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Hello youtube! Finally i covered 7/8 legends and now going to cover the last one, and the name is bangalore!! Shes pretty much very similar to lifeline, the main reason why people play her is because of her passive, yes of course her other skills are good aswell but lets be real here. Anyway lets get straight in to it, as always all the time stamps will be down in the description! a tiny self plug first, i made a discord channel for memes and discussion about apex in general, also some other cool features like lookinf for group, if you want to check it out i will leave it down in the descriptions, i will aslo leave my twitter and instagram there too so feel free to follow up on those, if you want to keep up with updates and stuff from me that is. okay back in to the video 1. Skills Passive ? ?double time? ? you get 40% speed boost for few seconds when you are in the danger zone, but to trigger this ability you have to be sprinting, tbh most players are sprinting most of the time so you dont really need to think too much in to this, it will work automatically most of the time, as simple as it is i would like to mention few things, it lasts for ?1.5? seconds and the cooldown for it is roughly 5 seconds, it will trigger not just if someone shoots at you, but if somone lobs a granade near you or even if Gibraltar or enemy bang uses ult you will also get the speed boost so getting out of them is pretty easy, this passive turns you in to usain bolt for brief time and i would like to mention if you are in a close fight then you are at your strongest when it triggers, its super hard to hit an enemy bang when shes on her passive, you know how when you play any other legend and you get shot then it gets really hard to run and impossible to slide, you character just feels super slow, i mean it is realistic since if you r getting sjot in your body you would slow down, but bang completely counters out this defect, and when she gets in danger she becomes even stronger, so its always easy to engage or disengage, this ability could be used aggressively to just cause confusion or used defensively to disengage from the fight, in mix with your smokes it makes good bang impossible to catch.

It could also be used for quicker flank, but if its triggered that means u got shot so they pretty much know you are coming, try to work together with your team to sandwich the enemy since it wont be a surprise most of the time, but in combination with your smokes it could be confusing to know where exactly you be coming from. II will talk about how to counter it later, now lets move on to her tactical ability ? ?smoke launcher? ? this ability is very versatile and should be used differently depending on your situation and possition, lets start of with using it aggressively, if you have an infra red attachment then you can throw it on top of the enemy team to covet yourself from fire while seeing everyone and having easy shots, you can also use it together with bloodhound, one thing that frustrates me when im playing with randoms is the lack of communication, if i have bloodhound in my team then as soon as he uses ult i immediately throw smokes on enemy team so he can pretty much kill them with minimum exposure, but often they dont catch the drift and just ignore the chance, what if i don’t have the scope or bloodhound in my team? You ask, well then use it to reposition or to even flank, drop it on the enemy team to cover their vision while getting around them, specially if they put some shots on you and triggered your passive then that works even smoother.

Just make sure not too throw it every time and block your own teammates vision on the enemy team. Moving on to defensive and supportive smoke, yes throwing it on yourself might be useful when you are healing or reviving someone, just make sure you are ready for grenades thought since the smokes do work as a granade sponges and enemy team will usually lob everything they have in to it, so i would recommend to throw it a bit further away from yourself maybe in between of yourself and the enemy team, what i usually see bangalors do is leave the smokes all for them selves and only use it for themselves and that’s a big mistake, as a Bangalore you have the passive to save you in worst case, so please make sure if you are a bit far from your teammate and hes getting shot then lob the smoke on to him to get him some breathing time and hopefully even save him, just make sure to warn him first or even in general say it right at the start, so people would ask for smoke if they in trouble, i played with one of my friends who mains bang and he saved my ass so many times like that it was a game changer, i never seen people use it that way, usually everyone just hold it for themselves.

Another thing i would like to mention is dont just throw it on ur self while running away, and immediately open ur back to an enemy and run, the ability has a tiny animation before the smoke actually starts blocking the vision, so for exaple look at this clip, im in trouble amd getting prerty much destroyed, but instead of throwing smoke and imediately running away with opening my back i carry on shooting the enemy around the rock and provide some cover fire while the smoke starts working, and as soon as the smoke granadr explodes i dissengage safely.You can also use it together with your ultimate to give you even more cover or to confuse the enemy it could flush the enemy but dont really expect any damage done, since this is not Gibraltars ult. Additionally use it for repositioning, if you are in disadvantage, maybe try to even take high grounds or just get away from being sandwiched, sometimes if i get in between of teams i would throw it on to one side to cover my back. Smokes also work great with wraith teleport to get some cover and confuse the enemy but let?s talk about team compositions later.

This ability has a massive throw and could go super far and it also deals 10 damage to an enemy on impact, it might not be good damage but with this you will know exactly if you landed it on the enemy, also since malee deals 30 damage together with this ability you will need one less punch, since it will add up to 100. Just like with mirage decoy, you can use it while healing, shooting or throwing granade etc, it wont stop you from whatever you are doing, so take advantage of that and use it! And last but not least, in the end game always think like your enemy had a digital scope, since pretty much every second squad will have at least one person with it, and they will be able to use your own smoke againts you or your teammates so dont rely on your smokes too much in the final rounds, or at least be cautious. Okay and now moving on to the ultimate – “useless garbage,oh wait what, oh shit my bad wrong name, “kofkof” i ment rolling thunder” – alright jokes aside its an okay ult, it has some usage for flushing the enemy and zone controlling but its pretty weak and usually only gets in the way, theres few ways of using it offencively, and most cases it would be just to block of certain zone so you can flank or flush the enemy out of a comfort zone, and this used to be a good tactic since enemy would always get scared and try to get out of the indicator zone, but now when i playe againts better players they usually dont even care that you have ult or that you dropped it right on them, since it only does 20 damage and one shield cell is enough to be back as new, so if you will face more experiened players then they wont really give a shit about your ult and not going to even try to dodge it, yes it does still brifely stuns them and gives a some blurr and stuff, but it will work exactly the same on you and your team too so you cant really use that againts an enemy, i asked few bag mains around and the answer was usually the same, they either never use it at all since it gets in their way by blinding and slowing them or they use it to disengage together with smokes, so while running away you use some smokes and drop your ult underneath you aswell, as i said before the damage is almost non existant to the point where smarter enemy doesent even care about it but it can still cause a lot of confusion and a big cloud of dirt so you can definetelly use it to reposition, flank or disengage, lets cover how it works, you throw down a flare and then the strike drops in to the direction you threw it, so it will never go behind it which is the direction whrer you are, it will alwasy land in front where you were throwing it, and as you can see here it drops a barage in a zig zag form after which it explodes in the same zig zag form, as i said before one explosion deals 20 damage so its pretty much useless for damage, but it does leave a cloud of dirt behind so it could work as one big smoke really, and also it will kinda flush some enemys out and they will try to run away from the radious of the explosion, another good way to use it is to land on the enemy building, just to make sure they stay inside while you throw some granades there, but if the enemy is smart they will get out since taking 20 damage is better then getting rect by granades.

Most of the time i would definetely recomend to leave it for the worst case, where you need some cover or you teammate does, and use it together with your smoke to escape and healp up or res, but dont really use it offencively, since its not much of a gibraltars ult. and on a smart enemy it wont really work as zoning either, so the only main use is really just to reposition or to escape, just look at it as a third smoke that also deals some damage and slows so enemys are less likely to push it then pushing normal smoke. and try to use it in combo with your smoke or passive to rotate quicker, if you watch old shroud gameplays where he used to use bang then you can kinda see that most of the times he just threw it randomly withoute any meaning, or any other bang main that acutally, but anyway with this covered lets move on to 2.counter picks and team composition bangalore counter gibraltars and an enemy bang ult with her passive, since she gets enough speed boos to get out of the radious, she also counter coustic a little bit since she also gets a speed boost and can potentionally get out of his gas a bit quicker aswell, but as soon as the passive goes of you will be slowed as usual.

Shes very fast under the passive so a lot of flankers will have shit load of trouble killing you for the first few seconds but you have to also use it for your own advantage and kill them before it goes of on cooldown, bangalore also gets counter by caustic back since he can pretty much out do your smoke by placing his gas tanks over it nad exploding them, that will give him advantage over enemy smoke, so if you see the traps try to shoot the base to get them destroyed before he activates it. also bloodhound is ur main counter since under his ult he gets a good speed boost aswell and he can see you and your team through the smokes so if see an enemy bloodhound or hear his ult dont rely on your smoke, instead drop it on his teammates to cut them off the fight and hopefully colaps on bloodhound with your team, additionaly keep in mind that your smokes can be used by the enemy too, for example wraith can hide her ult in there, or gibraltar can complitely cover it with his ultimate, and as i said before people will be chiucking granades in it so usually try to not put it right on top of yourself.

Now lets cover team composition, the main one that everyone loves is bang with bloodhound since you can smoke the enemy while they use their ult and pretty much wipe the enemy team almost all the time, unless they have enemy bloodhound to counter, or at least the infra red scopes, bangs ult can also work great together with gibs, you flush them out and try to make them go where you want while he covers that spot with his ultimate, or even cover his ult with the smokes, you can alwasy help lifeline revive teammates by droping a smoke in front or on top of her, its verry effective specially that she has her one bullet shield, and also lifeline car package is another good addition, since theres approximetally 10% chance it will drop the infra red scopes, wraiths teleport works great with smokes, its a nice way to cover the teleport and make some sneaky plays, since the enemy wont even know how the enitre team got from one smoke to another.

Dont even want to talk about caustic, just imagine how much coverage you have, 3 traps plus his ult and 2 smokes plus your ult, its insane, you can pretty much cover the enitre location with all of this. and last but not least mirage, your smokes work also great with his decoys, by sending the decoys out of the smoke you can confuse your enemys, but keep in mind if he uses his cloak inside your smoke then it will be really visible and will make him an easier target, so use it with decoy but not with his ultimate.

Now lets get in to 3. pros and cons PROS very strong passive, pretty much the reason for why people play her you have two smoke granades that are supper useful in supportive or defencive plays your ult covers a massive radious the smoke bomb deals 10 damage which basically sums up to 100 damage together with three punches you have a lot of escaping abilities, your ultimate, smokes or in worst case your passive. good bang is pretty much impossible to catch your smokes can be used as a granade sponges and trigger people to use up all of their granades you can use your tactical while pretty much doing anything else, so you can always give your self or your teammates extra protection without stoping your heal or the attack. great for poke damage, with the passive you can get in and out of fights pretty easily. she has an okay hit box, its not too big but not to small either.

In general shes a high tear pick right now and in the meta. now moving on to cons CONS your ultimate is useless againts experienced players, the wont even bother with it and even if they will its super easy to get out of most of the games your ult is either just randomly thrown away or not even used at all sometimes if you wanst sprinting the passive wont trigger making you an easier target smokes can be used againts you, specially if enemy has a bloohound or the legendary scopes plus in the end game almsot every second team will have at least on scope so you have to be very carefull there is quit few exploits to see through the smoke, but hopefully that will be fixed in the near future thers a small animation before your smokes start working, and that animation is enough to get yourself killed.

Your moving speed boost could also affect your own aim, making you miss, but you will get used to it pretty easily so it isnt that much of a con. your smokes and your ultimate can also work againts you team blurring their vision and potentionally saving the enemy from them. pathfinder is still a lot faster i know i know, you dont need to comment stuff lol okay, here we go, the finally legend is covered for now, i personally cant wait till new legenda and updates come out for apex! anyway, if you think i missed some tips, pros or cons please comment them down below, it will help me and other people out.

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