Win More With These Tips Apex Legends (100% Guaranteed)


Hey, my name is Tanlian! This is an overview of tips I don’t see too often, doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. Let?s get into it. Always run with your gun put away, you run way faster, especially when dodging gun fire. Think about this, is a turtle easier to hit? Or is a car driving 100 MPH easier to hit? *Jimmy buts in* wEll AcTuaLLy, A CaR WoulD Be EaSiEr To HiT. *Back to Tanlian* Shut up jimmy, it was just an example. Slide, crouch, jump, and sprint when fighting enemies at close range. This makes you way harder to hit, just trust me. Find a character that suits your playstyle, don?t switch every other game and hope you can get good at every character. Pick one, get to a few hundred kills and then you will start to realize why mastering each character is so important. Once you master one, move on to mastering a second incase jimmy takes your main.

Play smart, don’t go into a 1v3 ditching your team without an escape plan. If you have healing use it. It’s not going to do you any good if your dead. Your teammate, jimmy might like it though. Quick interruption from our spon- Im getting word that we don’t have a sponsor as we dont get any views. Well, in that case make sure to subscribe and leave a like if enjoy or any these tips help. Use your passive to your advantage.

Wraith knows when an enemy scopes onto her. Bangalore runs faster when shot at. Lifeline heals faster than the other legends. Every legends has a passive that can be used to your advantage during a fight. Learn your characters abilities in and out. This means, knowing when and when not to use an ability. Will it help you and your teammates in a certain situation or will it get you all killed? A perfect example of this is Bangalore’s smoke ability. If you see a full team with legendary scopes that can see through smoke, but you don’t have one. Don’t use smokes, it will give them the upperhand. Choose weapons that suit your playstyle. If your playing super aggressive, you might not want to pick up that sniper you see in jimmy?s death box. Instead you might want to take jimmy?s wingman and peacemaker, damnit what?s the thing called? *typing* Yeah peacekeeper. However, if you like to sit back on a hill and shoot enemies from afar, then maybe a sniper, shotgun combo best suits you. No one judge these guys in the comments please.

*Whispers* Or do I don?t really care. COMMUNICATION! Seriously, I know you don?t all have mics, or don?t want to talk to strangers online like jimmy. But use the amazing wheel of justice and communication that apex legends offers. For PC its as easy all clicking and holding your mousewheel for less than a second, then dragging and dropping over a command or callout. Super easy right? So use it. Want to win more games? Here is a quick little phrase I came up with just now, so don’t expect it to be revolutionary. Land safe, play smart. Told you, but it really is that simple. Stick you your team, win games. Don?t go solo trying to break the kill record.

Anyways guys that’s it for the video today! Thanks for watching, join my discord down below and follow me on twitter if you haven’t already! Thanks.

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