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Hey guys, Patrice here with another apex legends guide!! This one will be on lifeline! My favorite legends at this point and the one i play the most for now, i prefer her playstile right now, and the main reason is of course one of her passives, the fact that you can heal or put shield up by 25% faster is a complete game changer, and its crucial to try to squeez in that shield in the heat of the battle mixed it with bunnyhops, but before we get in to the guide, a quick word for the sponsor of this video known as Moot, moot is an online community platform for keeping you updated with your favorite games, such as apex, pubg, siege and if the game you want isnt there then you can request for them to add it in, on moot platform you can share news/ tips/ guides/ updates/ memes/ videos and much more, you can even find your perfect squad with only few clicks, just pick your platform, which is pc in my case, you can also set your own preset ,picking a game you play, platform and if you want with or withoute mic, after what moot will send you notifications on squads that fit under your customisation, moot has simple upvote or downvote sistem, the best posts will rise to the top, there’s also this cool shop feature, you get coins for interacting with the app and can use them to customise your profile, this is amazing app for getting people together and the biggest pro is that its complitely 100% free, You can use it on a pc, android or iOS and i will put all of the links in the description down below so make sure to give it a go. Also as always all the time stamps will be down below below so feel free to skip anywhere you want! now leta get back to the video ! 1.

Skills Passive – “combat medic” – compared to other legends lifeline actually has two passives and both of them are amazing, lets start of with the first one, the reviving shield, depends which direction you are facing when you start reviving a teammate it will put an indestructible shield facing that way, and it will also revive your teammate a bit faster then other legends will since shes a medic, this passive is a life saver and sometimes its the reason you won the game, for example lets look at this clip, i was dead and just got revived from a ship, so i camr back empy handed, both of my teammates got downed and i have no weapons to help them, so usually this would mean its over, the enemy can easily end me but nope, since im lifeline i was able to get one of my teammates up quickly and safely, pay attention om how i place the shield, then since i know hes low om health i go and try to win some time for him by confusing and punching the enemy, after which the wraith decides to run away, i made a mistake and started to chase her when i definitely should of left immediately after she uses void, either way i realise my mistake and immediately retreat to my other teammate, wraith puts some shots on to me but thanks to my passive shield i was able to not just revive my second teammate but also use him as a shield from her shots, which is the reason i survived, after which both of my teammates were up and we were able to win this foght that should of been over ages ago, we won that game afterwards, so technically if not this passive we wouldn’t of, getting back to the point, make sure to use ur shield wisely and always place it where the enemy roughly is, it frustrates me when I see lifeline reviivng me whyle the shield is faving the opposite side from where the enemy shoots, this ability can be so frustrating to face againts specially when you are fighting 1v2 or 1v3 and as soon as u down someone before you even get to finish them lifeline is already reviving them with invincible shield so you cant do anything unless you got granades anyway, lets talk about the second passive which is the main reason people even play lifeline, 25% plus towrds your healing or shield pop is amazing, with lifeline you can squeeze in a shield where its impossible to squeeze in eith any other legend, the main point here is to take advantage of this if you are playing lifeline, this ability is not for using after the fight is done, since theres no rush, if you use lifeline then you have to make sure to use her ability in the middle of the battles, there’s two ways i like to use this, first is if you are fighting in mid range fight make sure to run behind an obstacle or sumthing and pop one shield, honestly its so easy and quick that you always should have more health then your enemy, make sure to always pop it when you get a second, this might be hard to get used to but its important to do this, specially if you play lifeline, the enemy might hear the crash and think you are low but then as soon as he rushes you, you already have some or most of your shield up and ready to soak up more shots, and the second way to use this is to pop a shield or siringe whyle you bunnyhop, theres a lot of videos out on bunnyhopping but i will brifly explain how to do it now, i play on pc so it might be a little bit different compared to consoles, but it goes like this, first you want to sprint and gain some speed, after which you want to hold crouch to slide and as soon as u start sliding pop your shield and start spamming jump, so you bunny hop while healing yourself, i repeat it again, start sprinting, then hold crouch, as soon as you start sliding you want to pop your shield, and immediately start spamming jump, whyle doing all of this you have to keep holding crouch, usually you slow down faster then the end of healing but since you have 25% extra speed on healing you will be able go finish the shield cell quicker then you slow down, few things to keep in mind os that you can’t bunnyhip up hill, it has to be on straight surface or down hill, and it takes some time to practice and actually get use of this in the fight but its definitely worth it, im still not perfect at doing this but if you want some reference make sure to watch how shroud plays lifeline, every time he pops a shield in the middle of the fight you can see how he bunnyhops, and he does it super effectively, also theres alot of bunnyhopping tutorials on youtube, but let me know if you want me to actually make one, since i think theres enough videos done on this, anyway back to the passive, one more thing i want to add is that if you get legendary backpack then in totally you will get 50% on healing speed, yes it does stack, this turns you shield cell pop in to 1.2 seconds, which is arguably same speed as reloading, so if you can shuv in a reload in a battle make sure to pop shields every second you get! Phewww with the main ability out of the way lets actually get in to her tacticsl ability – “d.o.c heal drone” – you drop down a drone that heals any one who gets in to the range so yes it also will heal your enemys, its prrtty short range so make sure to drop it close by or move it, since you can slightly move it to reposition, its not infinent, and will only heal certain amount of health, from my experience its somewhere around 200-250 health charge inside of the drone, and it also has a timer.

This ability gives lifeline the option to hide inside the storm, it will outheal the damage from the round 1 or 2, but the smaller the circle the harder it is to outheal, but its still pretty insane, for example look here there’s no way i would make it wothoute this ability, i self revive and now im super low on health, its like round 3 so the storm deals a ton of damage, but by dropping the drone it gave me enough time to heal up and use my medkit, obviously the 25% extra speed also did the job, just because of this ability i was able to get out of this storm alive and out heal it, and it works even better at early rounds, giving you the easy hiding spots or looting time inside the storm, additionally you can use this ability in a battle and theres hundred of times where i did thiz right it a battle, if i have extra time instead of just poping one shield i would drop the drone and then pop the shield whyle still getting healed by the drone, but be careful since if enemy still gets to you and kills you then he will just receive a free heal from you and will have extra advantage towards your teammates. If you see your teammate low on health after a fight or something please just go and place it next to him, and maybe even ping it, its so annyoing when a lifeline in a team never shares her drone and you have to use like 4 siringes to heal up plus its super slow, as mentioned in gibraltar guide you can put his dome shield on top of your drone, keep this in mind since if any future legends will have something placable then you will be able to use it together with your drone.

Moving on to your ultimate Ultimate – “Care Pakage” – you call in a care pakage that contains 3 items, it will always have 1 common item and 2 purple or higher items, i will make a seperate video talking about the chance and the percentage of the drops from the care pakage today or tomorrow since otherwise the video will be too long, anyways this ability is super useful early game when you trying to get that purple armor or helmet, but it kinda gets more and more useless towards the end game, well unless one of your teammates dies and you provide him a care package to hopefully gain some items after reviving him. but in the end game its more usefull to use it as bait, if you can find last squad or two and you are in a a smaller circle then you can just randomly call care package in to get some attention, i would also recommend for you to get some high ground and wait the enemy out, and if they get baited and try to loot the package then you can cover them with granades or gibraltars ultimate for easy kills, another way of using it is to get some cover fire, if you are stuck in one position and you cant move on since theres nothing to cover you, then calling the drop will give you some extra cover, but this is rather very unique thing and wont happen often, you can also crush your enemy with it if thats what you want to do, you wont get any achivement for it though so its pretty much just to flex.

If any of your teammates ever see a ultimate chrager they will always ping it for you, and as soon as you call in a care package all of them will rush towards your position trying to get their hands on the loot before you, its pretty funny but might be frustrating specially when they pick up your purple armour and ping you their blue armor, being like hey look at me aint im nice giving you pleb my blue armor, you should be thankfull, bastards haha.

Alright lets get to 2. counter picks and team composition any legend who can rush you and prevent you from poping one shield/ healing or reviving your teammate is kinda a counter, so someone like bloodhound with his speed boost or wraith with double skills but the biggest one would probably be pathfinder, since if he even sees you trying to hide or revive your teammate he can imediatelly grapple to you and punish you for doing anything, but rather then that you dont really have counter neither you counter anyone, well at least i dont really see lifeline kit as something to counter someone with, she a support in the end of the day. also lifeline is someone that can literally fit anywhere so it really dont matter what team composition you in, yes you can combine skills with gibraltar or bangalor can give you more cover for reviving with her smoke or ult, gibraltars and caustic ult works that way too, but you will work with pretty much anyone and your reviving shield plus heals will benefit any legend so lifeline fits perfect for people that dont really want to think too much strategically and build specifix skill combinations, just help your team by healing, reviving and giving them free loot and that should be good enough, well ofcourse you should help them with killing aswell.

Now with this out of the way lets talk about 3.pros and cons starting of with pros thanks to your passive you should almost always have more health then enemy lifeline has second smallest hit box in the game your reviving is quicker and has an invicible wall shield, thats super strong combo you can heal ur self in battle with a drone whyle still being armed your ultiamte can be a game changer when you get good loot early game you fit in any team composition and can provide a lot of support towards your team since you have your drone, you can carry a bit less healing items which will provide more space for ammo granades and other items you can survive a lot longer in the storm – and now lets cover lifeline cons aswell you have no escaping abilities and nothing to protect yourself your ultimate is pretty useless end game and it also gives away your position, usually enemys will run all over you when they hear it your drone heals really slowly your team sees you as a wending machine you have to learn how to use her passive in the middle of a fight and predict the best time for an extra shield chage, also bunny hop whyle getting shot is hard to do since you start pressing all the buttons, basically takes a lot of practice i personally dont really like any of her legendary skins so its a bit of a let down for me alright and last but not least 4.

How to counter lifeline and play againts her from all the legends i play againts lifeline is the most frustrating, one moment i down her teammates and think i have advantage but by the time i get there she already revived and healed one or even both of them, and i end up getting sandwiched. or even fighting 1v1 i hear the juicy shield crash and i rush towards her trying to prevent her from healing but as soon as i get there shes alreay with some shield back up having like 25 or more health advantage on me. but there is few things that might help you out first theres a specific sound when someone is getting revived, so if you hear her reviving someone try to either rush them as fast as possible and hopefully get there before the revive or even if u get there after you can one shot the enemy that was revived and then fight her 1v1, or you retreat aswell and heal up, since they will get healed up pretty quickly aswell.

Next if you see lifeline hiding begind something after being shot then be prepared for her having some of her shield reacharged already, if you have any granades make sure to lob them before going in. lifeline care package dont show up on the map and it also has different colour compared to the game drops, so if you hear one and it wasnt announced by the game then its probably lifeline, but dont just run the blidely since it might be bait. okay, i almost covered everything in this video, i will release another video probably tomrrow on the percentage of her care package loot, so explaining what item exactly drop and what is the chance of them spawning, if you liked this video make sure to like, if i missed any tip make sure to put it down in the comments starting of something like Pro tip, thanks to moot for sponsoring my video and dont forget to check their platfomr out all the links will be down in the description, if you want to see more apex videos make sure to subcribe and i see you all in the game! BYE

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