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When Should You Heal and When Should You Fight? – Apex Legends Combat Tips #2


Hey everyone, I hope you’re well. Welcome back to Apex Legends combat tips, where we take engagements and fights from my live streamed games and share strategies used during those engagements. In this episode of Apex Legends combat tips, we’ll be looking at learning more about being aggressive and taking fights when you have low health. Before we start, here’s a little bit of what you can expect from my Stream over on Twitch, so make sure to follow me there. So let’s get started. Should you push fights or heal up? What decision should you make? I’ve talked about this quite a bit, and my main point still stands – the team with the health advantage is the team most likely to win.

So usually, yes, having the most health possible is the best. However, I hope that this video will show that are many cases where healing isn’t always needed, even if you are low. The point I’ll make in this video is that you can be aggressive and push more fights even with very small health points. Usually you will do this when you are able to get a good push on an unsuspecting team, or push on a team that you know is already low.

In this particular video, I’ll be focusing on when you are playing with a co-ordinated group. Ultimately, if you are all actively together, you will have so much more freedom to be aggressive and make plays when you have lower health because you’ll have team mates to back you up. The first thing we can talk about is trading kills. What this means is that if you go agressive on a team, but get knocked, it’s not nessacarily a bad thing, so long as you have your team mates there to follow up with a knock on the opposing team. That way, you’ve traded kills and things are still on equal footing. So, taking the approach to push a team, do a lot of damage, then get knocked, can actually be more beneficial if your team mates are able to push on the damage you create. This would be better than just sitting and healing whilst your team is engaged. If, for example, you get a good arc star, catch players on their side, or have a strong DPS weapon like a Mastiff or R-99, being agressive on low health is great, so long as you get the first shot.

Ultimately, it’s a risky play, but if you see an opportunity and your team is right there, don’t be afraid to take it. Apex Legends favors the agressor. Now there are some times when it’s best not to push. For example, if there’s a quiet moment in a fight and the other team already has full health. In this case, you should use this moment to heal up so that they don’t have a health advantage.

However, if they are low already, you should definitely push and keep the pressure on them and stop them healing if the fighting tapers off a little. So let’s take a look at an example clip. In this clip, we essentially come in to third party the last teams. We fight our way through the first team and I managed to clip an arc star on some members of the final team.

I was super, super low, but we had an agressive push on and it was valuable for me to keep pushing in this moment. We managed to get a knock down from this push. The remaining players had then pushed far behind cover, and they had more health, so it made sense to take a moment to heal before my team was able to be my side. At that point, once again I made a push on the remaining two players with my team, despite not yet having full health. So the moral of the story here is to always consider being more aggressive.

If you deal damage on a player, you should absolutely prioritise finishing them, instead of healing up first, especially if you have your team right there to back you up. If you’re playing with randoms and the communication isn’t there, then these tactics aren’t going to be so good. In solo, it’s always best to keep your health as high as possible, popping meds at every last second because you are always going to be put into more 1v2 or 1v3 situations and in those moments it’s crucial you have the most health possible to sustain longer fights and more DPS coming your way.

So, let’s summarize this guide and provide a quick cheat sheet. Firstly, this is aimed towards those with a team that can co-ordinate and communicate well. Consider pushing players if your team is by your side and you’ve damaged the players already, regardless of your current health. Consider making a push if you have a strong flank and they are occupied, and your team is there to support you. If there is a pause in combat, make the push if they have low health and your team is there. If they have full health, take the time to heal to even the playing field. If your team is engaged, you should stop your healing or stop looting and provide support right away. This could mean the enemies have their focus on your team mates which means you could get some free damage on them. Alright, that’s it! Tune in to the next episode of Apex Legends Combat Tips to learn about peeking corners efficiently.

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