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Hello Youtube, my name is Patrice and im here with another “You are using it wrong” episode! Finally the season 1 came out for apex and with it came out a new Legend called Octane, another attacking legend, he has a very fast kit and his playstile is suited for very aggresive players, i personally had a lot of fun playing him and was happy to see that he is pretty balanced, his hit box is average and seems like its bigger then wraiths, even that he looks a lot skinnier.

And in general his a bilities are balanced in my opinion. well lets not waste anymor time and get in to the video, as always all the time stamps will be down below so feel free to skip, and dont forget to subscribe!!! specially if you liked this video! 1. Lets start of with Skills Passive “Swift Mend” – octane restores health over time if he isnt taking damage, so no it wont work in the storm as some people think, it will only start to work after around 3 second with taking no damage, theres almost nothing to say about this ability since its very straigh forward but one fact that you need to know is that it takes 200 seconds to restore 100 health, so 1hp equals to 2 seconds, so if you have 50 health and you thinking of not using heals and wait out before you go in the battle, it will take you 100 seconds to get to full healt, and your team will probably be dead already, yes it is silent and makes no noise compared to normal heals but with consumes so much time that its not worth waiting for. moving on to his tactical ability “Stim” the name goes after the titanfall pilot named stim, dont really know why you need to know this but anyway, you get 30% speed boost for 6 seconds, and also it reduces any slows taht affect you by around “50%”, it costs 10 health to activate this ability, no not 10%, its 10 health, and it also has a 2 second cooldown after it ends, so you can pretty much run around with it all the time, by looking at the holstered running animation under stim i personally though that it was a hint that octane can run with the same speed with or withoute a gun, but after testing it i still did notice that running with a weapon is still a little bit more slower, but it still does feel a lot quicker when you run with the gun on and the difference between running with or withotue is pretty small that i would even reccomend always having a gun out when you are in the battle, since your speed is still faster then any other heroes sprint, but at the same time you can hold a weapon, straif and shoot while keeping up with the speed, so my theory is, the ability thinks that sprinting with a weapon is counted as a slow effect, so it reducec it by “50%” which makes you run almost the same even with a gun out when you are under your buff.

I tried this with any other slow abilities and noticed that it does help a lot, so if you play againts coustic gas or gibraltars and bangalors ult then keep in mind that by activating your tactical you will reduce the slows that those abilities cause, whats even more important is that now you can actually play in team with someone like caustinc and not get as slowed, so you will still have advantage over enemy inside the same gas as you are, additionaly i noticed that by activating the ability when you are blinded by the enemy gas or for example like in this video my teammates bangs ult, i noticed that it works as a clense in a way, and makes it easier to see, at least for me it did, maybe its just the green filter or maybe it does cancels out the blurryness. now lets cover the situations it could be used in, personally i see it as a perfect skill to start of the fight, yes you do lose 10 health but you gain 30% movement speed and turn in to much harder target to hit, its easy to rush in and start the fight with this speed dont forget to use it mid battle aswell, to gain extra speed and confuss the enemy, well keep in mind that you will also lose health though, you can also use this ability to flank enemys but just keep in mind that it does have a sound so if you are close they will hear it, and it has a visual animation that is similar to wraiths void jump but hers is a purple trail while octane has green trail left behind him so it is pretty bait, you can additionaly use it to help out your team, since you pretty much always have 30% speed boost usually you will end up being further away scouting, so as soon as someone attacks your team you should definetelly trigger stim together with your ultimate to get there asap and help them out, people might argue on using this ability as an escape, since if you are low on health it will only minus out even more right? well from my experience extra 10 health will almost never save you since you have your back open when you are disengaging so its easy to shoot anyway and add taht extra 10hp with one bullet, so i personally always use the stim to run away, it does consume 10 health but it gives me extra 30% movement speed which makes me harder target to hit and much easier to get in to cover after what i usually heal up and recharge my shield, keep in mind that your ability will never kill you, even if you have 10 health it will only minus out 9, stim will alaways leave one health no matter how low you are, so dont think that you might die from using it when you are low health, but be carefull with using it in the storm…

I usually always carry around a lot of syringes and med kits if u play octane, so for example if i play lifeline i usually carry only 6 syringes and around 12 shield cells, but with octane i try to always have at least 12 syringes and instead have around 6 shield cells, usually by running around and just scouting under octanes tactical you will end up being low on health and ocasionally want to heal up, this is the way i count it, you activate stim and lose 10 health, it takes 6 seocnds for it to go on cd and another 2 seconds for it to go off cooldown, thats 8 sec in total, i would run around another 4 seconds withoute since it takes around 2 seconds for my passive to start working and that in totall gives me 10 seconds on my passive, which is 5 health, so i only lose 5 healht, so by knowing this i know that i can pretty much use stim from 4 to 5 times after which i will need to use 1 syringe, i also try to bunny hop every time i use syringe to not lose out on momentum.

AND ofcourse dont forget to use it for looting, you will almost always out run anyone and will be able to loot the items and hopefulyl weapon before the enemy, well unless they are a pathfinder, those guys are insane specially after the hit box fix. and last but not least you can use steam no matter what you do, just like mirages decoy or bangs smoke you can use stim whyle running, aiming, healing and etc. now moving on to his ultimate “Launch Pad” – deploys a jump pad that can catapulte anyone through the air, few things you need to know it will always throw you in to the direction you are moving towards, so if you look forawds but are walking bcakward then it will launch you backwards and not where you are looking, it counts in your movement course and not your facing direction. you can gain some momentum and slide in to the jumpad, and also press jump right when you touch the jump pad to gain extra speed and a bit more distance, also if you jump straihgt on top of it withoute pressing any direction keys then you wont go as much further away but you will go a bit higher, its perfect if you want to get higher ground up close and dont want to just be throwin in to the wall, another thing players dont know is that it dont matter from how hight you will jump on it, even if you jump on to the trampoline from already a high place, it will still have almost the same effect and high.

Any deployable skill can bounce off, so for example gibraltars shield, or caustic traps, even lifeline healing drone can be thrown, but it gets always stuck mid air for some reason, you can also bounce of granades and ultimates like caustic or bangalor, but it doesent really get it much further, unfortinatelly mirages decoy doesent bounce of it, it just brakes as soon as it touches the pad, i dont know if it ment to be like that or its just a bug, taht would have such a good potential for coo plays, but oh well.

I even tried to bounce off lifeline ultimate hah, but it just ended up braking the jump pad, yes the jump pad can also be broken, so compared to wraiths or pathfinders ults, you can brake jump pad with “granades or shots” it takes 60 seconds for your ult to charge so its super fast and you will almost always have one for a fight unless you wasted it just to move around the map, i would not recommend doign that since your stim boost is good enough to move fast, i would rather recommend saving your ult for the fight, its so frustrating when you could take perfect position and higher ground on an enemy if only you would have ur ult that you wasted to just move around, personally i love octanes ultimate, theres so many uses for it, and its super fun to use with a combo of caustic traps since you can launche them right on enemys heads, but theres few ways it can be used, the radious on the throw is amazingly big, and i didnt expect it to be no where near, but you can actually dash it pretty far before you actually get to it, make sure to always throw it a certain distance away since it does have an animation before it actually starts working, and the least thing you want to end up doing is running through it because you threw it too close and giving your enemy a perfect trampoline to follow up on you, i persoally always use it to engage the fight and take a better position, make sure not to just drop on your enemys with it, especially if they expect you, since mid air you are pretty easy target and its easy to track you, yes you will end up using it like that sometimes but dont aim to be using it like this all the time, as i said, after using my ult to start of the fight i would try to poke enemy from the hight where im safe, after landing some poke damage i usually end up droping down and using my stim to get closer to the enemy and to rush them, if theres few entrances i can do i would always try to go for a flank and attack from a side or back, on top of that you can use it defencivelly aswell, if you are getting rushed, squished by a third party or just in a bad position you can always use it to disengae or to reposition, just keep in mind that if the enemy had a perfect visual on you then they know where you went and probably will follow up, maybe try to trap them, specially if they come one by one.

Additionally you can use the jump pad to provide support, if your team is in a bad position you can chuck in near them to let them escape or get out of there, since it does have a pretty big throw radious, or you can use it to engage the fight and put some pressure off your teamamtes, keep in mind that fallen players can still use the jump pad, so technically if your teammate got downed you can throw it at him to help him get out of the danger zone or you can use it your self if you are down. and last but not least, you can also use it to flank your enemys, but you have to either be further away from them if you want to flank on their sides, so instead i recomend getting higher ground and just trying to jump over them, that way it will be really unexpected and you will have much more time to punish them, this tactic works epsecially great in places like skull town.

Okay with the skills out of the way lets move on to 2. counters and team composition lets go one by one, Bloodhound, you work great with bloodhouds since both of you have nice speed boost in the battle, you dont really counter bloodhound in any way but he can be a little annoying under his ultimate, since he does gain a speed boost to catch up with you and if you are engaging under yor ult you will be basically a bright red lamp mid air, so bloodhound can easily track you down and kill you before even touchhing the ground. Gibraltar and Caustic work amazingly well with octane, most important is taht your ultimate can bounce of the dome shield or the traps to reach further distance, but you also get reduced slow effect and better vision if you are under gibs ultimate or caustics gas. so you can have a very good protection whyle still being able to effectively rush the enemy. Octane counters gib since with his movement speed and ultimate he can get out of danger zone pretty easiliy and you can use gibraltars dome shield twice as effectively againts him since you will be a faster target then gibraltar. on the other end caustic is kind of half half, you coutner his gas a little bit and can get out of there easily with less movemed reduction or with your ult, but he also does damage you through your shield, so if for example you used stim twice and lost 20 hp, plus if you get hit by castic gas few times you will already have 70 or less health making you a weaker target specially if he can land headshots.

Now moving on to Lifeline, i see Octane as a perfect counter for lifeline, you have enough speed boost to rush her before she gets to rechage too much health back, and you can easily out run or over jump her reviving shield and kill her. theres not much to talk about team comp with her, since her drone gets stuck mid air and anyone can benefit from her heals and revives. now Pathfinder, well he has pretty much same ult as you so he can always cathc up on the high advantage and help out his team, he is also a lot faster then octane and good pathfinder can grappe a lot further then octanes speed, he is additionaly a really strong flanker and both legends have similar play styles so they can pretty much counter each other, on the other side they work perfectly together, usually its hard to catch up on pathfinder flank and help him out, but with octanes ult and tactical, you can both collaps on an enemy from different angels really fast, which makes this duo supper effective.

Wraith and bangalore, i would say you dont really counter them too much, and bang is still probably more effective in defence since of her passive not consuming health and her smokes, but you can catch up with both, if wraith runs away with her void, octane can easily track her down and be right on her back as soon as she comes out, same goes to bangs passive speed boost, octane also gets 30% speed boost from his tactical and it lasts longer. playing in team with wraith you can cover a lot more distance with both ults combined, also bangalors ult works same as gibraltars so you can attack the enemy under her ultimate and have advantage on them. and moving on to last legend mirage, you dont really counter each other, well unless you going to throw the jumppad right infor of him when he calls in decoy, since that will get it destroyed and tell you who the real one is, but lets be real, taht will never happend, you also dont gain much playing with mirage but he does gain some benefits on your ultimate, he can ult while flyiing on your ultimate which will give him a perfect aggresive attack while also having a lot of confusion on the enemy.

Alright now lets get to 3. Pros and Cons as always ill start of with pros Very fast and aggresive kit, makes him a perfect pick for players that want to have higher kill games and dont want to stand in one place Octane outruns pretty much anyone in the game gets reduction on any slows so in current wingman meta its pretty useful amazing ultimate that is very fast and can reposition with it almost immediatelly almost no animation on tactical, its pretty much starts to work immediatelly small cooldowns, on ult and on tactical can deploy stuff in to the air, so casutic traps can actually flight pretty far. silent heal doesent need to holster his weapons when in battle, under the stim ability its still faster then any other legend with holsered weapon ____and now moving on to cons____ almost always has less health then 100, on average you will be having around 70 health all the time before the battle the passive is very weak and you cant really wait for it.

Stops working when receving any damage, so doesent work in storm cant really use his tactical in long storm runs since it might end up killing him loud tactical and has a bate animation hit box is average and still pretty much bigger then wraiths, it is balanced and fair but wraith is still a higher tear pick ultimate can be destoryed or used againts you ultiamte has a short range and sometimes wont be able to reach certain hights unlike pathfinder can be killed mid air since the ultimate is flight is predictable okay and lets move on to the last part now on 4. how to counter Octane most times if cought off guards Octane will have around 60 or 70 health, so as stupid as this sounds, try to go for headshots since taht way you can kill him with a lot lesser shots, specially if the enemy doesent have a purple helmet try to listen out for Octane, he has pretty loud skills so if you hear his tactical then hes most likely rushing you, and probably alone since hes way faster then his teammates.

You can destroy Octanes jumppad with granades or ultimates, cutting of his escape or his team. also keep in mind that the ult flight is very predictable, it will always go straight from where you enter it, so you can pretty much throw your granades to where he lands before hand or shoot him mid air. try to wait out his tactical as much as you can, it works for 6 seconds, theres few reasons first he will be an easier target, second if he does uses 2 or 3 more speed boosts that means he has 20 or 30 health less, so by waiting it out you can make sure he is at the lowest health and speed before your attack. be carefull, Octane will most likely have a short range weapon if hes rushing you so swtich on to your secondary too. And since im talking about this i would also like to recomend everyone to use shorter range weapons with octane, as much as i believe that its always matters on preference and meta, i would still recomend having a shot gun or something like r99 for up close battles, since with octanes kit you will almost always will be up close and personall, alright lets finish this episode here, hope you lieke this video guys, i was playing Octane non stop for past 4 days, straight after it came out i was there learning and exploring, but im hundred percent sure i sitll missed out on something, as much as i tried to learn everything before making a video, instead of uploading it an hour after octane came out im still pretty sure there will be things i missed, please make sure to comment them down below to help me out and future viewers, if you liked this video make sure to give it a like and dont forget to subscribe, cmon i really need mooooreeee subs, i will be posting a lot more of apex and other games in future, and i will also live stream very soon, so you will be able to ask me any questions you want and in geneeral just hang out, sounds fun doesent it? anyways i thank you for watching this looong loong guide and i see you guys in the game, Bye!

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