Arcane Legends Promo Codes List


Arcane Legends Promo Codes List?by BadWolf

I know, the current promos arent very good unless ur a beginner, but heres a list anyway in case u want them. if ive missed any, post below and ill add it to the list.

droidgamers111312??.Astral Staff of Aptitude (lvl1)
kotaku111312?????Celestial Staff of Grace (lvl1)
mmorpgkraken????.Bluewater Staff of Aptitude (lvl1)
gameskraken?????Darkwater Staff of Aptitude (lvl1)
kotakukraken?????Astral Staff of Aptitude (lvl1)
tuawkraken?????..Deepwater Staff of Aptitude (lvl1)
onrpgkraken?????.Celestial Staff of Grace (lvl1)
appletellkraken????Ethereal of Tactics (lvl1)

aol111312??????..Ravagers of Lethality (lvl1)
mmorpgkraken????.Mutilators of Fatality (lvl1)
gameskraken?????Scimitar of Quickness (lvl1)
kotakukraken?????Cutlass of Quickness (lvl1)
tuawkraken?????..Corrupters of Quickness (lvl1)
onrpgkraken?????.Longblades of Quickness (lvl1)
appletellkraken????Ravagers of Lethality (lvl1)

androidcentral111312?..Lloyd?s Mighty Arm of Will (lvl1)
stsvip111612?????..Valorous Sword of Force (lvl1)
onrpgvip12612????..Honorable Sword of Stability (lvl1)
mmorpgkraken????.Battleaxe of Will (lvl1)
gameskraken?????Twohander of Will (lvl1)
kotakukraken?????Honorable Sword of Stability (lvl1)
tuawkraken?????..Courageous Sword of Security (lvl1)
onrpgkraken?????.Battleaxe of Will (lvl1)
appletellkraken????Zweihander of Will (lvl1)

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