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Alright, time for a serious video once again! Hey guys, my name is Patrice and im here to talk aboit a difficult yet serious topic, who to main in apex legends, and who to play, in this video i will provide the stats for each legenda win rate and all of that fun stuff, but we are not only going to look at stats, i playex apex legends since launch, and i gathered quiet some experience on every single legend, and i would like to cover everything in this video that will gelp you understand what legend you should main, and when you do decide on a legend feel free to watch my legend guides to get the in depth explanation. all of the time stamps will be left down below and lets get in to it! Lets start of with Wraith: wraith has a very aggressive play style and people love to push with her since she has a safe ability in which she can escape from the danger, so usually when wraith gets low on health she can escape and get out of the bad spots, she is also a strong flanker since if her ult and tactical combo, she gets a 30% speed boost and can flank an enemy, but there is a con to this, she cannot use weapons under her ultimate, but the tactical can cover this up, when you in danger you can just use your tactical and imediately cancel out the teleport, that will cancel out both abilities, after which you can either start your attack or come back through your teleport and heal up and omly then go back in to the attack, so she has plenty of aafe escapes.

In conclusion i think wraith will be suited most by aggressive pushing playstyle, her hit box also helps her survive heavy up close battles. Moving on to Pathfinder: you see pathfidner is a bit.more complex, he is a very strong flanker and if his grapple used correctly he can always be on top of the enemy or behind them, having a lot of advantage, but if you use your grapple to get in to the fight keep in mind you cannot escape untill the 14 second cooldown goes of, so you can use it again as an escape, so you get to choose to either use the grapple as an escape or as an attack ability, pathfinder is hard to main and therea a lot to learn but he turns out to be a really stormg flanker and aggressive legend, but if you choose to use him deffencive with a sniper you can also do this, because his grapple and zip line can provide an impossible to reach spots for you, so you will be able to poke enemy from long range and if you do grt damage just hide and heal up, since you are far away from the enemy, so in conclusion pathfinder is in the.middle of both, he can be used in a short range aggreaive playstile but could also be supportive poking legend, and its your choice to play him the way you want.

And you can adapt to your team playstyle. Now lets cover the new legend Octane: this is a simple legend, all of his abilities are to get in close, tactical is used to rush and get in to the enemy safe space while the ult could be used to flank or to get the hight advantage, he can also use ot to escape specially if you destroy it mid air but thats a bit of a hard one and i had better playis with him being aggreisve and suicidal where i go in and deal as much damage as i can.

Hes definitely up close aggresive/ pushing legend, he can get up close really fast and in the fight he aslo gets a 30% speed boost to strafe and dodge bullets while shooting your self, something like bangalore but loses health, which is his con since most of the time you will have around 60-70 health hence why i say hes a suicidal legend, he also benefits a lot from short range weapons like r99 or shotguns, also spitfire with purple mag does wonders since u can hip spray it, but snipers is something that is almost him unless you want to quick scope. hey guys, little plug here. i would appreciate if you subscribed and followed me on twtich and dlive, all the social link are down in the description, im going to stream more often now around 3-4 times a week and it be amazing if more people show up, thank you and back in to the video.

Another really strong aggresive pick would be bloodhound, since of his 30 second ult where he sees everything he can push in very effectively bevause he can see the location of his enemies and their footsteps, his like a sniffing dog that finds anyone, but there is a big probome with him fo console users and pc players and thats the frame drops, but im sure this problem is going to be fixed in the future and personally i didnt have any proboems with that, bloodhound ult is also very useful mid range since if people are hiding in a dark places or inside the houses you can actually see them through the windows because they are glowing red now and its really easy to deal damage from behind little cracks and stuff so you still stay pretty safe, after which you can push in under skme granades and finish off the poke down enemy, so bloodhound is mid range player and something as a second flanker in a way since he can provide good info for the squad and also poke the hiding enemy, finishing it of with a up close weapkn push, he also benefits a lot from snipers and long range weapoms such as wingman, since it deals strong damage and is perfect mid range weapon.

Moving on to Lifeline: i probably played the msot with lifeline and from my experience she benefits most from a mid range fight where you can exchange some damage and heal ur self up with a drone and a shield cell, since of your passive you heal faster and can almsot alsays squeez in a shield mid fight, you can also use doors to block the enemy for few second and that will give you enough time to get some heals in answell, lifeline is perfect for mid range and mostly mid range, if you come to close then your abilities womt be able to help you and if you are very far away then the enemy will also have enough time to heal up, so its more like you exchange some shots throw in a shield and maybe another shield whyle bunny hopping toward the enemy that id also trying to heal and then go on and finish him of with pretry much full health, you can also squeez in a shield while bunnyhopping away and repositioning if you are getting pushed, so lifeline playstile is safe but not too safe and she was a perfect fit for me for a long time untill i got a but bored, also everyone loves a lifeline in a team since of her supportive abilities, so in conclusion lifeline is best suited for chilled out mid range battle players but she is more strategic and there is more to think about, you have to know when to push and when to heal and also when to revive your team or run away, sinc of her quick revive and shield its very common for lifeline to heal her team mid battle in reletiveliy close range but still having enough time.

Now lets cover the thick boys aswell Starting of caustic: Caustic is best suited by camping play style, there less people thay preder to play slowly and patiently but they still exist, with his play style its very easy to secure points, you can place 6 traps all over the place like supplyship or bunker and have alot of control over it, yes people can still shoot your traps down but that will tell you if someone is coming, you can also block doors insinde buildings woth it which obsly also gives away if enemy is pushing it, it took me some time to get used to his playstyle and adapt but when i got a hang of it it was a lot of fun, since even the entire squad versus me alone couldn?t push me as fast since of the gass everywhere and i make sure to explode the gas my self jsut to make sure they dont brake the trap.

And on top of that you have an ultimate that is perfect for pushing out enemy out if their comfort zones, and combined with octane you can even launce your traps jjst like the ultimate, caustic is best suited by a slow paced camping playstyle, and up close weapons, since his has gives away enemy position its really useful to have mid to close range weapons so you csn punish the enemys who enters your comfort zone but be ready that if you dont have friend that play in simmilar way you will most likely be left on your own, so you will have to adapt and play half half, not too much camping and not to fast either, caustic also benefits from cramped places instead of open areas, in open areas you can throw your gas around for cloud protection but in general you wont have escapes and can easily be shot since you are also a bigger target.

Moving on to another big boy Gibraltar After his patch his a bit more playable but still pretty hard, its nice to see a bit more Gibraltars in the game though, gibraltar is a mid to long range legend, he benefits from mid range since he can land his ult on the enemy easier but long range is alao really good for him since you can just drop your dome and shoot from inside while being protected, you just have to get a bit closer to the walls, so gibraltar can snipe enemys and poke them while being completely covered for the time dome is placed, he can also use dome up close to confuse the enemy and run around the walls to protect him self but In general close range is a worst place for gib since of hos hitbox, peackeeper almost always will land at least half of the pallets on him, unlike Wraith where even up close sometimes you will only deal 10dmg.

So Gibraltar is also suited for more of deffencive play style, and in worse case you can cover your escape with ultimate. Alright two more legends left both of them are based on strategic play style, first let’s cover Mirage: the reason why i say he is strategic is because of his tactical and his ultimate, it’s a hard abilities that require some thought since now its a bit harder to bamboozle people you have to use it more in up close fight where an enemy is on his toes so he accidentally messes up and shoots at the decoy, mirage is close to mid range legend, he could be used from mid range since you could send the deocy one way while come out from another angle and that would provide you with an extra second or a free shot, you could also use his ultimate to attack the enemy but its hard to use since you womt be able to stop it and you won?t be able to use the weapon either, so you have to predict exactly where your ultimate will come of and come to an enemy just at the right time so you get ur weapon back, theres aslo a technique you can use to make the decoys run all the sides instead of just standing in a circle so that adds more confusion, the tactical could also be used to block of a shot, it does work as a very weal meat shield but it could cover you from one shot, it can be a peackeeper shot or snipe but it only covers from one.

So if it’s something like r99 it won’t be really effective, in conclusion mirage is good for more of a strategic play style where you have to actually plan at least a little bit instead of just running in straight, he benefits from quiet flanking and slow paced play and also had good enough escapes to get out of certain situations, but on open zones is usually easy to see his cloak so try to keep yourself near cover. And last but not least Bangalore, also a very strategic legend, her ultimate isn’t a great attacking ability and needs to be used mostly for zoning and cutting off enemy escape or if you getting third partyied you can user it to slow the other team down, and her tacticall is also hard to use since it can help your team or distract them and cut off their vision, it needs to be used with caution, you can throw it at the enemy to cut of their shooting vision if they have advantage, or throwi it on yourself to run away and heal, but have to keep in mind that bloodhound and legendary sigts can see through the smoke, so you need to keep those things in count.

Bangalore is great for strategic and smart playstyle, beause of her abilities and in worste case you have the 30% speed boost from her passive to save ur self and strafe in a close battle, it can also be used to attack or to escap, bangalore benefits most from mid range battles, but if you get a sniper legendary scope then you can also do great in long range because the smoke throw range is also very long, you pretty much just dash it at the enemy so they cant see you but you can see them. Bangalore is a mix really, in my opinions she is more support legend then pathfinder is, but you could also use her agressively and pushingly because of the passive and smoke covers.

Alright now we finished all the legends, but there is still few important things i want to talk about, first i would like to bring up stats. [cover the stats live] So now when you know the stats you can also think about the meta and whats popular and more abused compared to others, i would advice poeple to play who they want to but at the same time you do need to know that it will be harder to win with someone like gybraltar compared to if you play wraith. Theres also a thing that peopel used to do in League of Legends, and im not sure if its aplicable here buy we can certainly give it a try, basically you have to pick out the legends you like and the meta legends, then play with them around 10 games each, try to make them as accurate as possible, drop down in a reletively same area, so for example only skulltown and obsly if you die withoute a weapon or thers no one around compared to the last game where there was like 5 squads then dont caunt that match, try to make the games match a little bit, and what you want to do is to record all the games, so writte down your kills/ damage/ survival time win or lose with each legend and try to record all of them after which compare them and see which one was the best, it could even be the legend you dont play as much but turns out you are better with his playstyle, ofc this game is not leage and theres a lot of lukc based stuff here, but if you really dont know who to main you might want to try this out and see with who you do best.

Alright guys lets end the video here, if you want to help out the channel and me, i would appreciate if you subscribed and followed me on twtich and dlive, all the social link are down in the description, im going to stream more often now and it be amazing if more people show up, i will usualy put a community post up saying im live so you wont miss out, if you like this video dont forget to like, or dislike if you didnt like it. also if you have anything to add or talk about different playstyle, anything that i missed really, feel free to comment it down below it will help out the future viewers and me personally, thanks for watching and i see you guys in the game.

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