ArcheAge PvP Classes Tier List


ArcheAge PvP Classes Tier List?by Ebony Stallion

Hi, here is a list on what to be the current tiers of PvP classes in ArcheAge. We all know that every class can work somehow, but some are clearly better than the others. In depth guides will not be provided here, use that lonely search button, nobody ever pays attention to the poor gal. Agree? Disagree? Feel free to comment.


S+: This class is extremely strong, possibly FOTM, that could be overpowered.
S: This class shows maximum synergy between its 3 trees and performs exceptionally well.
A: This class has good synergy but has a few issues with its performance.
B: This class is not bad, but not great; it could be countered too easily or lacks something vital.
C: This class is probably unorthodox, but has something to offer in PvP.
D: This is one of those classes that ?could work?, but really doesn?t offer anything valuable.

-Shadowblade (Battlerage, Shadowplay, Witchcraft)
-Darkrunner (Battlerage, Shadowplay, Auramancy)
-Primeval (Archery, Shadowplay, Auramancy)
-Blighter (Battlerage, Shadowplay, Defense)

-Daggerspell (Sorcery, Witchcraft, Shadowplay)
-Abolisher (Battlerage, Defense, Auramancy)
-Templar (Vitalism, Defense, Auramancy)
-Tomb Warden (Defense, Auramancy, Songcraft)

-Trickster (Archery, Shadowplay, Witchcraft)
-Stone Arrow (Archery, Shadowplay, Defense)
-Inquisitor (Battlerage, Shadowplay, Vitalism)
-Cabalist (Sorcery, Defense, Witchcraft)
-Enigmatist (Sorcery, Auramancy, Shadowplay)
-Hierophant (Vitalism, Witchcraft, Auramancy)
-Ranger (Archery, Shadowplay, Vitalism)
-Reaper (Sorcery, Occultism, Shadowplay)
-Cleric (Vitalism, Auramancy, Songcraft)
-Poxbane (Defense, Songcraft, Witchcraft)

-Bastion (Archery, Auramancy, Defense)
-Hexblade (Battlerage, Defense, Witchcraft)
-Paladin (Battlerage, Defense, Vitalism)
-Arcanist (Sorcery, Witchcraft, Auramancy)
-Demonologist (Sorcery, Witchcraft, Occultism)
-Skullknight (Occultism, Defense, Auramancy)
-Dark Aegis (Occultism, Defense, Songcraft)
-Druid (Archery, Defense, Vitalism)
-Swiftstone (Sorcery, Defense, Shadowplay)
-Caretaker (Defense, Vitalism, Songcraft)
-Revenant (Auramancy, Occultism, Sorcery)
-Oracle (Archery, Auramancy, Vitalism)
-Athame (Songcraft, Vitalism, Witchcraft)
-Thaumaturge (Sorcery, Defense, Auramancy)
-Battlemage (Sorcery, Defense, Occultism)
-Spellsinger (Sorcery, Shadowplay, Songcraft)

-Argent (Battlerage, Auramancy, Vitalism)
-Executioner (Battlerage, Shadowplay, Occultism)
-Outrider (Battlerage, Shadowplay, Archery)
-Hellweaver (Battlerage, Shadowplay, Sorcery)
-Blade Dancer (Battlerage, Shadowplay, Songcraft)
-Phantasm (Auramancy, Occultism, Songcraft)
-Hex Warden (Battlerage, Auramancy, Witchcraft
-Dervish (Battlerage, Witchcraft, Vitalism)
-Doomlord (Battlerage, Defense, Occultism)
-Chaotician (Archery, Defense, Witchcraft)
-Nightblade (Shadowplay, Defense, Auramancy)

-Just about everything else. Many of these classes have too many split-stats and too little synergy.

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