Archlord Classes Introduction


Archlord Classes Introduction by billclinton

Archlord has 4 races (Human/Orcs/Moonelfs/Scion) each race has 3 classes
Knight, Archer, Mage.
Berserker, Hunter, Sorcerer.
Swashbuckler, Ranger, Elementalist.
Summoner, Orbiter,Slayer , Scion mode
You will have to chose 1 class from those? like in all games..all classes have advantages and disadvantages.

Here is a short brief of the classes : (all of these depend on the persons build visit the forums from here and webzen to find one if you need help)

Human Knight : Best Defense/Hp Class with alright attaks , great critical (depends of lvl and other factors like uniques and stones used) ,awesome in tanking others in pvp (with the right build) slow to lvl

Human Archer: A class that has great Casting time and great debuffs can slow to -100% (depending on lvl) can make lots of dmg casting skills in almost no time, also they got high movement speed and very good skill block (for pvp) Archers can also crit pretty well (depending on build) fast to lvl

Human Mage : Great dmg low hp, her debuffs are good too, at lvl 71 (Antimagic) which can debuff you up to 8 skills also they can slow mobs a lot and do lvl fairl fast.

Orc Berserker: Well like in their description too? Perfect warriors ? high attack damage? high critical after lvl 67 (when u get 2nd skill for critical) ? and also good Skill block vital charge in PVP/PVE meaning that u can get hp from the dmg u absorb on you slow to lvl

Orc Hunter : Best Dodge/Evade/Ele Resistance in game meaning that you get a lot of defense?(more hp then an archer) and also they can tank pretty much as knights do hunters can attack from distance like archers and also slow 100% depending on lvl) only down fall is the weak attack if you know how to build your char right and have the right accessories? you can deal good attack damage too

Orc Sorcerer: I will say the easiest class to lvl awesome casting times.they attack from distance.they can slow to 100% (depending on lvl)/build) good in pvp too, their buff called ?Halt? which stops people from attaking you for some time (depends of the lvl of skill) opponents can still run. while attack him and most of the time kill them.

MoonElf Swashbuckler : Kinda like Knight/Berserker warrior class have good attack and defense good dodge/evade and nice criticals good party buffing char fast to lvl invisibility skills

MoonElf Ranger : A ranged class like archer/hunter this class can have the best fortitude ( resistance) in game which means they can tank mobs / players pretty good in pve they are good too having 2 slow skills and good speed also can do critical hits from distance and invisibility skills

MoonElf Elementalist: This class is based most of the time on summons ability to summon pets for extra dmg (specially in pvps) good dmg small hp they got some pretty skills too and can lvl pretty good
A list of all the class skills and their dmg and actions Official Archlord Homepage

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