ArcheAge Agriculture Basics Guide


ArcheAge Agriculture Basics Guide?by Ironfield

Table of Contents:

01: Introduction
02: The modern farmer ? Basics
03: The Little Farm ? How to safely grow
04: Farmland ? Useful extensions and building
05: Taking advantage of tiny spaces
06: Cultivation in the open wilderness ? places and risks
07: Phases of plant growth
08: ?Mega Seed? ? Production and Use
09: Seed production
10: The large-scale cultivation Statistics Part 1 ? Agriculture / Botany
11: The large-scale cultivation Statistics Part 2 ? Trees
12: The large-scale cultivation Statistics Part 3 ? Underwater Plants
13: The large-scale cultivation Statistics Part 4 ? Animals
14: The tractor and other tools
15: Conclusion

01: Introduction

I bid you Welcome to my latest guide. If you follow the tips and advice in this guide, you will be able to operate a thriving agriculture production in ArcheAge. (I hope so at least)


When I started a year ago with the crop report, I would have never thought that this guide once would be so extensive. Agriculture was already a key element in ArcheAge, but not yet in this complexity as since the release in Korea. Meanwhile, I?ve decided to take up the entire area ?farming? here, but there are many parallels and overlaps.

On this guide I?m sitting since February of this year, with each patch XLGAMES managed to incorporate new features in the field of agriculture. But now I am of the view that there is only about enough material and the contents of this guide are well above the EU release also have validity.

This guide is valid for the Korean and Japanese release version of ArcheAge, of course, many things are to be found only in the Korean version. This will also soon hold in the Japanese version Zinzug.

It is also important that you you before you goes here should know the contents of the knowledge base, and possibly the trade route guides. This guide is aimed at more advanced students who here can do anything with most technical terms.

02: The modern farmer ? Basics


The 4 pillars of agriculture: animal husbandry, farming, logging and Botany
To understand the farming system in ArcheAge, one must first be clear about it, that it can be divided into 4 ArcheAge agriculture in greater career fields-principle consists of several areas:

  • Botany
  • Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Logging

In each of these areas it is possible to contest in ArcheAge his livelihood and even amass a small fortune. In the long run however, you should try to skillfully combine the individual professions together. Everything about jobs and their bonuses in itself you can read in the ArcheAge Knowledge Base. Here, I will now describe the various professions in agriculture closer.


In this profession it comes to the installation and removal of plant resources such as flowers and herbs. In addition, the harvesting of fruits and underwater plants falls within this range. The botanist increases with higher skill the degradation rate and lowers its labor costs for the different Anwedungen its ability

This symbol is always obtained when a plant is ready to harvest. Thus one can easily see that there is a Resource that increases the ?Botany? skill.

Agriculture is the art of on-and-cereals, vegetables and other root crops. In addition, the agriculture concerned with the production of biofuels and supplies the vehicles of the farmer with fuel. The farmer increases with higher skill the degradation rate and lowers its labor costs for the different Anwedungen its ability

This symbol is always obtained when corn is ready to harvest, or the like. Thus one can easily see that there is a Resource that increases the ?farming? skill.

Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry is concerned with the breeding and keeping of livestock. Usually that is: in the extraction of resources by fattening and slaughter (Leather, meat ?) or the extraction of materials through husbandry and care (feathers, hair, wool?). In some animals, the breed is also possible, through which you can also get riding or fighting bulls with little luck.

In the logging I have done my bit hard, but in the end I have yet included. There?s just too much in the other areas for which the timber is needed. In addition, trees have their own characteristics, which are needed for a proper agriculture.

It is here, of course, primarily to the recovery of specific materials and wood of trees and shrubs (twigs, bark, cones ?)
With the current career system in ArcheAge you can all these jobs and bring more skill to the maximum of 50,000, but this is associated with a great effort. With Premium account you get a normal current 1440 labor points per day. Thus, you can do it in 139 days. But only if you fully concentrate on the benefits you professions that are not yet up. I think you?ll have lots of fun and motivation to the system properly.

03: The Little Farm ? How to safely grow

At the beginning of a player?s life, the level 1 is in ArcheAge. One ends up with his new alter ego in the world of Ark. The crucial difference is that you now do not have to follow the suggested route. You can already start as a farmer at level 1 your career. You need only a bit of work power and energy.
Of course, it is recommended to take the first quests. Not only that, there is the first start-up capital for them, you are sent as inevitably also the site of the first craft quest. All about the craft and trade quests can be found in the Knowledge Base ArcheAge in the corresponding chapter.

How, then a rise after the successful completion of the craft and trade quests and got our little scarecrow. On it we build the plants and animals of our trading quest line. We now have a bit of luck along with 15 gold coins and the plan for the great scarecrow. Furthermore, we have found in a housing area an open space and they have set up. All these operations are described in the Knowledge Base and the trade route guide.

Claim to a large area and small scarecrow
With the scarecrows you can set up ?security zones.? In these zones, you can set who is allowed to grow and who is not. These scarecrows are preferably constructed in the vicinity of the houses. Covering an area of ??8 ? 8 meters in the small and 16 * 16 meters from the large scarecrow can then raise its protected trees, plants and animals, without fear that they could be stolen. There you can set who can edit the land around it (only you yourself, Family, Group, Free for all).

Each player can receive per char a large and a small scarecrow, so Twinks like to be invited into the family and brought with them new scarecrows. But be careful: If the char deleted, the Scarecrow lost. Moreover, this can be very expensive because you have to pay a high rent from a certain amount of buildings. If you want to calculate times for fun, here is the link to a Mietpreisberechner:
Your own house

Claim area to a small house
Even our own little cottage offers a protection radius of about 10 meters (In the middle house, see my videos, there are more). However, since unfortunately the house occupied most of area, it is usually only around for a tree or even a few shrubs. Yet here there is additional space for a few sure grown plants. Who has patience, should be equal to saving for a farm house. The claim area around the farm building is much larger!

Claim area at a farm house

Here are the cost of the respective houses
Small House Plan costs 15 gold coins? 16 * 16 meters surface area? 3 Packages Material RequirementsRaw materials depending on the house you?ll need more stone or wood ration 2:1? 3 Gold rent

Farm House Plan costs 50 gold coins 24 * 24 meters surface area 20 Packages Material Requirements Raw materials Stone 3000, 1500 iron, 1500 Wood6 Gold rent

The construction is an example of the average house in our Let?s Play Together detail from the CBT4 and described in full length.


Here you also see that it is certainly worthwhile, right near by merchants, crafting stations to build the mailbox and the banker. However, this is very dependent on luck.

These buildings and farmland geclaimtem etc. can grow without having to have the same fear of the evil neighbors you have your first herbs, plants.

04: Farmland ? Useful extensions and building

With house and scarecrow you now talk geclaimte areas where you can safely grow. But of course that is only the beginning. To really profuzieren everything the agricultural sector will bear, you need much more.

a) Farmers Workbench


The Farmers Workbench is your entry into the advanced production. With it you can build the so-called mega seeds, process and fabricate many other advanced products of agriculture.

However, you are paying a high price for the Farmers Workbench. For the construction of their needs including your little scarecrow is then unwiederuflih lost. Also, only the builder on the Farmers Workbench access, no matter how the Scarecrow or the house are set.

The Chicken Coop


The chicken coop is relatively inexpensive to manufacture. Only 20 times bamboo is needed to build it. By inserting plug 5 and 5 wheat breeding starts. After the growth phase, you now have the option to either kill the chickens or to harvest the eggs from the barn. When harvesting eggs you also get special chicken droppings, which are needed for the Farmer Daily (more on this later)

c) The dairy


A little bit of milk from the cow, some lemon, spices and of course to wood and stone, the cheese is ready. There matures over several days finest cheese, which is required of chefs to tinker particularly powerful buff food.

d) The winery


So completely did not open up to me the translation, but a medicine seems to mature in these barrels. The manufacturing process requires bear teeth, wild herbs and olives. The Alchemist is the medicine then process further and prepare the finest drinking it.
e) The Apiary


In the honey bee is further refined, refined and liquefied from the sticks. It can make the alchemist powerful potions.

f) The Beehive


The production of honey alone is worth an extra guide. Therefore, only in brief: The hive needs some regular and special materials, such as special birch wood and acorns. In several steps you can harvest different quantities and qualities of bees. The complete guide to harvest your honey gets here before in video form: Beekeeping in the tutorial video

g) The underwater farm


The underwater Farm is a kind of generator where you can soak up air. So you can also spend enough time without breathing equipment under water to put all his underwater plants. The underwater farm costs such as rental houses and scarecrows, and ranks well for Mietstatistik it. You can click on your Mirage Iceland for 14 Delphinade Stars (Japan: 70 Delphinade Stars) purchase. Materials are not used to it. On the 16 * 16 meter Anbaufk?che you can grow on your taste, your favorite underwater

Short tutorial for underwater farm

h) The beach house


The beach house is the maritime equivalent of the farm house dar. Covering an area of ??24 * 24 meters is not only the house on stilts in the middle of water, also under the entire floor is now fertile and can protect its water plants grow there. As a bonus, the beach house, the divers bottle for free. That means you can stay under water and concentrate fully on growing plants for 10 minutes after his heart?s content.

The Srandhaus in Video Guide

05: Taking advantage of tiny spaces

In this chapter, we now turn to the ideal growing plants, trees and animals on the large scarecrow. This is now a fairly scientific capital, namely it?s really about numbers and ratios. The footage is taken from inventory Korea.

The system

The small and the great scarecrow have a fixed size of 8 * 8 or 16 * 16 meters. The seeds, however, follow a different system and are therefore not all fields in size. Therefore, we simply count the entire quantity into fields. So we have for the initial calculation following field:

Little Scarecrow?= 10 to 10 fields


In a series of 6 plants fit the smallest unit (1.5) and 1 field remains as a rest!

Large Scarecrow?= 20 to 20 fields


In a series of 13 plants fit the smallest unit (1.5), half a field unit remains as a rest

Based on these calculations, we can now reason the sizes of the various plants and trees, starting from the smallest unit (1.5), easily calculated.


Conversion model individual plants sizes

1.5 Field size: flowers, vegetables, field crops, small animals

These plants and animals are very well suited as a stopgap.

Almost everything from florists and small animals have this size.


Field Size 3.0: Normal farm animals and small trees

In this category we find many breeds medium size and the smallest of the fruit trees.

4.5 Field size: Large farm animals and medium-sized trees

This category includes buffalo, cows and most of the trees.


Field size 5.0 Mega seeds and bears

Due to the size they fit naturally best on the big scarecrow (4 by 4)


Field sizes 6.0 to 7.5: The Giant Trees

The real giants, these trees must be grown or sent to superior, they better pull up in open terrain.

Field size 5.0 Mega seeds and bears


The Moringa tree, an exotic car with box Size 6.5


Field Size 7.5
Here is a list with many examples of field sizes

Name Field Size Career
All seeds from plants Dealer 1.5 ? 1.5 botany / agriculture
Chicken 1.5 ? 1.5 Cattle breeding
Goose 1.5 ? 1.5 Livestock
Duck 1.5? ? 1.5 Cattle breeding
Pig 3.0 ? 3.0 Cattle breeding
Sheep 3.0 ? 3.0 Livestock
3.0 ? 3.0 Livestock Goat
Turkey 3.0 ? 3.0 Livestock
Feigenbaum 3.0 ? 3.0 logging
Banana Tree 3.0 ? 3.0 logging
Grapevine 3.0 ? 3.0 logging
Laurel 3.0 ? 3.0 logging
Cow 4.5 ? 4.5 Livestock
Buffalo 4.5 ? 4.5 Livestock
Yata 4.5 x 4.5 Livestock
Rubber Tree 4.5 ? 4.5 logging
Bamboo 4.5 ? 4.5 logging
Lemon Tree 4.5 ? 4.5 logging
Eunsasi tree 4.5 ? 4.5 logging
Date Palm 4.5 ? 4.5 logging
Secretion tree 4.5 ? 4.5 logging
Willow 4.5 ? 4.5 logging
Back juniper 4.5 ? 4.5 logging
Apple Tree 4.5 ? 4.5 logging
Maple 4.5 ? 4.5 logging
Cedar Tree 4.5 ? 4.5 logging
Avocado 4.5 ? 4.5 logging
Olive Tree 4.5 ? 4.5 logging
Attention 4.5 ? 4.5 logging
Polar 5.0 x 5.0 Livestock
Mega Seed 5.0 x 5.0 botany / agriculture
Oak 6.0 ? 6.0 logging
Pine 6.0 ? 6.0 logging
Ginkgo 6.0 ? 6.0 logging
Moringa Tree 6.5 ? 6.5 logging
Ash 7.5 ? 7.5 logging
Hornbeam trees 7.5 ? 7.5 logging
Pomegranate 7.5 ? 7.5 logging
Orange Tree 7.5 ? 7.5 logging
Cork 7.5 ? 7.5 logging
Cherry 7.5 ? 7.5 logging

Case studies Small Scarecrow


Legend (bottom right location of the scarecrow)

Model ?tryst?
Based cultivation strategy for the first little sheep or goats farm with the possibility of adding a few extra plants or small animals.


Model ?Texas Jr.?

Perfect arrangement for 4 cows or cattle with many spots for plants or small animals.


Case studies Large Scarecrow / Underwater Farm


Legend (bottom right location of the scarecrow)

Model ?Luneburg Heath?

Space for 48 sheep, goats or other things that make the farmers joy.


Model ?mad cow disease?

Space for 20 cows or cattle and a few smaller creatures it. Simultaneously the best structure for small Yata-breeding.


Model ?electric shock?

In this model, you have the best possible arrangement for pines. Lightning strikes are not covered by the insurance tickler!


Model ?Ranger?s Dream?

You tinker with this arrangement, a small forest with large and medium-sized trees. As also fit a few mushrooms with pure.

Also suitable for the advanced farm equipment!


Model ?Farmer Pride?
The dream of building with large and medium-sized trees, play around a little flock. Also suitable for the ideal growing manufacturing systems by animals.


Model ?pomp and circumstance?

More giant trees / plants can not accommodate a large scarecrow on it. Just because there is still room for a few decoration plants.


These are as I said just a few suggestions for the small and the great scarecrow. The underwater farm is also rated as 20 to 20. Therefore, we can apply it to the whole underwater plants.

06: Cultivation in the open wilderness ? places and risks

In the game you must of course also go into the full time. Then it does not help to put his 50 sugar beet in the garden when the demand is there, you have until the end of his labor grow (which can be several thousand plants). Now, if the guild does not have enough space, you have to willy-nilly into the wild. And there are dangers ?

So what should you consider when plants growing in the open wilderness? First you should be clear about one thing: the plants are exposed to constant danger from other players. Be it curious players who just want to ?try it? or malicious pirates candidates who consuming and pillaging the lands of the area. Therefore, you should look for a secluded spot possible in the not so many other players are on the go. These are of course the highest peak or the remote valleys of the areas in the central area level. Most players who are out there,
have another tap off in the other sense than the harvest, namely leveling. This should be made use of.
Nevertheless, there is also there a constant danger:

The explorer! * Cough *
This curious species Player hangs out with joy on the highest peaks and in the most remote valleys around, just there to loot in the form of plants or to make deposits ?nurseries?. They see it as their reward when they finally reached the desired area, and are also to be found there very many trees or plants.

What you should therefore consider exactly?

a) plants are smaller than trees

Plants are not as huge as trees, which are already out of 5 kilometers or accidentally can see on a mountainside. Therefore, you can be generous with the admission. The edge of the card facing mountain slopes or dead ends in the game world (of which there are not that many) are all that is already perfect. Best placed behind natural obstacles like trees or small ledges or bushes.


On this hill can grow well sichs Constant Guard may be useful, but ?
It is of course advisable to make good on his hard-bought silver from plants. Nevertheless, you should not run like a startled chicken through the area there, so yes you excited with every passing day players attention. Makes it convenient to you, from which you can observe well on the right spot the whole growing area.

Also, if the plants are still in the growth phase (sowing or phase 1), you can dig it anyway. No player who is still in his right mind (or you do not like the plague hates ^ ^) will want to dig up these points for his valuable work force. Therefore, one can also make something else in my opinion not very valuable plant. So you know how long it takes plants, is yes later statistics for the growing seasons and the tooltip tells you, too, how long it lasts.

Just as in the ?Special Moments? video has not always stick to it

c) Ifs push comes to shove,?PVP?/?PK?to Should crack the harvest time and still appear intruders observing better what happened:

If one is present, most players (especially niedrigstufigere) will do a devil and touch your things. Should there be some incorrigible show up, you have either the level, to properly give them one better in the collection (thus the harvest is interrupted), or it gets the help of his Gildies that watch or can even help with the harvest. Also from his own party, you should strike, should it come to a trial in court, hopefully the right is on your side.

If one is not present, one can assume that the plant (if it is profitable for the thief) are gone when you arrive back at your desk. But the thief has left its footprints in the theft. Further information about theft be found in my other guide ?blame & Punishment?.

07: Phases of plant growth

Depending on the use of the plant there are up to five phases, which passes through a plant. From a simple seed to death they lived through several cycles, which can be seen as a live player when you are there the whole time (as you should in some plants but have a bit of time)

Phase 1: The Seed

In the first phase the plant is fresh from geestzt player in the soil. In this phase, the player has the choice: I Pour out or I just let it grow. In the next chapter I go on a closer. Now we assume that the plant was not cast.

Phase 2: The young plant

In the second phase of our plant is already slightly blossomed. In addition to a graphical change but nothing happens. One can no longer pour the plant and has to wait for the next phase. Especially with trees, phase 2 is repeated very often, as the tree continues to grow!

Phase 3: Harvest time

In the third phase, our plant is ready. We can now theoretically reap. We have to interact with it. Depending on the crop requires a different amount of labor to harvest.

Phase 4: The Withering

In the fourth phase of our plant is ripe and withering on. It was too long in the ground and begins to die. In this phase you have to fertilize the plant or the tree cutting (details in the next section) or you can continue? zukucken die.

Phase 5: The death of the plant

After a certain time the end of the plant is down. It ?dies? and despawns. From the plant?s nothing left.

Each plant has its own built-in timer that determines its specific growth phase. Of course, there are also external factors that determine this timer.


There are environments where some plants grow better than others.

Here is the brief overview of the climate zones.

You can find it at any overview map of an area at the bottom right (see illustration)

Temperate climate

Areas: Falconry plateau (O)
Tiger Spine Mountains (O)
Singing Lands (O)
Ancient Forest (O)
Ynystere (O)
Lokas Checkers (O)
Golden Plains (W)
Marianople (W)
Two Crowns (W)
Cross Plains (W)
White Forest (W)
Garangdol Plains (W)
Lilyut Meadow (W)
Solzreed (W)
Gweonid Forest (W)
Tropical climate


Mahadevi (O)
Ruins of Hariharalaya (O)
Hell Swamp (W)
Long Sand (W)

Dry Climate

Steppe Belt (O)
Rainbow Fields (O)
Sunrise Peninsula (O)

Sub-Arctic climate

Country of Bones

Mixed climates

Nuimari (N)
Salpimari (N)

Seonjeokmari (N)
Rest of the country (N)

Abyssal Entrance (N)
Solar Fields (N)

In this classic one looks very nice, the growth times in the CBT4:

Growth phases in the video

Time savings due to plant care

Plants need love ? and noun .. ne oh wait, here it is different 🙂

You can win a whole lot of time to harvest a plant, if you properly maintained. This care in the current status of the game is so easy. Plants need more than water that is not. Water you can draw from any fountain. It also does not cost work force, so you can carry around hundreds bucket of water with you when you want


Water Icon


Players draw the water

Once a plant is set, it can and should be poured immediately. Immediately after casting, the plant is actually in 1 and growth phase is created by a much faster cycle. As a result, the plant also remains longer in the corruption phase, so that they can not possibly save. One should note, however, that the casting of labor consumed. So if you have time and want to save yourself the work force, you can let the plants grow that way.

Which brings us also to the next topic: You?ve been away too long and your plant looks anything but good. You can save them but through the use of fertilizer. This raises the question of whether it would be worth at the cheaper plants yet.


Fertilizer Icon

Price: 50 copper

Fertilizer can you seed the dealer of your choice for 50 copper buy the piece.

Once you have the fertilizer consumed by interaction with the plant, they can reap again.

At 50 tainted plants must then consider whether the 25 silver would expect fertilizer.

08: ?Mega Seed? ? Production and Use
A word first: The word ?Mega Seed? is a word that I use that for general usage of the Korean player has. The correct translation is probably different lauten.Ein mega seed is no more than 10 seeds, which are pressed into a large seed. This process is carried out at the Farmers Workbench. With the production of seeds of the plant mega zugeordenete skill can be pushed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mega seeds compared to individual cultivation

+ Perfect for skilling of each profession

+ Direct harvests of 10 plants

+ Collecting earthworms (fishing) possible only with mega seed

+ Perfect for the profit of wheat packets in agriculture (1:10 in individual cultivation, certainly at least 1 mega seeds)

o Relatively balanced space consumption

? High labor power consumption compared to individual cultivation (10 AK 25 AK 20 + AK 50 AK)

? Longer growth time (about 4 times that of individual seeds)

? Substantially lower yield than the single components of rare plants growing

Mega seeds from the crop

Mega seeds from the plant science

The Mega seeds produced can now be sown as a normal plant. He chatterbox logically a larger space consumption (5 on 5 fields) than a normal plant. Mega Man gets 16 seeds on a large and 4 Mega seeds on a small scarecrow. Depending on the growth time of the individual plant to the growth time of the mega seed changed.

This we examine in the following tables.

Growth times of the mega seeds from the crop

Name Duration (ideal climate) Duration (other climate) Harvest AK (skill 0)
Potato 4h 00min * 25 4h 00 min
Cucumber 4h 00min * 25 4h 00min
Carrots 4h 5h 00min 43min 25
Onions 4h 5h 00min 43min 25
Garlic 4h 5h 00min 43min 25
Barley 4h 5h 00min 43min 25
Rice 8h 00min 11h 26min 50
Millet 8h 00min 11h 26min 50
Corn 8h 00min 11h 26min 50
Wheat 8h 00min 11h 26min 50
Oats 8h 00min 11h 26min 50

* Plant has no preferred air

Growth times of the mega seeds from the agriculture (including irrigation)

Name Duration (ideal climate) Duration (other climate) Harvest AK (skill 0)
Potato 3h 12min 3h 12min 25
Cucumber 3h 12min 3h 12min 25
Carrots 3h 4h 12min 34min 25
Onions 3h 4h 12min 34min 25
Garlic 3h 4h 12min 34min 25
Barley 3h 4h 12min 34min 25
Rice 6h 9h 29min 08min 50
Millet 6h 9h 29min 08min 50
Corn 6h 9h 29min 08min 50
Wheat 6h 9h 29min 08min 50
Oats 6h 9h 29min 08min 50

* Plant has no preferred air

Growth times of the mega seeds from the Botany

Name Duration (ideal climate) Duration (other climate) Harvest AK (skill 0)
Clover 4h 00min * 25 4h 00min
Azaleas 4h 5h 00min 43min 25
Daffodils 4h 5h 00min 43min 25
Roses 4h 5h 00min 43min 25
Cotton 4h 5h 00min 43min 25
Lily 8h 00min 11h 26min 50
Water lilies 8h 8h 00min 00min * 50
Cornflower 8h 00min 11h 26min 50
Iris 4h 5h 00min 43min 25
Lavender 4h 5h 00min 43min 25
Mint 8h 00min 11h 26min 50
Rosemary 8h 8h 00min 00min * 50
Mushrooms 8h 8h 00min 00min * 50
Thistles 8h 00min 11h 26min 50

* Plant has no preferred air

Growth times of the mega seeds from botany (including irrigation)

Name Duration (ideal climate) Duration (other climate) Harvest AK (skill 0)
Clover 3h 12min 3h 12min * 25
Azaleas 3h 4h 12min 34min 25
Daffodils 3h 4h 12min 34min 25
Roses 3h 4h 12min 34min 25
Cotton 3h 4h 12min 34min 25
Lily 6h 9h 29min 08min 50
Water lilies 6h 24min * 50 6h 24min
Cornflower 6h 9h 29min 08min 50
Iris 3h 4h 12min 34min 25
Lavender 3h 4h 12min 34min 25
Mint 6h 9h 29min 08min 50
Rosemary 6h 24min * 50 6h 24min
Mushrooms 6h 24min * 50 6h 24min
Thistles 6h 9h 29min 08min 50

* Plant has no preferred air

09:Seed production
When our plant harvest, it can happen sometimes that we not only get the finished product, but also a bonus. On the one hand it is clear in some bushes there are only two strawberries, other maybe 2
However, it can also happen that you find a new seed for crops. This can then plant them immediately. The opportunity for additional Saatgewinnung varies by plant, but usually settles at about 2-4% a. So you have the chance to get 2-4 new seeds in the degradation of 100 potato plants again.
The seed newfound course has the same quality as the one previously used. Especially in profitable plants like the strawberry one always hopes for new seeds for replanting.
Here you can see strawberry reduction in the CBT4, then the strawberry was popular.
Why? Look in the video ^ ^
Saatgewinnung the example strawberry

10: The large-scale cultivation Statistics Part 1 ? Agriculture / Botany
11: The large-scale cultivation Statistics Part 2 ? Trees
12: The large-scale cultivation Statistics Part 3 ? Underwater Plants
13: The large-scale cultivation Statistics Part 4 ? Animals
14: The tractor and other tools
With the patch from 29.02.2012, the tractor was introduced as a major transportation and irrigation vehicle. In addition to high material requirements, it is also important to have the wherewithal for the recipe (10 gold). The tractor has a water tank, which allows you to irrigate large areas quickly. You can also store boxes in the back, which can transport large quantities of goods.

The tractor with its basic functions

For the construction of a tractor is first needed the recipe that you can buy on Mirage Iceland for 10 gold coins (Japan 70 gold coins). Additionally you most ore but needed a tractor different parts of the Department of Construction, (about 1000 ore for a tractor), known then the flash timber (rare), Akhium wood (expensive)
In Feuertes wood (on the northern island lurking thieves) and much more.

If you have everything together, the tractor is built on the design table.

The tractor has 4 functions:

1. Protection against theft (the tractor can not be controlled by other players 1.5 minutes)

2. Turbo (burn biofuel, to min for fifth to increase the speed by 50%)

3. The horn (honk honk)

4. Let the water flow! (Fl?chenbegie?ung with 10 buckets of water, the plants go there immediately in the status of the growth phase on 1)
2 Water tank (you pass a fountain and fuel there for 10 buckets of water)

4 stay

You can summon his mount to the tractor also still the only other major companion (ships, siege weapons ?) are not possible.

Construction and operation of the tractor

Tractor in use (commercial tour)

15: Conclusion

Also in this guide following words must be: This guide is based on current data from Korea. The EU release may change a lot.
This guide is constantly being processed and there is still much to do, see To-Do list.

I hope you enjoy this guide, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Have fun and enjoy working in your own garden ArcheAge-wishes

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