Arcane Legends Beastmaster Title Guide


Arcane Legends Beastmaster Title Guide?by Kuazzae

Recently I got my Beastmaster Title, so I decided to make this simple guide to help the ones trying too.

This is only what I gather myself, so feel free to add something you find usefull.


My suggestion

What will you need:
? Elite Maps
? 200 Story Tokens
? 250 Hauntlet Coins
? Around 200k Gold (Tops) (if you decide to buy colton and Shiloh from the CS, you need around 700k)
? 50 days
? 60 Platinuns (do some free offers)
? A lot of Patience!

First of all you can only get 4 Story Tokens a day, so you will need 50 days to gather 200 Story Tokens, so you will have 50 days to get 250 Hauntlet Coins too, 5 Hauntlet Coins a day, if you take the Quest ?Under Fire? in The Great City of Kraag and the Quest ?Running The Hauntlet? in the Upper Hauntlet you will need to do 3 runs a day in the Hauntlet. Only use The Hauntlet Coins to buy Shiloh and the Story Tokens to Buy Colton.

What pets to buy with Gold?
? The two starter pets you are missing (Timber, Guapo and Precious)
? Deston
? Koko
? Meep-Moop
? Frost (Klaas gave me my Frost, but it seems to be very rare, so you could allways buy it)

What pets to buy with Platinum?
? Dart
? Hazel

And my suggestion is to farm all the others.

This is what I find the easiest way without spending to much gold or Platinuns, hope this helps someone =)

Thanks?IronMonkey?for this usefull information:

Here goes the 36 orignal pets, in no particular order but I organized these pets in 9 different pet types:

(1) RAM -100 (AP) achievement points; you get SHEPHERD title
1 Granite**
2 Deston^
3 Aspen**
4 Rocky*

(2) DODO ? 100 achievement points; no title
5 Flounder**
6 Meep-moop^
7 Flapjack**
8 Bopbop*

(3) MAGE DEER -100 AP; no title
9 Colton^
10 Deary**
11 Esteban**
12 Alejandro**

(4) TURTLE -100 AP; no title
13 Shiloh^
14 Guapo***
15 Tankton*
16 Bismark*

(5) FROG ? 100 AP; no title
17 Ribbit**
18 Nexus**
19 Dart^^
20 Dauphin*

(6) DRAGON -100 AP; no title
21 Malison**
22 Blight**
23 Frost*
24 Cinder*

(7) PANTHER -100 AP; ?Whisker Warrior? title
25 Koko^
26 Kettle**
27 Precious***
28 Abigail*

(8) OWL -100 AP; ?The Wise? title
29 Jahooty*
30 Barney*
31 Horton*
32 Hazel^^

(9) WOLF
33 Loki**
34 Chase*
35 Cerella**
36 Timber***

*quest given/Klaas given
***starter pets
^tokens story/hauntlet
^^ plat exclusive

There you have it guys, the 36 original pets, once everything is collected, you are now officially a ?Beastmaster?. I did not include where to farm them, the location where some pets drop varies. I believe someone has made already a guide about that. Also, some pets are dropped at dungeons and are likewise given by Klaas.

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