ARGO Online Titles Tutorial


ARGO Online Titles Tutorial by TheShadowofLight

Now I know there is another thread about titles ingame, however they don?t really explain how to get them as a member of one of the factions. So here?s my guide for 2 useful titles that you can get quite early.
Before I start the tutorial here?s the Adventure points you gain when hunting monsters:
1 killed monster of the type-10 AP
50 killed monsters ? 100 AP
100 killed monsters ? 200 AP
200 killed monsters ? 300 AP ?!?
1000 killed monsters ? 1000 AP

Beware that not all monster types give a title but you can easily see which ones to hunt in the Adventure Log.
You gain a title at 100, 200 and 1000 kills of a certain mob type. Each title is of course better than the previous one.

So the first titles I?ll be talking about are: Smart, Quick Thinking, and Brilliant.
They give the following bonuses:

Smart:100 kills___________________Quick Thinking:200 kills____________Brilliant:1000 kills
+4 Muscular Strength______________+10 Agility _______________________+15 Intelligence
+2 Agility________________________+10 Intelligence___________________+10 Mental Power
+5 Intelligence____________________ +90 max HP______________________+100 max HP
+4 Mental Power___________________+90 max MP______________________+1000 max MP
+30 max HP
+40 max MP

For these titles you need to hunt monsters from the Ahbereuta group. To hunt in the spot I have chosen the recommended lvl is 15+ but if you can 1 shot them the lvl does not count.
The Monster?s name is Stone Ahbereuta and it can be found here:

And this is located here:

The farm spot looks like this:

The monsters are lvl 8 and aggro even if you?re 10 lvls above them, but don?t worry about that. Also they have a fast respawn rate so don?t worry about slowing down other people that need them for quests.
I suggest that you stand in the middle of the lake and shoot everything you see without moving too much.
At lvl 20 it took me around 1 hour to finish it and I got a nice Mp boost

The next titles are:Persistent, Vengeful and Dauntless
They give the following bonuses:

Persistent:100 kills____________________Vengeful:200 kills____________Dauntless:1000 kills
+4 Muscular Strength__________________+10 Agility__________________+10 Muscular Strength
+2 Agility____________________________+10 Intelligence______________+15 Mental Power
+5 Intelligence________________________+90 max HP_________________+1000 max HP
+4 Mental Power______________________+90 man MP_________________+100 max MP
+30 max HP
+40 max MP

For these titles you must hunt monsters from the Canis group. I can?t really suggest a minimal lvl requirement because the monsters are lvl 1 and lvl 2 so as long as you 1-2 shot the you should be fine.
The monsters to hunt are Blue Spotted Canis lvl 2 and Wind Plain Canis lvl 1
They can be found nicely grouped here:

And more precisely here:

They have a very fast respawn rate and are in the starter zone so what more do you want .
It took me about 1 hour to get because i was making small breaks.
The +1000 max HP is especially good because it could be useful for monsters that do higher damage.

Well this was it. There are much more titles to get so don?t be afraid to ask for other tutorials.
I am quite new to this game and currently I am lvl 23 and if there is enough interest in this topic I might make tutorials for other better titles that require higher lvls (+2500 HP and +2500 MP LoL)

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