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before we start i would like to thank everyone! you guys are amazing in past week my channel grew so much, and the comments are so sweet that i even sometimes wonder if this is for real man, its been amazing to work on those videos! and i will try my best to keep top quality content and to not get burned out. i will be doing apex giveaway soon, i was planning to do one on 1k subs but before i was even able to do a video i had 3k+ and by the time this video be realised it be even more so ill wait for a little bit, but i will definetely do it. okay back to the video Hey guys, patrice here once again with another guide for the series, you been asking for Bloodhound and pathfinder, but pathfinder got like 50 likes so i decided to cover him first! This legend is not support, ignore the cross on his image, this legend is a crazy flanker he can get up enemys back so quickly that they wont even have tim to react, i have no idea why Respawn though hes a support, i do get that his ult is supportive but so is bangalors, anyway thats just my opinion… Today im going to add another point to the series,from now i will also give my best advice for countering the legend when you face againts him, and as always the timestamps for that and everything else will be down below so feel free to move on to any point you wish, withoute wasting any more of your time lets get in to it.

As always lest start of 1. counter picks and team comp Pathfinder can counter multiple legends, just like with wraith, bangalors and Gibraltars ult are worthless and you can graple ur self out of the danger really quickly, unless you used it already… Caustic also has some trouble with this robot specially in an open zone, since you can quickly get out of the gas, however it be a little bit harder if you are cought inside a building, but still possible in most cases, from last video we learned that caustic is strong inside, well pathfinder is complite opposite, very strong outside, so it depends on where you meet each other one might have advantage over the other, didnt ment to rhime there lol, now lets talk about your counters, wraith can escape from you quite easily specially after you used ur graple, mirage can actually bamboozle you with his decoys, and even after a successfully executed flank, you lose all advantage by shooting at his clone and giving away ur postion, after what the enemy team will all together colaps on the poor robot that cant even escape since he used his graple to flank…

Bloodhound can also slightly counter pathfinder with his ultimate since he will be able to clearly see you and if hes experienced he will be able to predict when you trying to flank and give away ur position aswell, and last but not least bangalor, her passive is actually quit peinful to deal with, like at least wraith tactical can be followe up on but bangalors passive just gives her a massive speed bust which she uses to fight you back, so if you do flank and u see bangalor maybe try kill everyone else before fighting bangalore. since if she keeps dodging you probably will be shot by her teammates. thats pretty much everything i learned about counters, now lets move to team composition, the best one is probably bloodhound since he can give away enemy position which will make ur flanking graple way easier, since you will know exactly where to expect the enemy, also bangalors smoke and gibraltars tactical shield works good with ur ziplines, since they can provide cover on exit points of ur ziplines which wont let enemys easily poke you, but be careful since you are pretty open when you using zipline and its easy to predict where you go.

You can use Wraith ult and ur ult to cover even more traveling distance. Mirage would be really usefull but unfortinately his decoys dont stay on the zipline, they just fall off, hopefully that will be added on in future though. and also caustic can profit from your passive and i will be getting in to that in a minute, alright with this out of the way lets get in to the Skills 2. Skills Passive Insider Knowledge – this ability is pretty straight forward and all of you probably already aware of what it does, it revelas the next rings location all you have to do is scan a beacon, they are all around the map, theres few ways getting value out of this ability, first is to work with a trap legend, at this time theres only caustic but im sure there will be more in future, what you want to do is be ready near a beacon when the storm moving in and as soon as it hits the line and you get new circle on your map use it then to reveal the circle after that so you get even more ahead, and will have around 6 +/- minutes to go in to the second circel and set up traps all aroudn there, also theres a good way to get use of it together with ur ult, i will be getting in to that a bit later, for now lets move on to your tactical ability Grappling Hook – this is the ability that u rely on the most, and its the hardest tactical ability in the game to learn for now, getting a hang of this might take day or two and mastering it probably a week or more.

I see a lot of players still using it wrong and i dont judge them since its hard, youtuber called MrBlaBlak made a really good video just on this, and if you should watch it if you want to master it, but he has an accent and sometiems its a bit hard to understand what hes talking about, i breafly will explain how this ability works but if you want to go in depth i recomend to check out his video, just writte apex grapple guide in youtube, okay so few problems i had after watching MrBlaBlak video was, that i always used to forget to jump when the animation for the hook stars, this is very important, if you wont jump then the entire techique fails, you have to always jump right after deploying ur ability, usually i tell it by the sound or the animation of the hand streaching out, and the second thing MrBlaBlak didnt explain was that you have to keep it at 90 degrees all the time untill you want it to detach, so after watching his video i would copy his exact movement and that flick that he does at start to the side, but after that i would just let my self fly forwards and the grapple would detach and i couldnt understand what i did wrong, what you want to do is always keep it at 90 degrees untill the point u want it to be detached so when you flying keep moving ur mouse to the side aswell, so you wouldnt get out of the 90 degrees point, one tip i can give is learn to do this before trying to do all the rest, try to keep ur grapple swinging side to side and try to keep it from not detaching as long as possible, after you master this you can pretty much do anything else and it will be much easier to learn, make sure to watch his video since i think its really helpful and he clearly knows what hes talkign about.

Now lets get back to my usual script. this ability can be used for flanking or for escaping, you can use it as a support and just as confusion whyle in a fight. lets start with flanking, this ability is made for it, theres so many ways to flank your enemy with the grapple, usually i prefer to get some cover fire first, make my enemy think we are shooting at them withoute any tactic, but then suddenly just fly myself around them and quickly attack them from the back, if the enemy is smart though they will hear the grappling hook sound and will predict ur movement, either way it will still cause trouble for them as long as you have a teammate that will follow up, the other way i like to use it, is similar to the way i use my mirage decoys, go behind an wall or something thats in the way after which i would swing around it and shoot my the unexpecting enemy from the back. moving on to escaping as u can see in this video im hiding from my enemy and trying to heal, but then this decoy comes out and i get baited and shoot it, after which i realise that the entire enemy squad now knows my position plus i have no health so i will be an easy pick, i use the grappling hook to make some distance between the place i got baited at after which just carry on healing, grapple is so good for escaping since it give you so much distance where people cannot follow up on you unlike wraiths teleport, another pro bit i found is that if you get downed whyle u r using you grapple you will still be able to finish of the flight before droping down, so even if i would of been shot in mid air, i would of made enough distance to give my self some time and not getting executed, as i said before yo u can also use it to escape from granades or aoe ults, so every time i see danger i just flick my self out of there.

Since the hook cooldown is 14 seconds you can always use it to support your team, if your teammate is fighting an enemy and you have some distance between you, you can always slingshot yourself to him and help him out, or even if he goes down you still could have potentially enough time to get there and save him in time, since you are really agile and can get around pretty quickly, but only if you know how to use the grapple correctly, and moving to the last point, using it for the confusion, when you fight with enemy and you notice that he has a lazer aim on you, you can use ur hook to move around or even pretend that you gonna move around after which just slingshot ur self back, but the only problem with this is that you cant use ur weapon whyle grappling, so be carful with this tactic. oh and did u know if you grapple an enemy he wont be able to shoot, and you will get to kick him for 30 dmg, you can also run around an oject to hold him grappled for longer andgive ur team mroe time to kill him, but to grapple an enemy it self is a very hard to execute lol, but if you have a good aim why not do it? give u free cc and ur team can shut him down, or you jsut get a free kick with 30 dmg. alright we covered the main ability, now lets move on to the ultimate Zipline Gun – ability that can give you advantage and kill you at the same time, theres a big draw back with his ziplines, the main one would be that you are very predictable, and whyle you are sliding on the zipline you can easily catch some bullets, its also pretty loud when you use it, but there is good to it aswell, you can use it for flanking your enemy with ur entire team, the main way to use this is to gain high advantage, i believe we all know that high matters alot in this game, you can easily pop out of cover shoot some bullets on to enemy whos bellow you and if they shoot back you can just pop back in and heal up, this is the main reason this ability is good, as long as ur enemy dont use it to get to you, but if they will no worries just have one of your teammates or urself looking after it, they be moving in a straight line so its a pretty easy kill, one thing i tried and did few times is actually deploy the ultimate straight in to enemy team, make them think i be ziplining to them, so they start looking out and camping, whyle my teammate would flank them and pick up a kill or two, after which i would actually use the zipline to join the fight since they aint looking that way anymore, keep in mind if anyoen shoots at u even once or near u whyle u r on the zipline, immediatey jump of, ive seen so many players carry on ziplining after getting shot once or twice, like whats going thhrough their heads? oh i got shot once, no worries he will miss the next 5 shots, its not like im moving in a straight line and im very predictable…

So yeah, always jump of if theres any danger! another funny way i discovered of using this ability is together with ur passive, as soon as you know where the next circel will be, get there asap, and try to secure the highest point, after what spread your ults like a cobweb all around, so you always have an easy drop and you can always come back just as easy, after which just look out for enemys and if you see them you can always go attack whyle someone is left behind to look after the place, and thats pretty much teh tactic, just keep doing that and clearing teams out, well unless you get over run. in my experience i think the best set up for pathfinder is a long range weapon such as sniper for example longbow, and some kind of short weapon like peacekeeper or smg, so when you are far away camping on high u can use ur sniper, and when you flanking and grappling in u can use ur close range, but its to u to decide if u want to play defencive or offencive.

Theres also a way of using it to rescue ur teammates, so if you are away but your team is in trouble, you can actually ult on to them so they can get away, but make sure to give some cover fire, or you can even slingshot ur self away from danger after which throw your ult on ur team so they can get away aswell. same thing goes on to reviving ur team, just ult on them and then after reviving they have an escape aswell, tehre is a big downside as i said before though, you are pretty easy target on the zipline so make sure if you have someone like bangalore to throw smoke on enemy teams so they would struggle seeing you.and thats pretty much it for the skills, now lets move to Pros and Cons Pros You are basically a spider man.

You flanking potential is higher then any flanking legend for some weird reason. it feels really rewarding to learn or even master his grappling hook. its easy to get in to fight or out of the fight and in general escaping you can support your team with ur ultimate ur passive helps you with planing for the future. you can escape from dangerous ultimates you almsot always have hight advantage you dont have any major coutners yet you can fit in any team comp maybe your hit box is a little bit smaller then most of the legends and now moving to cons Cons your ziplines are predictable tactical ability is very hard to learn and even harder to master your ult can be used againts you your passive is not as profitible at this time you rely on your grappling hook too much, failing might get u killed and not knowing how to use it makes the legend useless and lets move to a new feature, how to counter pathfinder.

I would reccomend if you playing gibraltar or bangalor not usign ur ultimate before you see him use his grapple. if you ever see him deploying zipline watch out for a flank/ or if he comes straight on it jus shoot him, hes an easy target listen out for grapple sound, it makes a sound every time, if you hear it that usually means that pathfinder is trying to flank you, so alert your team and colaps on him if he used his grapple taht means u have 14 second before he will be able to use it again, use it wisely if you getting sandwiched between a pathfinder and his team, try to cut their vision, for example with bangalor you can throw smokes at his team whyle fighting the robot, or ultimate, also gibraltars ultimate works great, caustic can cover your backs with his gass, specially that gass slows down pathfinder, and we know what happens with flankers that are slowed down, they get destoryyyed Theory ______<also i have this theory, pathfidner graple can go through the shields, so technically maybe you can stop enemy lifeline from rescuing her teammate, since bullets cant, also u can pull out an enemy gibraltar or his teamates that hide in the shield, but be careful since that also means that you lose ur graple and womt be able to escape as easily>_______ well, thats pretty much everything i learned from pathfinder during this couple of days sweating him, the hardest bit is to learn his grapple, but its so much fun after you actually learn it, dont forget to watch videos on his grappling hook, i learned by using MrBlaBlak video, very useful but you can learn from streamers and lots of other youtubers.

If you liked this video make sure to leave a thumbs up make sure to leave a comment if theres any tip that i miseed out on, or if you know some tips, i will apreciate it and im sure other people will aslo, i will try to higlight all the tips. next video should be about bloodhound, if you have any cool tips that you found out about bloodhound it will help me out if you comment them dowm below aswell ,also dont forget to subscribe since i be making a lot more apex videos on legends/ weapons/ maps/ news/ updates/ leaks and etc thank you for watching guys and i see you in the game!

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