The Only Apex Legends Wingman Guide You Need | Aim Tips, Optics, and More!


Hey everyone, hope you’re having a great day. I’ve been using the Wingman a lot, so I feel like I can give some tips on how to use it more effectively and share some ideas that many other guides may not discuss. These tips will help you to improve your aim with the Wingman, and more importantly, help you to keep your aim consistent.

I’ll also show some potential strategies for the wingman too. Let’s jump straight in. So, let’s first talk about the best way to use the weapon. In my previous Wingman video, I said hipfire is the best. Now, hipfire has been nerfed. So, that means you really need to ADS with it to be accurate, even up close. It can hit, but there’s the chance bullets could miss, so best to aim down sights. Thankfully, your movement speed with pistols is just as good as hipfire movement speed. So, that means you can still get some good strafing. So, steps to win with the wingman. 1. See your opponent, 2. get close enough that you feel comfortable to hit shots, 3. aim down sights. 4. start shooting whilst strafing. Now all you need to do is hit your shots. Well, how can we improve our chances here? Firstly, I’d suggest you watch my aim training video for general aim tips. But, after that, it comes down to two things really. The first thing is being patient. You may see streamers like Shroud and Mendo spam firing the Wingman like crazy, but they play a ridiculous amount per day and both have professional shooter experience.

Let’s just assume our aim isn’t quite as good as theirs. So, take your time a little. The wingman does enough damage that taking your time to hit shots is well worth it. Instead of just blinding clicking or pressing the trigger, consciously focus your aim on the target and then shoot. Focus. concentrate on your target. The great thing about aiming is that as long as you keep your sensitivity the same, your muscle memory will do all of the work for you.

You don’t really need to focus on your aiming so much, you just need to focus on where you are aiming. So, for improving your aim, 1. slow your shots down a little, it may help massively. 2. Focus hard on your target. Concentrate. Pay attention to what you’re actually looking at. Maybe just breathe in a little, stay calm. It sounds weird but this really, really helps. Then, finally, fire when you’re ready. You may be thinking, but how can I do all of that in such a short time span.

Fights happen quickly. Apex is filled with G Fuel drinking, doritos munching bad bois with RGB lighting creeping out of their dimly lit room. They’re amped up. How can I compete with that when you’re telling me to aim slow? Well, when you really focus your aim, actually, everything isn’t as fast paced as you think. You generally have loads more time to focus on your aim then you’d otherwise notice. So, take your time my friends, be patient. So, what else do I have in my goody bag of wingman related tips and tricks? Hmm, let me take a look. Ah! Here’s one. Try using the same optics. Remember, muscle memory will do the aiming work for you, so all you need to do is make it as easy as possible for your brain to focus on your targets.

But sometimes brains can be dumb. They get easily distracted by new bits of information, and sometimes, just sometimes, that’s enough to throw your aim off. If you’re changing up your optics on your wingman more than YouTube changes it’s algorithm, chances are you need to slow it down a little. I’d suggest sticking to the same optic as much as possible. You’ll get used to it. It will improve your aim over time. This is of course true for all weapons, but especially important for the wingman, because there’s no real way to just spam fire or correct your aim mid spray like with an R-301. Speaking of R-301s, this brings me to my next point.

It’s best, in my opinion, to think carefully about your backup weapon. We all know the holy duo of the Wingman and Peacekeeper is flashy, but it’s unreliable unless you trust your aim. Instead, try using something that’s full auto, versatile, has easy to control recoil, and a good sized mag. So, the R-301 is a great choice here. Alternatively, try the Spitfire, R-99, or prowler on full auto. All of these weapons have quick equip times and can be relied on when you get a player down, or just mess up your aim so bad that you need something easier to use to fall back on.

Okay, so what else can we look at. One general tip to think about is to always find a purple or blue mag as soon as possible. These have faster reload speeds, which really help in the middle of a fight. The reload is really fast, so you can often just strafe to behind a tree or small rock and then get straight back into the fight. That’s pretty much it for my Wingman guide. If you want more general tips on how to win fights or do better with gameplay in Apex Legends, I’ll put a couple good videos for you to check out in the description.

I’ll also be streaming on Twitch from Monday to Saturday, so you can always stop by there and ask me for advice. Alright, did these Wingman tips prove to be useful? Let me know. I’ll see you in the comments. Cheerio!.

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