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Ah, movement, The bread and butter of Apex and the largest factor in how effective your gameplay really is. What’S up my dooods, it’s SuitMonkey here and i’m back with the second installment of the Level Up series, and if i do my job correctly, this video will be the last Apex movement guide. You’Ll ever need, So, let’s not waste any more time. Let’S get into it. Now for demonstration, I’m playing on pc with mouse and keyboard, but controller players can pretty much do all these techniques as well. I’M going to break the video up in the categories and include time stamps, so you can reference each technique later Now, let’s start from the core techniques and build upward. I talked about movement in my last video Level, Up Your Game where I go through the things that every good player should be doing, as well as the habits that slow your progress down, which, if you haven’t seen i’ll link at the top, so you can catch That one as well

But now i’m going to cover the majority of movement techniques that’ll, definitely help you across all legends. The first category is Sliding I mentioned in my last video that sliding is essentially your most important movement technique, because it pretty much chains into everything else To slide. You press and hold crouch during the running animation, Really simple, but highly useful technique. This will boost your momentum for a short period, allowing you to cover more distance when done repeatedly. Momentum is a term that’s going to come up, often because character movement is largely based around it. Think of momentum like a gauge that starts so empty and fills to the top. Shortly after you start running

Remember when sliding on a flat surface, to make sure you release the crouch button about a second into the slide because any longer and you will begin to slow down from friction Also, if we jump in a particular direction before we press and hold crouch, we can Actually gain a full slide without having to sprint first There’s a cool down between each slide, so we can’t do it continuously, but still pretty close together. Overall, it’s a really good technique for putting distance between you and your opponent during gunfights. Now I want to demonstrate a technique that I don’t see many people doing or even mentioning and is what i call a Jitter Slide.

To do this, all you have to do is sprint, then slide into the ground, then continuously spam, your crouch button, while also holding forward at the same time It’s a pretty simple technique, but the interesting thing about it is that you can do it indefinitely, while never Losing speed You’re always at maximum running speed when doing this, while also being able to turn in any direction, It may look pretty strange, but it effectively lets you move at running speed while pretty much staying crouched the whole time Now. I have no idea if this is going to get patched out in future updates, but i figure is not a big enough issue for respawn to bother removing, since it’s not a mainstream technique or one that seems to be getting abused.

Now, with the increased momentum from sliding, we can chain this into a jump which allows you to carry your momentum forward through the air for longer than if you stayed sliding on the ground. This is our basic slide jump and it’s going to account for a large chunk of our movement during matches, because it’s both faster than just sprinting and it temporarily lowers your hitbox. Add a quick 180 and it’s a great way to put some distance between you and your opponent, while you’re under fire. You can also strafe into a slide jump as well, allowing you to keep all the momentum benefits while strafing at an angle. Plus, it looks pretty cool To do this strafe in the direction you want to and simply slide jump. Your character will follow the angle you were strafing. If you want to do this, while moving forward instead of running directly ahead, turn your camera either left or right, while strafing in the opposite direction, essentially cancelling out the sideways movement, then slight jump the same as before This lets, you look in other directions, while continuing To slide jump

A lot of players usually tend to add a quick flick to their slight jump and it’s really up to your personal taste and what helps you feel comfortable during the movement. Now, let’s take a slight jumping one step further and add a mid-air strafe during the slide portion. Not only does this, let us redirect where we want to land, but again it makes you unpredictable It’s useful. If you want to correct your position after you’ve left the ground or even turning corners in mid-air, It’s really something you’ll be doing a lot once you get the hang of it To do this as soon as you’re airbourne from a slide jump, strafe, either left or Right, The sooner you input, the strafing command, the bigger the overall result will be Strafing later in the jump is also possible, but your input is going to have much less of an effect on your sideways movement. I’Ll, actually cover more about about strafing. Later in the video, but up next is edge/ledge sliding

Sliding right before you fall off an edge, gives you a speed, boost that catapults your character forward. Ideally, you want to do this. Every time you come across a ledge to maximize your speed and preserve your momentum To do this while holding sprint and moving forward press and hold crouch just as you’re about to go over the edge. This moves you forward way farther and faster than simply running off the edge, allowing you to clear large gaps that would otherwise be impossible. You can also do this from more or less a dead stop. So long as the edge is close to you, it’s great for getting up to speed quickly, covering distance or getting in cover the same technique also works in reverse.

You can slide backward off an edge to instantly gain momentum from a standstill by holding crouch and walking backward off of it. Combine this with a quick turn when you hit the ground and you can reach maximum running speed pretty quickly the same speed. Boosting idea translates to ledges as well, while holding sprint through the climbing animation the moment you’re over the ledge press, crouch and you’ll lunge forward. This might take some practice, but the key to making it consistent is to look for that. Little pause motion. Your character makes before they start running. This is the point at which the climbing animation stops and the running animation begins, and here is the earliest that you can press crouch, while still holding shift to lunge forward finish. The motion with the jump and you’ve successfully avoided the slowdown that comes with claiming ledges you’ll know, if you time your slide too early, because your character will simply crouch and that pretty much covers it for sliding mechanics.

Now, on to the second, more complex category of movement wall jumping now, the moves in this category are definitely going to take some practice, but so long as you practice them everywhere during your regular gameplay you’ll get the hang of them pretty quickly and soon you’ll be Able to use them in battle i’ll start with the basic wall jump. This serves as a way to misdirect your opponents. Reach places you normally couldn’t or avoid obstacles entirely starting out. It might seem difficult, but you’ll quickly see how straightforward it is when you pull it off, plus it’s easily the coolest looking category of them all first run toward the wall. It doesn’t matter what angle you choose so long as you’re facing the wall to some degree. Slight jump into it, and at this point you can let go of every other input now all we got to do from here is wait until we make contact with the wall, at which point we simply tap jump, that’s literally it as long as you’re, airborne and Headed toward a wall, if you look at the wall surface and press the jump command as soon as you make contact, you will wall jump now, you don’t need to look directly at the wall, but it will help you to be certain you’re doing it right when You start practicing, you also know if you tap jump too early or you didn’t look at the wall properly, because you’ll simply fall down.

If you jump too late, it’ll still work in most cases, but your jump just won’t. Carry you as far. The movement essentially boils down into three parts: a slight jump, a quick turn and then another jump, and once you practice this motion you’ll begin to get a feel for how you’re chained and there we go. That’S our basic wall jump in general. It’S good to remember that the angle we’re thrown in after while jumping is based on the angle. We approach the wall from jumping toward the wall at a narrow angle, translates to more momentum being carried forward, whereas jumping at a wider angle would translate to more sideways momentum. If we’re off angle, we can strip in the general direction we want to go. This lets us jump over crates, bend it up against the wall, vault over certain walls entirely and even jump over opponent’s heads trust me when i say it’s an extremely convenient technique to know for getting around now. Let’S take this one step further by using the very same technique to jump over the same wall.

We jumped off of a lot of players, may not even realize that this is possible to pull off, but it follows the same principle as before. First, we stage them into the wall while looking at it tap jump as soon as we make contact, then, while we’re airborne stay facing where we want to go, which in this case is over the same wall and strafe toward that direction, using the momentum we’ve gained From the jump off this lets us avoid the climbing animation entirely, which obviously makes us vulnerable to being shot from the back or elsewhere and is generally useful when we’re in a hurry. Once again, this might take some practice, but the more you do it the easier it will become use it off buildings, walls, vehicles and any other object tall enough that you can find and soon it’ll become the second nature and now for the final technique. In this category – and this one sends us in the opposite direction, this is what i call a wall bounce.

We can do this by simply running directly at the wall and repeating the wall jump pattern. We slightly jump into it and as soon as we make contact, we tap jump. If done correctly, this will send you directly backward. You can get really creative with what you do after you, bounce off the wall and that will pretty much cover it for wall jumping next, we’re gon na move on to two categories of movement that have definitely seen their fair share of nerfs over the last 6 Seasons, bunny hopping and zip lining, but first let me take a second to thank you guys for visiting the channel. I really do appreciate your time and if you feel that these tips have helped you in any way leave a like to, let me know and consider subscribing to help the channel grow. Okay. Now, let’s get back to the video i’ll start with bunny hopping, because it’s something i couldn’t quite grasp when i started playing apex every tutorial, i’d seen recommended that you map your jump command to your scroll wheel, which makes the movement easier. Personally, i much prefer to use my scroll wheel to search weapons and i really didn’t see the benefit of switching over, especially now, since i have zero issues, bunny helping with spacebar. So for those of us that don’t want to remap our buttons.

I’M going to show you how i do it and it’s really all in your timing to understand the bunny hop timing, stand still and press jump to get airborne. This is the first jump to get you started. The actual bunny hop starts when you hit the ground again. It should look something like this. You first jump to get started and the moment you hit the ground again, you need to tap the jump button rhythmically to make it continue. The timing or rhythm doesn’t ever change as long as you’re on a flat surface, when the bunny hop starts, your character will rise and fall at the same rate over and over again, while standing, you can move any direction while doing this, but it won’t make you Go very fast, you’ll pretty much still be moving at walking speed, the actual bunny hop we see where players are able to move quickly. First requires momentum. For this. We initiate the bunny heart with a running slide, jump, keep holding down crouch and at the exact moment we hit the ground again is when we start our rhythmic pattern of tapping jump for those of us that are musically inclined. It comes out to about 156 bpm and it should sound like this.

This is how we bunny hop in a straight line. Now we can take this even further and strafe during our bunny hop. This essentially allows us to turn corners to pull this off start with the same slide, jump then into our rhythmic tapping and while we’re looking at where we want to go, we strafe in that direction, so either left or right doing. This makes us move even faster because now we’re introducing sideways momentum, there’s a sweet spot between being completely sideways, which would otherwise slow us down and being completely forward-facing, where we’d have no sideways momentum at all. This is where most of the speed lies when turning and it’s also a great technique for moving from cover to cover, while under gunfire. Now i would mention that it’s the best way to heal the while moving since we’re able to move at full speed while being difficult to hit, but bunny hop healing got completely nerfed in recent seasons and, as a result, the moment you begin to heal.

Your momentum slows way down, respawn removed it because it was an unintentional mechanic and it was actually a bug. So press f in chat to pay your respects and a quick moment of silence for bunny hop healing and that covers it for bunny hopping. Next up are the one and only zip lines. This category is pretty straightforward for the most part, first is zipline hopping, pretty simple, but really effective at making your opponent’s job a lot harder, while holding on the button that you use to write the zip line. In my case, e simply tap jump while writing it, and you will hop off and reconnect when you land again. You can repeat this up to three times as of season six before you can spam this indefinitely, but once again it got balanced out of the game. So if you try this four times in a row, you will definitely fall on your fourth jump. So keep that in mind a little something that some players don’t know is that to swap zip lines after you’re already on one. You simply have to look in the direction of the new zip while holding right and your character will switch automatically.

Something else is that you can also use vertical zip lines to go downward instead of upward. Some zip lines don’t always allow this, for example, in the cage on king’s canyon, but for the most part you should be able to go downward on most vertical ziplines. Falling is faster, but zipping downward allows you to fall in a straight line. If you mess up your strafing something else, that’s really useful to keep in mind is that if you don’t want to land on the floor after using a standard, horizontal zipline, you simply have to tap jump right before you reach the end. This will make your character claim the post, which usually means you can zip straight onto rooftops or ledges without falling down and speaking of jumping. We can use vertical zip lines to get both a forward speed boost or to redirect our momentum entirely to speed boost forward when jumping toward the zip line. Tap right in my case e, then immediately tap jump afterwards.

It should feel like a quick one-two succession. This will kind of pull you off the zip line and if we want to read their arm, momentum simply write it turn. Our camera then jump off in the new direction. This way, you’re never slowed down, even if you make a complete 180. next zigzagging now, keep in mind that doing this in an elevator shaft is miles easier than doing it on an open, zip line, because in the shaft you’re prevented from flying too far away from The zip line each time you hop off on open, zip lines, you’ll need to be fast with your 180 degree turns which might end up making this a difficult move for controller players. We’Re going to use the same speed, boosting idea from before, where we hop on and hop off quickly to boost forward. But now the moment we jump off the zip line, we’re going to make a quick 180 degree turn face the zipline again and repeat: this completes one zigzag now, since zipline hopping got nerfed overall, we can now only chain this up to three times before falling off.

If you’re having difficulty pulling this off on an open, zip line, don’t stress about it at all, it’s very challenging to do when you’re, not in elevator shaft and, quite frankly, there is no use for it in the open, especially since the nerf try it in the Elevator shaft and once you’ve got the quick release. Technique mastered it’ll, be extremely easy to do. No one ever expects this kind of movement in regular gameplay, but keep in mind. You can only chain this up to three times before you fall off so use it wisely. Another similar but less flashy technique, while ziplining, involves rapidly swinging your direction from left to right while traveling outward. This is something you can do all the way up the zip lane and will definitely make you harder to hit it’s much easier for most players to pull this off. But if your sensitivity is high enough for controller, you can do it as well. Now the last zipline technique is a simple one that combines the quick release technique with the jump beforehand. Doing this on a regular zip line, lets us jump higher than normal, and it’s great for climbing the zipline pose to reach an area.

Above it’s a good little trick to know and with that advanced zipline movement is covered and we can move on to our next topic. Ear, strafing, ear. Strafing is the last and easiest technique in the video. But before that i want to mention a claiming mechanic. That’S highly useful for scaling buildings when climbing. If you hold your forward key in my case w and stay facing the wall you’re trying to climb, you will stick to the wall late glue, no matter what direction you crawl! This is going to last a short while, but it gives you enough time to climb around most ledges it’ll. Save you a lot of time when trying to reach higher floors and avoid overhangs. Something else is that you can break your falls by kicking a nearby object before you hit the ground. This lets you avoid the slowdown from hitting the ground from falling now for air strafing. I’M going to use octane’s jump pass for demonstration now.

The key to mid-air strafing is to look where you want to go in a smooth turning motion, combined with your strafing input, for example, holding left, while in mid-air and slowly turning your camera to the left will effectively make your character, strafe left and vice versa. For right, you could also hold the forward key in addition to a sideways input which will make you go further forward, but at the same time, will take away a great deal of your sideways momentum. Keeping your strafing inputs to one key at a time will give you the greatest effect and directional change, so you’re no longer stuck in a predictable arc that your enemies can easily shoot by the way walk around the topic of jump pads. If you want to jump completely vertical with no horizontal input, all you got to do is punch it. This will send you straight outward from here. You can choose if you want to move slightly in mid-air with a directional input, but otherwise the jump pad essentially becomes a trampoline. Something else to note is that both walking and running into a jump pad pretty much launches you the same distance forward.

The same goes for sliding into it as well. It doesn’t seem to matter what your initial speed is when stepping onto the jump pad. However, if we jump right after we’re launched off the jump pad, we can go much higher and farther keep this in mind. If you need to make really big jumps or to give you more high time for bigger air strafes, and with that, my dude we’ve covered the large majority of advanced movement techniques in apex. The key takeaway here is to get creative with your movement and have fun seeing the game as a parkour landscape. Helps you to navigate better and pull off some crazy moves. I really enjoy making these videos to help everyone so subscribe. If you want to see all the upcoming tips and gameplay videos when they release get through my dudes suit monkey out and see you guys in the next one, i guess – oh my god,

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