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Uncovering The New Secret Easter Eggs And Their Meaning In Apex Legends Evolution Update


Hey everyone, i hope you’re well, did you know, there’s a bunch of easter eggs hidden within the new evolution update, all of which are sort of teasing lots of content and law to come now. Law has been pretty quiet this season, but that’s probably going to change. There are so many underlying stories that are about to be exposed to us, perhaps in game in some ways, so i’m going to jump in and showcase some of these really big law pieces today. So, let’s get into it we’re going to go check out all of the lore, the little secret easter eggs, uh and hidden details in ramparts, town takeover. Because there’s a lot now, i’m not gon na go here with every legend, but there’s a bunch of things.

You can ping with every legend, there’s like a mural on the wall uh, which is like it has like a painting of all the legends um, i’m picking that with every legend, get different voice lines seems like we’re alone, so that’s great, but um. You know we’re just it over rampart and then you can ping the weapons as well the ramp up weapon. So first things first is a voice log here. So let’s listen to this up the light in his eyes. What’S that?

Yes, i’m telling her i’m killing her. Sorry, he just wanted to make sure said it before saying it again. You know how to make a piece of hardware, and by that i mean you mix a mean drink. You ought to put a big r on those too got ta, say i’m just hanging with you and jimmy at the old haunt. Maybe we all ought to get together.

Gibby bang gibby come on francis, just calling to say big sister’s worried after what happened to your last job, more low of big sister in the future, interesting all right, quick update. I actually think we know who this is thanks to one of the concept art pieces for the season. Six lore francis is actually one of the people that works for big sister and attacked rampart shop. Here’S a look at her on screen. What a lovely pleasure i usually don’t, do a gauntlet round twice in one day, but your eyes are just screaming desperately, don’t even think about it right.

Everyone got the clean knickers on. I know he does do not be mad, but i remove the mud you put on my heart. I do not need my micro drone spelling nice, a custom order. Do you think that’s related to ash? I don’t know.

Maybe someone says i hear about you getting all your funding from hammond careful there romya don’t want another big sister situation anyway. Give me a call: let’s hang out tonight, stop spending so much time with your roomie wait. Roomie is mirage but they’re, just brother and sister right, like they have that kind of friendship. Number one customer, probably leaving a message for my number one fan definitely say you wouldn’t happen to know anything about some missing hollow tech. From my me voyage.

Do you just you know, can i please have my stuff back? I like that mirage has like more confidence speaking to rampart, because he’s um, you know he’s got like a good friendship with her. I feel, like that’s, really cool right, gumball machine tons of images of. What’S edge yeah, oh, this is her apex card. This is the card that blisk gave her.

That’S so cool burn it! Well, you put up one hell of a fight kid, but it’s your lucky day: eh yeah! You earned this. Let’S get you batched up all right. There’S a few other things around.

I mean there’s this as well hope everyone’s happy with their likeness just give it i’m gon na give it to us. It’S really cool. I love it personally. I love it um and there’s a couple things downstairs as well. Ah, my first mod still can’t figure out how i got it to fire paintballs that fast, without catching fire, nice and one more over here, wish.

The real big sis was here motionless and full of bullet holes. Well, a girl can dream me. They definitely have some big things planned man for the whole big sister story: it’s not just going anywhere, you know. Oh, we got to ping the weapons we’ve got to go and check out what the a new teaser, which somewhat is related to bangalore’s law. Now we’ve been hearing theories online from a bunch of people that suggest this is actually jackson’s drop pod.

It has a bunch of imc logos on it, and jackson is bangalore’s missing brother and there’s been a lot of law leading up to that. So here is this poi, i think if we get close to it should play a voice line huh. This looks like no no way can’t be so it’s kind of suggested that, with our voice line, you know this looks like what jackson’s ship maybe uh. It’S a little torn up. You know it’s landed down um, i noticed here.

I don’t know if that’s blood or mud, maybe it’s just mine, but either way. This is an imc drop pod by the looks of it. That seems to have landed down from a larger ship uh and, as we can see here, it says primary parachute eject. So you know if your drop pod is about to explode and hit the ground, and you know there’s a parachute option. So it’s definitely some kind of imc military thing.

Let’S take a look inside. It’S got this sort of um these doors here, so you can kind of seal off the outside, so that kind of would suggest that it can be dropped down from space right. You would think so so yeah, that’s pretty interesting, and then we’ve got these laptops around that say contacting origin ship. So perhaps we need to come back here in the future. There may be some kind of message that will play once again.

I mean there’s no signs that this is jackson’s ship. So it’s just theories at this point. Everything else is kind of just um. You know nothing too interesting, but there’s a bunch of little decals really really interesting. They just suddenly added this frontier 001.

So it might be from the frontier definitely seems very interesting and there’s another one contacting origin ship and it’s got an imc logo on it. So it’s definitely an imc ship and we know bangalore was an imc soldier, as was uh bengal’s brother jackson. So that may be, you know what we’re kind of waiting for here, some kind of tease that may lead into season 11 already. This is such an interesting design like it’s really a complex teaser. Something tells me we may be seeing more of these now.

Obviously, it’s starting to get to that point where people are really saying there might be a new map in season 11. Maybe we’ll see a lot of these on the new map, who knows all right, they’ve, also added a bunch of lore blurbs to some of the skins, which means these skins are now law, so we’re going to go through some of them, starting with necrosis caustic sensing. His death was imminent at one point sought to become a simulacrum. His project proposal was rejected after the result of his psychological exam proved troubling, so kossik actually applied to be a simulacrum after he found out, he was dying uh and it was denied. So there’s some kind of application process to becoming a simulacrum, which i thought was pretty interesting.

I think there’s another one as well for caustic black heart, caustic alexander knox, and denies involvement in an infamous prison break on gaia. Asserting the culprit was merely a look-alike. However, the individual who corroborated his account can no longer be located. It was probably him right, um, interestingly, we may be going to guy for the next map, so maybe that’ll be a poi that’ll be very interesting. Next up we have servant marvin, so we know this was a lost game.

It was shown in season six, but i don’t quite understand how it can be law. Like you see, he’s been really um done apple. You know firefighter once attended a high society. Charity event on malta. Unfortunately, the party blew up before he could give a toast to friends, friendship and riding a zipline with friends, pretty cool.

Then we’ve got this fused one as well real steel. When walter fitzroy first started fighting in the bone cage, he tried a few different personas before landing on essentially himself. There was wultitude, mr biffo and a cult favorite time bomb nice. So this is one of his costumes. I guess, but i got a bit that doesn’t quite make sense, because he’s got an out like a metallic arm here he didn’t have a metallic arm.

You know when that whole bone cage fighting started right, interesting either way. Next we have a lifeline skin, vital signs. Aj shea was always the first of a hand up to volunteer for the most extreme expeditions in her time with the frontier corpse so much so that they were informally dubbed expedition, sex petitions, interesting name and then we’ve got angel city hustler mirage as well elliot worried His first holo devices he built with his mother evelyn needed more pizzazzling evelyn reassured her son that he didn’t need pizzazzle to look heroic, all right, just a nice little piece of law between him and his mom and then finally, we have victory lap octane here as Octane’S feet, exploded literally and figuratively fame fortune and fan fanaticism screamed for his attention. He couldn’t hear it over his favorite sound his racing heartbeat. So if you didn’t know, he’s got like a bunch of fans online and he posts all his stuff online and that’s kind of the reason he joined the apex game.

So that’s pretty interesting and finally, we have the new image of ash. Like ash’s appearance has changed. Now, if what blisk said makes sense and it all lines up – maybe rambo helped with building ash a new look is ash finally going to be coming to the games. I don’t know, but there’s definitely some more lore building up there in the background as well. Have you found any other easter eggs?

Let me know i’ll see you in the comments. Cheerio

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