ArcheAge Auction System Introduction


ArcheAge Auction System Introduction?by bearlike

We can find Auction House in each big map. There are 5 auction house on east mainland, and 4 on west mainland.
You can press M bottom, then you will find a sign like a money bag. This is the auction house.

When you find the auction house, you just need to talk to Administrator of auction house to buy and sell. When you register the item you want to sell, there is no difference between east mainland and west mainland. Pirate can not use the auction house. When you open the auction interface, you will find bid and item registering these two chices.

Upon the bid choice, you can search,bid and buy the item you like. You can use the item name to search, also you can search the item according to the level.

1.The results of searching items will show you the quantity, remaining time and price of this item.
2.The bid price is more obvious than the immediate buying price.
3.And when you buy some overlap items, you click the quatity of the item, then price appeared is the total price not single one price.
4.Wing can not be bought or sold.

1.If you want to sell the item, you can choose item registering. After you choose item registering, it will let you type the bid price and immediate buying price.
2.Here you need to be careful that you can not have a successful register when your immediate buying price lower than bid price.
3. The bid time is from 6 hours to 48 hours. And the guaranty money is the same. It is better for you to choose 48 hours. The guaranty money would be paid when you register the item. Then money is 10% of the buy and sell price. After your item is sold, you can get back your guaranty money, but if you item is not sold,??you can not get your guaranty money??back. When you sold your item, it will cost your 10% charge for trouble. Finally, this 10% money, you can not get back.

You can not register when this durability is lower 10.

You get the item you buy or sell or gold through the mail. When you bid successfully or the item is slod, there will be a notice in the chat interface.

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