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Gibraltar is insane! A lot of people been saying in comment’s that ability’s dont matter in this game, well thats just stupid, maybe this game isnt like overwatch, but the abilitys are still pretty crucial, and look at Gibraltar, his ult isnt to zone or defend and all that bs, his ult is too kill everything that’s moving! Hello everyone, my name is Patrice and this is “you are using gibraltar wrong” in depth legend guide video! As always all the time stamps are in the description, and from this video on wards i move the counter picks and team comp after the skills, since its better to cover and explain skills first before talking about how to use them againts certain legenda and woth certain legends.

Anyway, lets get in to it! 1. Skills Passive gun shield- you get a shield when you are aiming your weapon, which protects you from some damage, it can take up to around 4-5 bullets, or two bullets from wingman, but only one shot from shotgun or any sniper after light ammo, well at least from my experience it always saved me from one sniper shot or one shotgun, but keep in mind your head is still open, so it wont help with headshots, and also after it shatters theres a brief cooldown before you can use it again, one tip to keep in mind is that you can turn it of, so if you are scoping someone from a distance and want to be sneaky make sure to turn of the shield, since it can be pretty bait, but don’t forget to turn it back on in fight, this passive is usually not much of use in close fight since you dont want to be aiming with a shotgun on an enemy that is jumping around, but its really usefull for longer range fight, for example on this video the enemy was shooting at me and i couldn’t find him, but every time i come up he shots once, takes my passive shield of and i go back and wait till it resets, in any otger condition he would have already snapped my health bar or shield.

Its prrtty basic ability and there’s not much to it, and i see why they put it in, since your hit box is massive, have to have something to back it up. Now moving to his tactical the dome of protection – i call it a bubble shield, but basically what it does is blocks any incoming or outgoing projectiles, so any bullets/ barages or granades will bounce of this shield, it lasts for 15 seconds which is enough to cover from any bombarding abilities including your own, you have enough time to revive ur team or heal your self or loot, but when you are using it in the fight be careful since the dome might confuse ur teammates alot, and sometimes if you threw it at wrong time you could have blocked of their potential kill or granade and etc, so warn your team asap, if you use it in close fight then keep in mind that people will rush you, since the instinctively will think you are low and trying to heal etc, use it againts them, when you see enemy running towars your bubble shield aka dome shield, throw a granade inside and come outside, or come outside just when they about to enter to escape the first shot, specially if they have a shotgun, afterwhich you can re enter to counter attack, genuinely you can use this ability to fight multiple enemys or even multiple teams, but you have to keep surfing in between of the walls to escape and deal damage, and keep in mind they can also do that back to you, but since you playing gib, eventually you should have more experience in doing that.

You can also ut a tip of your gun outside the dome whyle having your body still inside, that way you can deal damage whyle not being afraid of getting shot back, additionally you can use it to block off enemy bangalore or Gibraltar’s ultimate, or even combine it with your own ultimate to give your team protection whyle reviving or healing, but enemy wraith can get through it quit easily under her void run, and she can even place a telepor inside so her team can follow up. also caustic nox gas wont care about ur shield. I usually use the shield if i got sniped or shot from a long range, to get my self healed up, i always hug the opposite side of the shield where enemy comes from just in case if i get rushed i still can avoide some damage and finish healing or cancell it, but also sometimes i use it in close fights i drop it to give my self some breathing time, specially if im getting rushed, to dodge some shots and to counter-attack back after the enemy shots, and maybe give my team chance to come up and help me out, as i said before throw a granade inside the shield if you are getting rushed, the throwing star blows up 3 seconds after sticking to something, while the granade takes 4 seconds after it been launched, use this knowledge for your advantage! At the beggining of the game if dont have a weapon and you are getting shot, then you can just drop the dome and use it as a cover for your ass whyle you running for loot or sumthing.

In addition i love using the bubble shield inside or around structures such as skull town for example, since you can hide in little corners and being covered by your dome that is cutting through the building, that way you can heal yourself and even if the enemy does find you, you will have time to canell the heal before getting shot, since your shield is covering you, and if you put the tip of the weapon outside while still standing inside you can clutch the fight even with few hp. Okay with tactical covered lets move on to the Ultimate – Defencive Bombardment – Dont get confused, this ult deals a shit loads of damage and instead of using it as a defence or zone cotroll, you rather shower it on the enemy team, melting their shield and in most cases killing them, yes i did use this ability as defence on my teammates that are getting rushed, since they wont receive damage, but even then in realitty my teammate was more of like bait for my ultimate.

Most of the time i use this ability very aggresively and it honestly gives me a shit loads of kills, for example look at this video, i was in a really bad position, while the enemy team had great shots on me and i couldnt even move out in most cases since i would of been showered with bullets, i quickly run out and throw down my dome to give my self some cover, straight after i use my ult and land it straight on to them, look how amazing this is, not just that it gives me great cover fire, so even if they wouldnt get damaged i would still reposition, but it shread their team up, 40 damage per explosion, in the end they had no shields and were low, plus one of them even got downed by it after which even that it was 2v3 and we were in bad position, we were able to carry this out and came out as winners out of the fight, we won that game afterwards.

You might say that its easy to avoid his ult by hiding inside, and in the video i provided the enemy team was next to a building, but even if they would avoid my ult inside, i would still make sure to reposition and gain advantage or if you have granades, then lob them inside the building that way they still get damaged and they trapped themselves inside so they cant even get out of there. so in most cases i would recommend using this ability very offencively since it deals so much damage it be a waste to use it otherwise, if you want zone controll play bangalore or caustic but not gibraltar, ofcourse you can still use it defencively, and there were a lot of times where u would cover my team or even throw it after which i would go in just before the ultimate starts working and throw in my dome shield to revive my teammate, but be very carefull with this since enemy can also use this chance to come inside your shield and tear you up whyle having cover from your ult, you much more rather use it and tell your teammate to pick him up whyle you stay outside and make sure nobody is shooting at them and etc.

But i did use in this way, for example check this video out, i was running towards lifline loot drop, and before the enemy team even gets chance to pick it up i imediately thre my ult on top of it, after i dropped the dome right in the drop but i waited a little bit untill the ult starts so no one would join me, that way i stole their loot lol and dealt a lot of damage to them aswell… Gibraltars ultimate can also be used for reposition. i personally just had most profit from it using it agresively and landing in on enemy squads. additionaly keep in mind that if you throw gibraltars ultimate undergraund then it will land on top of the spot you threw it, ive see some poeple using it that way to attack enemys above them, they would go under ground where the enemy is roughly standign at and droping they ult, but personally i never had a chance to do that, otherwise i would for sure put it in the video! moving on to counter picks and team comp 2.

Counter picks and team comp This is the only legend from my experience that can properly counter him self, if enemy team also has Gibraltar then they can easily counter your ultimate, just like you can do to them aswell, you can also counter Bangalores ult, but usually you wont need to since its easy to get out of it, well only if you want to keep the zone to yourself, moving on to wraith, as with all aoe ults she can easily counter yours too, bloodhound has a bug where when he uses his tactical he can actually avoid your ultimate stun effect and get out of there quicker, but im sure this will get fixed so it dont really count, caustic nox gas goes through Gibraltar bubble shield and will still affect you, as mentioned in pathfinder video, he can easily grapple out of ur ultimate as well and avoid most or even all damage, moving away from the topic, people that prefer fighting long range will have a bit of a struggle to fight through ur bubble shield, since you can actually pop out ur weapon while still being inside of it so you can shoot them and they cant shoot you that’s not really a legend counter so let’s talk about this later on.

Now let’s talk about team comp, Gibraltar is what i call tank-support class i say that because he can easily cover his team from fire with bubble shield or with his ultimate, since the teammates dont get damaged by it, also he can use it aggressively to land on enemy teams or even combination of both to give him a chance of revivng his teammates, so technically he can always bring something to the table, but there is legends that will make his skills even more profitable, lets start with lifeline, you can drop your bubble on top of her healing bot, so that way you can use her bot to heal, cover yourself from fire, whyle still moving wherever you want! not just 2 it’s 3 birds one stone baby! Also you know how you lifeliens ult can get you killed, since people see it coming and rush there? Well no worries since your shield can provide defence from any snipers whyle you loot safely.

Moving on to bangalore, you can bait some players woth her ult to run in to direction you want or to bait out the bubble shield of an enemy Gibraltar after which landing your ultimate exactly where the enemy will be, her smokes work fine too, if bangalore lands her smoke on enemy team then by throwing you ult on top of that will add even more confusion to them, so they will have to get out of the smoke asap where you should have advantage on them, also you can counter enemy bangalore defencive smoke that way aswell, specially if you know someone is getting revived there, just land ur ult on top of the entire smoke screen. Did someone mentione caustic? Oh boy, the combo of two ult is usually equals to the entire team wipe, caustic ult to provide some confusion and a slow, whyle gibs ult to deal damags, 3 kills eaaassyy you can also give ur team extra protection with his nox gas, for example if you teammate is down and you want to res him but the enemy is there, no problem just make caustic push them out with nox gas and then to protect your self from granades and stuff just use a bubble shield, after which revice your teammate, the enemy won’t be able to come close or to do damage on range either and teammates dont receive nox damage, only the slow.

With this out of the way lets get to pros and cons 3. Pros and cons as always ill start with pros you have invincible shield for 15 seconds, that you can even shoot out of your ultimate deals a ton of damage and using it agresively is very rewarding, hes the only legend at this point that can actually kill enemys with his ultimate. keep in mind the radious of the throw isnt that big so you wont be able to throw it far. even if you are stuck in bad position you can save ur self with your ultimate you can provide cover for your team with the shield or with the ultimate so in general hes a good supportive pick your ultimate dont damage your team so fee free to drop it on them if they getting rushed, but it will still apply slow effect you have a passive shield that absorbs around 45-90 damage and can save u from potential death now lets get to cons you have the biggest hit box in the game, so you are the easies to hit, yes you do have a shield tom compensate for this… but its reletevely small and headshots still go through.

Your ultimate kills you aswell, so dont think you are caustic that can cover him self in his ult your passive shield is pretty weak and dont protect you from headshots or anywhere under your body really, so you can still get shot in your legs the dome shield can be used againts you and get rushed, plus enemy can use ur own dome cover to hide from your ult you are running the same speed but the fact that it just looks slower is annoying you dont have any escaping abilities, but you still can use ur shield to escape and cover your back your ultimate still applies stun effect on your teamamtes so sometimes you migh get cursed by them. nox gas goes through your dome. withoute ur ultimate you are very weak and cant really do much, so this legends relies on his ult a bit too much and last but not least 4. How to counter gibraltar theres few second animation before his ult actually starts landing, so get out of there asap! you can use his dome shield againts himor throw granade inside, but be carefull since he might do the same try to go for headshots since then his passive shield wont stop your bullets, but i kno its harder try to not fight in open zones and instead go to somewhere where you can hide from his barage know what your team is capable of, if you have wraith then make sure to teleport your team out of the danger zone and etc.

Okay, with all that said i think this is pretty much everything to cover for gybraltar, hes a very fun legend and i had a lot of fun playing him agresively, yes his not for flanking but it feels so satisfying landing his ultimate on the enemy squad and crushing their shield or even killing them, as always dont forget to leave a like! and if you think i missed any tips, make sure to comment down below your Pro tip, i will make sure to highlight it and even pin it if its really surprising! thank you guys for watching and i tahnk you for all the support! 10k subscribers in about 2 weeks is amazing! specially that it took me around 7 month to get to 280 subs, anyway i see you all in the game! bye

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