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Hey everyone, patrcie here as always! Today with Bloodhound guide, another amazing legend that breaths like darthveider, one of the strongest attacker at this point, hes also really good for flanking althrough many people dont play him that way anyway, lets not waste your time with itro and get in to it, as always all time staps are down below so feel free to move anywhere you like! 1. First lets cover his counter picks and team composition. Bloodhound counters a lot of legends in apex, and sees through many flanks with the help of his ultimate or tactical, Lets start with bangalor, her smokes will work againts her, and if she even thinks of throwing it on her self to give her cover then shes dead, a lot of players are still relatively new to the game and i see a lot of bangalores throwing smokes on them selves when danger is close, or on their team mates and honestly thats the worst you can do…

You can see an enemy bloodhound just as clearly as he can see you, so you kinda counter out each other, Caustic actually gets pretty screwed aswell, first you can see through his gas if hes hiding in it and second if he forgets about his teammates then they will get slowed and blinded by his own gass which will make them easy pick for an bloodhound, Gibraltar dont get countered neither he counters bloodhound, but he could cut out ur flanking pattern by throwing his ult in the area, lifeline is lifeline, nothing to mention here, Mirage gets countered by you since you will see him through his cloak but at the same time you can still get confused by him if mirage knows what hes doing, pathfinder kinda in the middle, you can see and predict his flanks if you using your ultimate but at the same time he can get out and get back in after your ult is on cooldown and wraith turns pretty much useless in a lot of cases since you see her flank coming and you can just notify your team which will put her in a disadvantage.

Moving on to Team composition, you work well with a lot of legends, for example the one everyone knows is bloodhound and bangalore since you can see through her smoke but thats not the only one, pathfinder actually does even better in my opinion since you can tell him the positions of enemys whyle flanking them and he can join you on your flank from another angle or from a hight point, i call bloodhound a second flanker, so your first flanker better be someone like pathfinder, mirage or wraith whyle bloodhound fits in to second flanker role, by adding even more preassure to an enemy team and giving away their positions.

Caustic also works great since he can push out enemys with his gas and you can see through it withoute getting inside, which will again make an enemy easy pick. also you can help gibraltar land a better ultimate since you know enemy approximate positions, you can also use ur own granades that way aswell. with this out of the way lets move on to bloodhound skills 2. Skills Passive Tracker – Foes leave behind clues for you to find, this passive is actually amazing, and it saved me or my team multiple fo times, basically it gives you vision of enemy players interactions, so if they run through there, looted, or even if there was a fight it will tell you, also if you shot an enemy and he run away you can follow him up on the tracks by his blood, the tracks are also pointer out by pack of crows, i think developers put crows for bloodhound because they were afraid that people will miss out on tracks, so if you see crows that means enemy player was there recently, by looking at the tracks you can actually see the timer, and by that you can actually preditct when the enemy was here, and which way he want since the new tracks will have more second to them then old ones, after 60 second the tracks dissapear and u cant see them with ur passive anymore, but if u use your ultimate you will be able to see white clues, white clues can be really old but with ur ultimate you will see them either way, and the red clues are also known as “fresh” clues, so if you see them that means whatever happened there it happened recently, this passive usually saves ur ass right at the start of the game, since you know which places were looted and where you should run to get that first weapon, also it helps to find enemy teams nearby, most of the time if u see the red tracks then by following them up you will come right in to enemys backs and that gives you a lot of free picks in game, this is one of the reasons why bloodhounter is such a good fragger, my favorite part of this skill though is how i can use it to help my team, for example look at this video i see fresh clues, whyle my teammates are on the other side of the mountain to me, by looking where to clues go and how old are they i could predict where the enemy was at this point, i pinged them and also made a call out on discord so my team was prepared for the enemy, whyle i run behind to keep on tracking and hopefully get behind their backs if my team wont kill them themselves.

Also another pro tip, is that your passive works together with scopes, so the better the scope the further you can see, use that to ur advantage to predict where the enemy is from further distances and make a tactic that will suit your team, sometimes ive seen the tracks and didnt pay attention to how many there was, so for example on this video i herd one enemy running around through my headphones, but tracks indicated that there were more, i ignored that fact and trusted my headphones which was my big mistake since his teammate came out asap and complitely destroyed me, another example right here is when i came in, i knew there were an enemy that just run in but when i opened the door i ignored the clue on my left and looked behind the door thinking hes hiding there, making this mistake aslo lead me to death since the enemy came out from the door on my left, this could of been easily avoided if id pay more attention to my tracks, okay now with the passive explaied lets move to your tactical ability Eye of the allfather – briefly reaveals enemy, traps and tracks through the structures in fron of you, currently theres not that many trap legends, but you can see caustic traps through walls with this and easily shoot them in the base to destroy them, which can make him pretty useless if hes unaware, this ability can help u as much as kill you at the same time, yes it does give you a brief last scanned position of your enemy but even 1 second after the enemy will be probably already in another place, but if he is somewhere inside then you can throw granades there to cause some damage, it also revelas the tracks so you cann see where the enmy went or if he already heald him self or not, which can give you an answer to play defencively or to push him, also you will know how many enemys are for example in the house in front of you so if there only 1 and your team is right next to you then you can rush him and make the fight 2v3 pretty easily, it also tells you where the enemy is roughly through smoke but the chance is that the enemy is already moved as soon as u see the image of an enemy, this is only usefull if you want to see if the enemy is reviving his buddy, as i said this ability can get you killed aswell, first if you use it in a close fight for example like i did in this video, or if you use it by an accident it will actually confuse you instead of helping and will make it harder to see where the real enemy is, with recent patch they made the clonse last a bit less but its still not good enough i think they should dissapear almost imediatelly since it does confuse alot, another con is that the enemy can see your scan, and they know if you scanned them or not, so if you use it whyle the enemy is far away then you actually put ur self in disadvantage since the enemy now briefly knows where you are and you dont,also if you use it randomly sometimes and spot poeple next to you whyle ur team is a bit further away then well done, you jsut gave away ur position and the enemey squad is probably already all rushing towards you.

So this ability is good but u should really think when you using it and dont just randomly spam it since it will work againts you. guys if you like this video so far, please click that subscribe button since it will help me out a ton thank you. Moving on to The ultimate Beast of the Hunt – this ability transforms you in to an ultimate hunter for 30 seconds, it has a pretty big cooldown so usually i carry around 1 or 2 ult accelerators, if i have space for them that is, and it also had quit big before start aniimation so try to not use it right in an open fire, bascially you gain a infrared sigt but on the entire screen, so everything tursn black and white whyle enemys are bright red and you also can see item colours and death box colours brihter, so you accidently dont miss out on that legendary loot, it also opens up to you cold tracks which is like i said before the colour white clues, you see them no matter how old they are, another bit is that you dont just see enemy in bright red you can also see his footsteps and whhere exactly he moved so tracking enemy thats running away is pretty easy, you also gain quit a lot of speed boost which is the reason that makes you an amazing flanker but there is few cons to that aswell, this ability is amazing and i think its pretty overpowered and should be cut to like 15 seconds, its really easy to track and shoot enemys since everythign except them is black and white, sometimes althrough the enemy footsteps can acutally confuse u if theres too many of them since eveything is just red and you dont really know exactl location of your enemy because of that, another big con to keep in mind, specailly if you flanking is that you have to keep some distance, since your ultimate is very loud and you breath like darthvader or some psycopath, so yes you do see ur enemy clearly but they also hear you clearly so its something like a fair trade, you see them and thear you, if they have good headset they will know almost exact location you are in, the reason i call bloodhound second flanker is because of this, you can surprise them since of ur noise but you can still flank the mand give away their exact coordinates which will make someones like pathfinder life wayyy easier to flank them after which he starts puting bullets in them and you can join the fight with him for a second flank that will complitely desorentate them and usually give you a win, its really good offencive ability if you just want to run in aswell since it will make it very easy to see an enemy which will help you get more accurate shots, althrough u can also you this as an escaping ability since in gives u the vision on an enemy teams and a super speed boost, so if you want to leave it to the end and use it as a defencive ability feel free to do that, it all depends on your playstile, you can also just use it to relocate, or move from an area to another area if you are confident enough that wasting it like that wont get you killed and last but not least you can use it to search for enemy teams when you cant find or hear anyone, so for example when you are almost at the end of the game and theres one or two enemy squads left and you cant find see anyone, you can use ur ultimate to give you some speed and sight plus the cold tracks to search for your pray, or you can even jump on a balloon to cover even more distance and see any bright red colours, keep in mind you dont have to go all teh way to the top you can just detach from the ballon if you dont feel like flying anywhere.

Another tip i want to give you if you do see an enemy teams fighting then just let them fight well unless you are the aggressive type that tryes to get as much frags as possible, after they kill each other you can use ur ultimate and just go quickly finish off the wounded enemys taht didnt have a chance to heal back up yet. alright i think i covered everything i could think of, thank to poeple leaving comments on my last video that gaved me some advice on how to use bloodhound. now moving on to the pros and cons 3. pros and cons – as always ill start with pros first. you passive is amazing and you get to attack unexpecting enemy right in they backs very often. your tactical is a shitty version of wallhack giving away enemy position and traps, so use it before going inside the building the enemy is hiding at.

Ur ultimate gives u amazing speed boost. it also makes it way easier to see the enemy and to track them down. has a massive potential for high kill games. fits in any team comp and can always provide a lot of usefull information and support for the team. works as a second flanker really well which will give extra aggresion to the game. can also use his ult to escape. in general his ult is broken so use it untill it gets nerfed! – and now moving to the Cons has quit a big hit box, hes basically almost same size as caustic. very loud ultimate and enemy can collaps on you pretty easy cuz of it. ur tactical can be used againts you and give away your position, so you have to use it very carefully. the ult animation is quit long untill it actually starts working. ur tactical can also confusse you if used at a wrong time…

Probably will receive aa big nerf really soon. and now moving on to the last bit for the video, 4. How to play againts bloodhound – use his tactical againts him, if he uses it far away that means you seen him and he hasnt seen you, and if he uses it close by taht still gives away his position to you aswell, just make sure to reposition ur self immediately and not stand at the same point his indicator shows. – if you hear some psycopath breathing that means hes near by, also if you have a good headset its pretty easy to know his exact location and to use it againts him. – if hes running after you then you can run behind a wall or in to a structure, he will probably follow up on you with ur tracks so as soon as u turn behind a structure imediatelly turn around and wait for him right and the turn, usually they dont expect enemy setting them up, well dont do that if you dont have any close range weapon of course, jsut in case he has a peacekeeper and u dont. – you can also use a blood hound to counter blood hound lol – never use smokes on your self to protect if you know theres blodohound close by, since you will only kill ur self that way, better throw smoke in between of yourselves or even better if you throw it at his team after which try to quickly delte him with ur teamamtes.

Alright folks, thats all for todays episode, thank you for tuning in, if you liked this video please leave a thimbs up it helps for the youtube algorithm a littlebit, and if you like apex then make sure to subscrive and hit that bell since im doing a lot of videos on it right now and will be covering everything in the future so you always stay ahead! if you have a good tip that i misse, please leave a comment and start it with something like Pro Tip, so i can give it a like and make it also seen, and if it will really blow my mind i will pin it! thank you for watching and i see you all in the game! BYE

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