using bunny hops to get max movement speed from a standing position within one quick movement? Or what if you want to engage enemies whilst still moving quickly? Well, I’ll be covering this all and explaining exactly how you can put the bunny hop to good use in every situation. But first, let me explain how bunny hops work and how you can do it too. So, there are plenty of bhop guides for Apex Legends out there already, but I don’t think anybody quite understands the mechanic fully yet.

I feel like this video will offer the most in-depth explanation on how it all works and the most effective way to bhop that nobody is talking about. If you want to jump to each tip, I’ve put timestamps in the description. If you’re new to bunny hopping, or don’t know how to maximize movement in Apex Legends, I’d suggest watching the entire video. So, firstly, let’s talk about movement speed in Apex Legends. When you run with no weapons equipped, you have a velocity of 299. If you slide on flat ground, your velocity reaches a maximum of about 435. but it slowly drops to 0 If you slide on a hill, you can go over 600 in some cases.

So, if you just want to move quickly, the best tip is to run, then slide for 1 second, then run for 2 seconds, then repeat. This way, you get the maximum speed bonus from the slide. Bhopping will never be faster than this, at least not consistently. However, when you equip a weapon your velocity goes to 260. At this point, bhopping can actually be a faster way to move. Not only that, but it makes you a very tricky target to hit. So, what does that mean? Well, you can bhop pretty much anywhere and with some practice, it can be a useful movement tool whilst fighting. And, of course, the most useful tool for bhopping is still to use it whilst using med items. Or, aiming down sight when charging up the peacekeeper precision choke shot. So, how do you actually bhop? Well, a commonly talked about method is like this. You run, slide, then start jumping after the slide. Pay attention to my button presses here. As soon as I’m in the slide. I keep the slide button held down.

Then, I Let go of the forward key. Apex Legends now thinks I’m in a ‘sliding’ state. So, that would mean that any momentum I have is held and I will continue to move in whichever direction I am looking. So, this then allows me to jump each time i hit the floor to stop the slide from ending. This kind of prolongs the slide from ending, but eventually, the momentum will be lost. At that point, the game goes ‘Hey! You’re not in a slide anymore! You need to press forward to build more momentum!’ But this is where strafing comes into play. When you turn in the air in Apex Legends, you actually build momentum. In fact, the momentum you build is quite high. This allows you to build enough momentum to keep the slide going. A larger, swinging turn will build more momentum, which means you can keep the bunny hop going for longer. Each time you land, though, you lose that momentum, so you must repeatedly strafe through the air to keep a consistent momentum. It’s very, very hard to build more momentum than you lose, but it’s often quite easy to at least keep the momentum.

This effectively allows you to bunny hop forever. Okay, so practice with me. Jump into the training area, then get to full running speed, slide then start jumping whilst holding crouch. Make sure to let go of the forward key. I use the mouse wheel because it has more responsive presses. But a spacebar will work. You will prolong that ‘slide’ status just a little bit, but with each jump, your speed will reduce until it comes to a halt. Alright, now to move on to bhopping with strafing. So, repeat the same movement as above, but then when you are jumping do a clean, sweeping motion from left, then, to right, from left, then to right.

As you do this, you must hold the corresponding keys for that movement. So if you move your mouse right, hold down the ‘D’ key. It’s quite easy to get the hang of, and much easier than bhopping in something like Counter Strike. Now, with some practice, you can continue this forever. I found that it’s best to do about 4 jumps going in one direction before alternating for longer hops. I also find that you can start a good bhop by running against the direction you want to hop, then slide, and turn into it on your first jump.

If you are just trying to travel a smaller distance, 2 or 3 jumps before switching sides is better, because it allows you to move in a more specific direction. It’s also best to do this in a place that’s wide, and in the open. In tight spaces, you’ll lose momentum and won’t be able to continue. Also, you can’t bhop downhills. It makes more sense to just slide down hills. Bhopping downhill will give you a lot of momentum, but a lot of that velocity is transferred into moving directly downward as the simulated gravity pushes you back to the ground. If you are bhopping and come near a slope, you can stop the jumping, go straight into the slide, then transition straight into a hop once the slide is gone. This can be a great way to build up even more momentum to keep the bhop going in case you mess up some strafing. Okay, so now what if I told you that you don’t need to do all of that running and sliding to get into a bhop? What if you could just go from a standing position straight into a slide.

And, this slide can get you moving faster than holding a weapon whilst sprinting can? Well, you can. And it’s quite easy. Just look away from the direction you want to travel in. Then, jump whilst turning toward the direction. Now, crouch whilst turning too. Because you crouch, it will take longer for you to hit the ground. And, this air turn is actually enough to build up the speed needed to start a full blown bhop. A 90 degrees turn is enough for a good bhop, but 180 degrees will get you more initial momentum too. Want even more speed? Climb up onto a wall or higher platform, then as you fall, strafe into a longer, wider, arcing turn and you’ll build even more momentum.

In this case, you can sometimes even go faster than sprinting, but it’s very short lived. So, how can you use Bhopping effectively? Well, here’s the most useful method – using it when healing. Let’s say you need to heal in the middle of a fight, or when running from the zone. The normal movement speed when healing is painfully slow. It can also be used when aiming down the peacekeeper or triple take to build up the charge whilst you’re moving quickly. Or, what about just using it in fights to close the gap on enemies? There’s been a lot of talk about hitboxes recently, and by bunny hopping, you become even more difficult to hit.

Think about it, if somebody is running in a straight line, it’s fairly easy to track them. But, if they’re bouncing left to right, bobbing up and down, it’s much harder. Before you know it, they’re in your face with a peacekeeper. Also, if you shoot, you will lose momentum. However, if you shoot to the side, or shoot, then quickly air strafe after, you’ll build enough momentum to continue the bunny hop. What’s crazy is that you can use all of these elements together. You could, for example, bhop into a fight, fire, then bhop out whilst healing, then bhop straight back in, all in one fluid motion. This is me showing off some of the movement mechanics. And as you can see, i’m not perfect. But, with some practice, imagine how good you could get at Apex Legends by using bhopping. I’m honestly really, really excited to see how this will evolve once players start to learn how to use it more effectively. I feel like the skill curve for Apex Legends is only just being realized, and there’s a lot of potential for some truly impressive moments in this game on just movement mechanics alone.

Alright, that’s it! That’s my bhop guide. I hope this has proven to be useful. I think that this is the best way to bhop in Apex Legends, although if you’ve seen somebody with a better method, I’d love to see it! Alright, cheerio!.

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