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ArcheAge Group PvP Tier List


ArcheAge Group PvP Tier List?by GottFaust


  • Dreambreaker (Witch + Def + Aura)?
    • Hard to build, gear, and play but extremely powerful when you pull it off.
    • A CC monster that?s basically immune to CC.
    • Extremely tough to kill with enough damage and self-healing to make that durability count.
  • Stonearrow (Arch + Shadow + Def)
    • Anti-meta and thus extremely useful in just about every PvP encounter.
    • It?s also the most durable archer build while losing no damage or kiting capability, so it?ll still be S even if the meta changes.
  • Cleric (Vit + Aura + Song)
    • A good cleric can literally allow 5 to destroy 20. I?ve done it and seen it done multiple times.
    • Sub-par when played without knowledge of songweaving, but extremely powerful when played properly.
    • Useless solo, but anyone running a healer solo is probably legitimately ******ed.


  • Defiler (Witch + Def + Occult)
    • Not quite as good as Dreambreaker, and suffers the same gear/skill plateaus.
    • Has less downtime with Mana Stars, but most PvPers worth their weight will be basically immune to them once the game is established
  • Trickster (Arch + Shadow + Witch)
    • Harder to counter than Primeval, and immune to most kill-combos with lots of CC for kiting.
  • Abolisher (Battle + Def + Aura)
    • Extremely difficult to pin down.
    • Quintessential group fighter.
  • Blighter (Battle + Shadow + Def)
    • Sneaky abolisher with a bit more burst but more susceptible to CC lockdown.
  • Darkrunner (Battle + Shadow + Aura)
    • Great burst, but gets shut down by any sort of ranged or magic damage.
  • Lamentor (Sorc + Witch + Song)
    • Extremely powerful burst with a ton of cc.
    • The only reason it?s not S is due to the lack of hard-escapes or durability.


  • Daggerspell (Witch + Sorc + Shadow)
    • Way to easy to counter to be S/A, but solid otherwise.
  • Reaper (Occult + Sorc + Aura)
    • More free-form and harder to counter than Daggerspell, but lacking the CC required to be truely good.
  • Skullknight (Occult + Def + Aura)
    • Too easy to counter to be anything higher than B, but good in its own right.
  • Primeval (Arch + Shadow + Aura)
    • It?s not nearly as good as people make it out to be.
  • Demonologist (Witch + Sorc + Occult)
    • Slow, easy to target, and glass.
    • This is offset by Tele-Bubble, and the other 3 guaranteed-kill combos it has.
  • Shadowknight (Shadow + Witch + Def)
    • A worse Defiler/Dreambreaker.
    • It gets much better when they open Auroria and you can snag the magic attack katana.
  • Hierophant (Vit + Aura + Witch)
    • The only other healer besides cleric to even make it on this tier list, and only because of the CC potential.


  • Everything Else
    • No class (even something inefficient as Destroyer) is truely bad when put in the right hands, thus there are no D or F tiers.

Note: songweaving is a technique with involves utilizing the way songcraft songs function to ?weave? them into normal rotations and thus allow the user to operate normally while also maintaining some, if not all, of the songcraft group buffs. This is most easily done as a healer build given their reactive rather than proactive nature.


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