Arcane Legends How to Fight in the Arena Guide


Arcane Legends How to Fight in the Arena Guide?by Uzii

I did this mostly for the ppl i used to play with. After few runs trying to show them i decided that writing abt it will be easier.
For others if u read this its abt just to show what to expect and how to fight and survive..
Its from a rogue view, i use bow and long range attacks, so i guess sorcerers could be able to follow, but abt warriors i have no clue, sorry for that.
Best to run arena is solo or in 2 persons. Bosses dont hit so hard and achievements r easier to make also, as u need to be careful only urself.
In a party when someone dies and respawns and u r fighting boss alone its reall pain. He dies much slower and hits much harder compared to when u run solo.

NOTE: Since the lvl cap rised the bosses hit harder. Im using same quality gear as i was using before, no mythics beside bow. Kinda sad if they scale it for players with mythic gear?
UPDATE: I got upgraded mythic gear and i must say its much easier as in legendaries

Gear and stats.

I recomend u to have 2900+ hp ? ull survive more, and high armor (1200+).
I sacrificed a bit of dmg though. Thers plenty of gear and jewellery in cs or even in ur inventory u can use to increase hp. Just search and try to find the ones that incrase ur hp without loosing too much dmg and what ur purse will allow u to buy.
What pet to use its up to u. I use usualy pets that can also incrase my hp.


In the beginning, best place to wait is right corner. In a party be sure all ur teammates r in arena in that corner. Those outside will not be able to enter when the fight starts. Also be sure that no one is between those lamps bc when fight starts the barrier will immediately kill them.


U can see what are u going to face without being noticed by a boss. Thats the time to switch pet and skills if needed.
After 1-2 steps u can see falling spiders or smog will appear. If u pay attention when the arena is counting down u can see (when thers around 5 secs left) purple lightning down in the middle for crystals or up left for proximity curse.



During the fight i noticed whenever im close to the edge and boss hits me its insta death. Maybe its glitched, dont know, but for safety stay away from edges and corners!?Lately i noticed that lamps r deadly too, so avoid being hit or pushed by a boss to them if its possible!


There r 8 bosses u can meet in the arena. Bloodhamer, Lord Mardrom, Mother, Stahl, Glob, Rutger, Frostir and mysterious Challenger.

As for Challenger i cant tell much, didnt meet him yet ? i got him i got him.
What other concerns is that u need to be careful abt each of them, if u underestimate them, ull die.
In the first place always try to avoid red zone of their atacks.

Its glitched sometimes. When u r avoiding his red zone dont stand anywhere near behind him, better keep some distance. I dont know why is that but he seems to be lock on u and will kill u if u keep too close altough not in red zone.

His stun attack has wide range too. So when u see him approaching u be prepared to be pushed doesnt matter where u stand. U can be also stuned. Thats the time to use pots or prepare heal.

Same as for Glob, avoid red zone. His ?bite attack? increases his hp if he bites u. Try not to stand anywhere close to red zone too, if u do u can see his hp increasing even if he didnt really ?bites? u. Be carefull also by his jump attack bc after this he fast hit again and u r dead in no time. So better when u r a sorcerer or rogue keep distance, circle around him.

Bloodhammer eats spiders! He gained health even when i was on completly other side from him, not to mention a spider leg sticking out of his jaw?
His one shoot cannon kill ?Shell Shock? attack became famous.?Since the update from?26.9.?he doesnt shoot so hard so u survive, but there is still some possibility that he will be lucky and kill u. So be carefull. But otherwiese

Its time for revenge!??lol

Im trying to keep small distance, where his red zone ends, and circle around him, and when there is time, typing pots, just in case, saved my life few times.

She also heals when she ?bites u?. Happens also if u r not in red zone but too close, so again keep some distance. If u keep close she can stun u, in distance thers less possibility she will.
But no too much distance bc if u r too far away she will pull u with the net. Just try to be on the other side of her or circle around her.?The net pull is not deadly anymore.?.?If u keep distance and still circle around, her net pull will fail most of the time.

Rutger is dangerous bc of his clones and poison attack. But its possible to lure Rutger so he splits right in the beginning and u fight only one, original Rutger.
When u see red debuff icon by ur avatar name, its his poison, thats the time to use pots, a lot, or try to move a bit from him if its possible, so ur potting have time to catch up for lost health.

Stahl and Mardrom
Stahl and Mardrom i consider for the easiest one but u cant underestimate them. I fight them depending on environment. Ofc trying to avoid Mardroms red zone if its possible, but both of them r not so dangerous and will not hurt u what spamming pots or healing cant make up for ??this not apply anymore since lvl cap rised, u must pot like crazy if u want to live, and thers not much possibility to avoid theirs attacks, so pot pot pot.

NOTE: Mardrom`s AoE attack can hurt players who died and r standing on the other side of lamp barrier. So stay a bit away and come closer only when he is abt to die, so u wont miss loot.

Finally after 2 months searching he appeared. He is really easy to kill just be careful abt the environment.
I fought him in party. One of my teammates died bc of pumpkins and respawn. He still got the achievement.

New boss added by?update. What to say to him. Everyone probably knows him from running Oltgar Keep. Keep away from his red zone. He doesnt hit so hard when soloing, in party much harder i must say, u really feel the difference. One non careful step and u r dead. So keep away from his red zones. And a bit further as that red ends bc its wider as it look, and u r still stuned or frozen even when u think u were out.
He has 2 types of red zone attacks: one triangular and second ? red circle, which he uses when he has left around half hp. After that when he has even less health he gets into a ?rage state?, then u need to avoid his red zone at any cost, its one hit kill sometimes, especially in a party, if u get trapped.

When u dont avoid ull get stuned or frozen, or everything at the same time, in worst case death. So whatever environment always avoid his red zone attacks!

For achievement u must fight him in all environment. Its not so hard, if u fought in arena u r familiar with the environment and know how to fight. If not u just need to get experience. Hope that following these advices here will help by that.

There are 5 environments. Pumpkins, spiders, smog, crystals and proximity curse.


Easiest way is to fight by lamps. First u lure pumpkin on right side. Then in a gap u can safely lure the boss.

Now u only need to move by those lamps. Dont go any further to the arena so u wont trigger any pumpkin.
U fight this way Glob, Mother, Bloodhammer, Mardrom, Rutger, Frostir.
In a party all members need to be disciplined so no one will go too further in to the arena and wont trigger any pumpkin. Best is to move only when u must, but by lamps.

By Rutger?i always try to lure him so he splits in the beginning. First luring pumpkin but trying so it will not hit me ??for achievement u or any party member cant get hit with a pumpkin, so be careful. Now i have free place i shoot 1-2 arrows to Rutger so he splits and retreat back to lamps to the left down corner and fight there or moving by lamps, but thats risky as u can trigger clones when u r too close to them, or pumpkins when u move too close to the arena.

In a party one ? rogue or sorcerer (i saw sorcerer doing this succesfuly) ? lure the boss and others wait in down left corner. Again move only when u must, but by lamps.
And i will suggest the one who lures is not using any pet with aoe attack, so the pet will not attack and bring those clones after u.

It usualy works, but happens he doesnt split in the beginning, then its bit hard. Im trying to shoot all clones, moving close to the lamps so i wont trigger pumpkins, and get Rutger to split when im on the other side so only original will follow me and fight on that place. Needs a bit of practice.
With a party its not so bad to fight clones, if warrior can withstand his attacks and all party members spam pots when they r under Rutgers poison attack, but far more faster and easier to fight just original.

By Stahl i just wait by lamps and shot on him when he is close to me, or explode pumpkins carefuly on the side he is, so my attacks will reach him. If pumpkins appear there i retreat, it can happen that combined pumpkin explosion and Stahls attack kill u in instant, so better be careful.


When the boss spawns i make few steps left so i see what environement is going to be. Spiders fall after 1-2 steps. And?the more u move the more spiders will fall, so move only when its necessary.

Here i also fight usualy by lamps: Glob, Mardrom, Bloodhammer, Mother, Rutger, Frostir.

By Rutger again i lure him trying to get him split on beginning and fight in left down corner by lamps.
If i move by those lamps i trigger only so much spiders i can handle.

With Stahl its diferent, i can just wait on him by lamps like with pumpkins, but there is faster way, keeping in mind range attack of bow and bow skills.
I move with small steps in the middle of the arena and stay there and shoot on him. All my attacks will reach him.

After those spiders u triggered moving to the middle, there will be no other, as u will barely move.
Warriors have it bit harder, they dont have long range attacks (except one i guess) so they cant just stand in the middle. Well, they can and wait for Stahl to come to them, but that will takes bit long. They can just move with small steps triggering only so much spiders they can handle. After few fights ull know where Stahl is going to be next.
Sorcerers have long range attacks so they should be able to stand in the middle and shoot.

For the achievement u need to fight Rutger, Glob and Stahl with spiders, if u follow this, u should be able to do that. (Altough i got this achievement when i killed Glob with pumpkins and my friend got it after he killed all 3 bosses one after the other but with different environments, not all spiders.)

You need to kill all three bosses, while they have the spider allies with them. You don?t have to do it in one sitting though. Once you have killed one of the bosses with the spiders, it?s saved to your character and you can do the other two whenever, to win the achievement.


With smog its same as with spiders,?the more u move the more smog there will be. Smog hurts u so u need always find a gap and fight there. Whole place of the arena is at ur disposal. Move only when u need ? avoiding red zone, finding gap? Keeping in mind all bosses special attacks and how to avoid it, or at least try it. There will be times ull be traped in smog, dont be affraid to use pots.

By Rutger i try to split him in the beginning like by spiders and pumpkins and fight in left down corner and move only when i need to avoid smog or spaming pots cant keep up with the poison and i need a bit of distance and time till it vanishes.

If i dont manage to split him right away, its easier to run from him till he doesnt split, bc no pumpkins that can explode or spiders that will attack, i can run around the arena and wait till only original will follow me.
In a party ur party members will wait u in the left down corner (like by pumpkins and spiders) and ull fight there. If u dont manage to split him in beginning, all run around arena till only original will follow u. But carefull bc more ppl thers higher possibility that someone will bring those clones.

With Stahl i go to the middle and shoot from there, again thers no smog as i barely move. But its alright to follow him also if u feel like, or pierce to him, depends on u.

Vortex crystals

Vortey crystal look like flag in ctf. U must run away from it and red circles it makes. It pulls u all around and hurts u if u dont. Only way to fight with those is just run around arena, keeping small distance from bosses, around the end of their red zones, and using speed pets like kettle, shiloh?etc. By Mother not too far so she will not pull u with net. In a party, bearer run in wide circles, other in middle trying to avoid all red circles that crystals make (shouldnt be hard when bearer moves away from them in circles) and fighting boss

NOTE: In a party crystals can sometimes occur outside of the arena. The bearer is a player that died before and respawned.
I think its a great help for the player in arena bc he is not pushed by those crystal and dont need to run from them. But not so much fun for the ones that died?.

If the crystals catch u spam pots whenever its possible.
By Rutger splitting him will wont work bc u must run so u will trigger those clones, just run and shoot. Takes looong to kill him though.

By Bloodhammer also small circles, but so wide u still can run away from them, and all ur attacks will hit Bloodhammer.?U need to kill him fast and not to die in less then 3 min for achievement.?Spam pots, and time ur healing if u have.?And u need to start to fight right away bc timer for the achievement starts to count when the boss spawns. That timer is separate from the timer that counts time spend in the arena, and it is invisible.
It needs a bit of practice and luck that he will not one shoot u. (I managed to do it with dmg reduction elixir i got from Klaas and a bit of luck i guess). Since already mentioned update fighting him its not so much pain as it used to be.

With a party i find this the most difficult environment to fight. All other party members need to avoid those crystals or spaming pots if traped. They can run with u in circles or bit further so they will not get trapped. Or the one with crystals can run in wider circles and others in middle not in reach of those crystals and fighting boss. The bearer of crystals change though so be prepared. Really dont know whats best.

Proximity curse

The easiest environement u can get!?No restrictions when u r alone.?For achievement u need to only survive, ther is no one u should keep that circle away from.?Even when u r 2 its easy, just divide urselfs, one is up, one down and be a bit careful so the circle will not touch ur friend or other way around.

By Rutger u can run so much around the arena till he doesnt split and only original will follow u. Fighting him for achievement in a party its not good though as u cant divide urselfs and fighting only original without circle touching ur friends and triggering those clones.

So thats all. Its from solo view but i tried to explain how to fight and most of the time party just needs to follow and be disciplined.
If i made some mistakes i apologize, also i appologize for my bad english.
If someone have some other tips feel free to add or correct me if i was wrong somewhere.

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