Arcane Legends Rogue Builds Guide


Arcane Legends Rogue Builds Guide

High Damage Build by feewhale

Just want to share my high damage build. It is not necessarily great, just want to seek opinions on it. My crit rate and damage is so high that I can outaggro any good tanks during boss fight.

1. Stats at lvl 16

26 str and 60 dex

2. Skill Distribution at lvl 16

Shadow Piercer ? 4 (Except multiple low dmg)
Aimed Shot ? 5
Shadow Veil ? 4 (Except Combusting decay)
Combat Medic ? 2

3. Items to get
Mainly dmg and str items to raise my pathetic health. My weapon is mighty lifesteal of potency for dmg as a reference.

4. Pets
Any pets that adds crit. I love horton and granite cos of the mana regen.

5. Gameplay

This build is centered around high dex, aimed shot and pets. During boss fight, keep spamming aimed shots. By tapping (not charging) this skill, aimed shots could increase my crit rate up to 55% with pet horton.

The added damage by shadow veil is very significant as well. Managed to achieve ~850 dmg with critical aimed shot, and ~300 dmg critical normal hit.

My Evaluation

My health is only around 650 with slightly above average items. The fact that I can out aggro tanks easily makes me more prone to dying of course. My mana is low, but I have lots of mage friends who can replenish them easily. It is a fun high dmg build.

Level 21 Rogue Build by Arvin Ramirez

This is my level 21 build.

Stats: 1:5:0

Str: (20)
Dex: (100)
Int: (0)



Shadow Piercer: 2,4 (Shadow Absorption) (Leading Dagger)

Razor Shield: 1,2,3 (whirling Razor) (Bleeding Cuts) (Increased Duration)

Aimed Shot: 1,2,3,4, (Accuracy) (Critical Shot) (Deadly Focus) (Shatter Armor)

Combat Medic: 1,3 (Effective Packs) (Extra Packs)


5 on Agility +25

Some player don?t use combat medic, i also have a build for that



Shadow Piercer: 2,4 (Shadow Absorption) (Leading Dagger)

Razor Shield: 1,3 (whirling Razor) (Increased Duration)

Aimed Shot: 1,2,3,4, (Accuracy) (Critical Shot) (Deadly Focus) (Shatter Armor)

Shadow Veil: 1,3,4 (Masked Presence) (Shadow Absorption) (Lingering Fumes)


5 on Agility +25

Lv 21 Build?by SinfulNature

So here is my build for lvl 21? base stats + stats with pet and gear? let me know what you think? all gear costs under 50k total?
Base stats

Main Pet- lvl 17 Meep-Moop (crit% will go up on lvling)

Passive Skills- 5 pts for +25 Dex
Active Skills- Noxious Bolt + 1st, 2nd, 3rd upgrades
Razor Shield + 3rd upgrade
Aimed Shot + 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th upgrades
Shadow Veil + 1st, 3, 4th upgrades

Weapon- lvl 21 Frostbite of Brutality
Hat- lvl 21 Winter Wonderland Hood of Savvy
Chest- lvl 21 Winter Wonderland Vest of Security
Ring- lvl 20 Twined Braid of Warfare
Neck- lvl 20 (epic gear) Gold Chain of Potency

Full Final Stats + Pet
Strength- 48

Bonus Dmg- 236%
Dodge- 23.19%
Critical- 15.77%
Damage- 125.8

Intelligence- 23
Mana- 355

DPS- 226.4

Armor- 621

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