Archlord Beginner’s Guide


Archlord Beginner?s Guide?by Kipslacher2


The currency is gold and used to buy anything from HP/MP pots,weapons to sometimes Item Mall purchases which is also known as Chantra (aka CC) is purchased with real money through various ways such as MOL Online, Credit cards, and is then turned into W Coin (C or P) depending on purchase method.

The Chantra Shop consists of items that cannot be dropped by monsters or be bought from merchants.

Do not forget to visit the Event NPC after you create your first charcater for level rewards at level 1 to 90 and Other prizes Like buddy missions.?

Leveling & Point System:

lvl 1-49 : +1?Skill Point??>49
lvl 50-70 : +2?Skill Points??>42
lvl 71-89 : +1?Skill Point??>19
lvl 90 : +1?Skill Point?/ +1Heroic Points? ?>?1/1
lvl 91-110 : +1?Skill Point?/ +2?Heroic Points?>20/40
lvl 111-120 : +1?Skill Point?/ +3?Heroic Points??>10/30
TOTAL :??Skill points?/?Heroic Points??>?141/71

Important basic controls

Double clicking a monster automatically attacks them with your basic attack (no skills) Selecting a monster and pressing any of the hot keys in the skill bar will also attack them. Also pressing any of the skills in the skill bar with your mouse will perform an attack.

Holding Control (Ctrl) and double clicking a player will enable PK mode and attack the corresponding player. However, killing someone over 4 levels under you if you initiated the first attack will net a Rogue Point.? This is explained in more detail later in the guide.

You can use the mouse to move, or you can use the WASD keys to move. The arrow keys (quickly) turns the camera. can also be done with the mouse by right clicking and holding and moving in the direction you want.

Double clicking with the (left) mouse button will allow you to move to the targeted spot. This is especially helpful if you use the mouse to move and you?re traveling through a highly monster-infested area. This way, you don?t accidentally attack a monster.

Dragging a Stone to unequipped equipment will attempt to socket the respective Stone into the item. You will lose the Stone if it fails, but not the item.(done by holding down the left mouse button and moving the stone to the piece)

Hotkeys & Basic commands

A small?Controls Guide?(not updated & missing Info )

The default controls and hotkeys are listed below. They can be changed in game by (pressing ESC in game) then select Custom Keys. ( This was bugged but not sure if it has been fixed )

I ? Opens your inventory. has 4 bags with 16 slots to hold 64 items total.

C ? Opens your character window.That displays character stats,equipment currently being used and experience which can be toggeled from amount of % to a number value EG 23/350

Q ? Opens your quest log. Active quests are displayed here.?

U ? Opens your mailbox. (which is some what disabled)

G ? Opens guild window or Guild ranking window

K ? Opens your skills window. Skills are acquired through a?Trainer?according to your class.

J ? Opens your crafting skills window. Crafting skills are Ransacking, Cooking, and Alchemy. These can be learned from an (Adventurer)(Cook)(Alchemist).

P ? Opens the party window. You can invite someone to a party and change party options like Free for, Contribution.

F ? Opens the friends window.To add people to your friend?s list and see where they are located by clicking there name.

M ? Opens the World Map.Your current location is a blue dot (Green if in party) If you are in a town, the Town Map is displayed. When in a town with this map open pressing CTRL will bring up the names of the NPC?s you can also mouse over the icons.

SHIFT + M ? Opens the mini map ( interactive ) An arrow will show your current location, you can click on this map and your charcter will move to the indicated spot.

1 ? Use a Health potion.(This is also done automatically by setting the gold arrows on the MP,HP bar)

2 ? Use a Mana potion. (This is also done automatically by setting the gold arrows on the MP,HP bar)

3/4/5/6/7/8/9/0/-/= ? Skill bar hot-keys.

Tab ? Target nearest monster.

Space-bar ? Automatically pick up the nearest item.(can be held down)

Alt ? Toggles on/off item names on the ground.

R ? sets the chat-bar to reply to the last person that whispered you.

H ? Title Management system lets you see what titles you have in que and their progress

L ? Radar turn on/off the radar ( lets you see who is skulled around you )

F1 ? This is the help/descriptions menu.

R ? sets the chat-bar to reply to the last person that whispered you.

ENTER ? Opens the chat bar.

O ? Opens your options menu ( GFX, SOUND, DISPLAY, FUNCTION)


Y ? brings up the Emotes menu.

V ? Pet inventory

~ ? Roate through skill bar going up

SHIFT ~ ? Rotate skill bar down

SHIFT ? changes skill bar to next highest

N ? Ignore list

T ? Chantra Shop

K ? Charcter Skills Menu

X ? Enter Chat Room

Z ? Create Chat Room

B ? Chantra bag where your item mall purcashes are

F10 to12 ? Different Camera Angles

Hold Right Mouse Button ? Moves the camera around.

Basic Chat Hotkeys:

/s ? Shout. People within a certain radius will hear you.

/w ? Whisper. Send a private message to someone with /w(charactername)

/p ? Party. Send a message to your party members.

/g ? Guild. Send a message to your guild members.

/u ? Sends a message to guilds in your union if there is any.

/racetrumpet or /race ? shouts a message to all users of the same race on the sever (gained by purchasing in the battle ground)

Chantra chat options:

/scream ? shouts a message to all users on the server (purchase shout of elemental in chantra shop)

/warning?? message to all Players of the World servers (Europe,America )

Groups of commands:
/pin PLAYER NAME ? (party invintation)
/pinoff ? (block party invitation)
/pinon?? (open party invintation)

Guild commands:
/gin PLAYER NAME ? (guild invitation only guild leader)
/ginoff ? (guild invitation block)??(not sure)
/ginon ??(open guild invitation)??(not sure)
/gout ? (leave guild)
/gbattleoff ? (block GvG)
/gbattleon ? (GvG) Open

other commands:
/PS ??0.1 to 4 ?? changes the draw or camera distance from character. ( 0.5 or 0.9 is default )
/tradeoff ? (block trade requests)
/tradeon ??(open trade inquiries)
/fps ???Show your frames per second, the latitude & longitude of your position and the time.

Emotion commands: (not working)

The Auction House:

The best way to get good equipment, and to sell equipment you don?t need, this is also a great way to acquire rare/unique/elite equipment.

It is best to check the Auction House to see the average price of equipment or items sell for, If you want to try and sell something quickly, sell it for less than the lowest price.Not everything can be listed in the Auction House.

The Auction House charges a % of the total amount entered this is not refundable unless the item is canceled before purchase.

To sell an item in the Auction House open your Inventory and click the ?Sell? button located underneath your Gold. This will open your sales window where you can drag items you wish to sell onto available slots. A sale price must be entered into the pop up box to complete the listing.

To buy from or browse the Auction House you must visit the ( Item Trader NPC ) who can be?found in many of the villages or towns.

Leveling Party & Rogue System

The level restrictions for?PvE?as well as?the party play?have been?moderated. The restriction level differences of the monster hunting?have expanded from 7 to 12 and for the party play it has expanded from 10 to 12. Most of all, extra points rate for party play was higher and you can get the double extra EXP Points via party play than previous party system.

Party Bonues:

EXP Acquiring Limitation for Hunting Monster? 7? 12
EXP Acquyring limitation?on Party Play? 10? 12
Additional Party member EXP ratio2 Members Party? 10%? 20 %
3 Members Party? 20%? 40%
4 Members Party? 30%? 60%
5 Members Party? 40%? 80%

** The number represents the level differences.

?When you hunt the monster, you can get the higher Charisma points in Battle Ground & Heavens Hell. Charisma points?depends on the?level?differences in between player and Monsters.

Charisma on?Player vs. Monsters by Level Difference

with monster
with monster
Over ? level 50Over level -100
level -4 to level -11level -9 to level -12
Same level2Same level4
Level +1 to level +44Level +1 to level +46
Over +level 56Over + 108

Charisma Point between Player and Player:

You are also able to get the Charisma points thoroughout?PvP in Battle Ground. If you kill the player which has a higher level than you, you can get higher Charisma points. The more level difference you have, the? higher the Points, maximum is 20 Charisma points.

Differences between PlayersAcquiring Point
Over ? level 100
Level -9 to level 13
Same level5
Level +1 to level +910
Over +level 1020

Rouge System:

Rogue system has been reinforced to prevent the indiscreet PvP. Rogue points for rogues? level are lower than before, so if you gain over 40 points of Rogue, you will be ranked as the 1st grade Rogue and restricted?on your?game play.

?(Purple) = First Attacker

??This cannot be removed for a minimum of 20 minutes

??Eligible to be freely attacked by any other player for 20 minutes.

??Item dropped in inventory when died by PK

?(White) 40 Villain Points = Rogue Level 1

??Guards will attack you

??Trading between players is disabled

??Party play is not available

??Item dropped in inventory when died by PK

??Trading with all NPC?s and the Auction House is disabled

??Using Blacksmith and Customizing NPC is disabled.

??This cannot be removed for a minimum of 120 minutes

?(Yellow) 60 Villain Points = Rogue Level 2

??Rogue level 1 disadvantages

? Guards will attack you

??Trading between players is disabled

??Party play is not available

??Item dropped in inventory when died by PK

??Trading with all NPC?s and the Auction House is disabled

??Using Blacksmith and Customizing NPC is disabled.

??This cannot be removed for a minimum of 120 minutes

??10% XP loss upon death

??50% decrease in XP gain

?(Red) 100 Villain Points = Rogue level 3

??Rogue level 1, 2 disadvantages

Trading between players is disabled

??Party play is not available

??Item dropped in inventory when died by PK

??Trading with all NPC?s and the Auction House is disabled

??Using Blacksmith and Customizing NPC is disabled.

??This cannot be removed for a minimum of 120 minutes

??10% XP loss upon death

??50% decrease in XP gain

??Player attack is disable (First Attck and Defense)

??Uisng Mount and portal are disable

??Scroll of passport and protection is disabled

To enter the Battle square you must first go to the title manager and get the title and complete which ever title corresponds to the proper area you want to enter.

Players can then enter the battle-square through the ( battle-square supervisor) located in each beginner city.

There are various items that drop from the mobs in battle square as well as items you gain from winning or losing in a PvP match.

what drops and where
Summoning Scroll:?Floor 1,2,3,4,5,6 bosses
Authority of looser:?Losing a PvP battle or the lvl 80 boss
Carving of Courage:?From failed refine on lvl 4 stones
Medal of Honor:?Floors lvl 3,4,5 bosses
Orb of Glory:?Floors lvl 4,5 bosses
Authority of the Loser:?Floor lvl 6 boss
Proof of Winner:?Winning a PvP battle or lvl 80 boss

Fighter?s Ring:?floor 1/2
Required level: 20
Class: All
Bound Item
Attack Rating +12
Damage +10
Attack Speed +10%
4% chance when hit to convert 10% of damage taken into restored health.

Colosseum Necklace:?2 to 4 slots? floor 1/2?
required lvl: 20
Class: all
Bound Item
Can be 2 to 4 slot.
ele Attacks +15
ele resistances +5
all stats +15
HP recovery +30/10 secs
Defense +5

Boss monsters which spawn every 2 hours from when they were killed are in the center.
They drop weapons armor and some of the farming items mentioned above , the weapons in battle square have unique stats.
You can use some of the items in various ways and exchange them through the event NPC or the refinery , you can use the battle square potions anywhere except for in heavens hell.
carving of courage = 10k charisma
proof of vengeance= 100% charisma for 5 mins

There is an item called a summoning scroll which you can use only in the battle square which will summon monsters to fight along side of you.They drop from boss mobs.

There are also new combination prayer stones that have the effect of different prayer stones in one, you can make these through the refinery if you have the items necessary from the battle square.

Collecting, Cooking, Alchemy Guide

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