Archlord 2 Healer Basic Guide


Archlord 2 Healer Basic Guide?by EvilKraut92


this is just a little introduction on the Wand-Class played as the classic Healer.

Skills & Attributes

For Attributes you want to go mainly into?Intelligence,?your going to get enough Spirit with the Harmony Epic Set on level 30.
Personally I put 49points into Intelligence and 21 into Spirit, the full Set of Harmony gives you +20Spirit, nicely equalizing it to 49Int and 41Spirit.

Skills I did like this;

Further down I put 5Points in ?Hand of Heaven?, which I would use as my main heal.
I focused on the healing spells, still got the main 2 Damage ones though, the main Skills I choose simply
by the fact that they provided the best amount of Heal.
I also focused on getting the maximum of 3 Points into the PartyBuff ?Prayer? since its really strong, granting
+4% HP per Skill level.


In Combat I keep attacking with my ?Virulent Frost? to apply the DOT on the enemy, if there is time I also
use my ?Frost Shard? Combo, keeping the Tank alive by spamming ?Reinvigorate? the HOT and if necessary
?Restoration? the weaker HOT aswell, since they stack.


For the Equipemnt I went 6/6 for the Harmony Set, granting +4Stamina and +5Spirit Bonus when 6/6 Set parts are worn,
it also grants you HP Recovery, +Healing and MPs.

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