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?????/Arknights?[6-1] – Easy Build Squad – Arknights Strategy


It’S clear 6-1 or the stage’. You need to single target sniper to normal bank guards. Two defenders, two medics, one AoE Custer, one AoE sniper on guard with Heights autistics and for the end you can take whoever you want, for example, take I’ll take kite on Ostia.


Word maybe yeah so stuff all deploy a vanguard here and deploy another Vanguard here now deploy a sniper here. Another no AoE sniper here activate to rank our skilled, a medic here now as an under sniper here, a defender here and America here, basically on the bot side, you’re fine now, but on the top side you need a seat, physical damage to kill those those enemies With the red actor and when the defender will start to move and reach that zone, you just needed to swap that let the sniper into your AoE caster, because they are weak to arts damage.


Why does the red the enemies are weak to physical damage? Thank you owns whopper death Vanguard into my alpha. If you want to deal more damage on the website, okay, when that enemy die just retreat cross and the deploy your AoE caster magic skill area, sniper, skill, lava skill and you can see there are four enemies and lava can take heal in time. So what did I do? Just a retreat to death the sniper? Let’S wait when she killed that Custer a retreat and you can deploy another defender here so instead of still ward, maybe you can take another defender, but if your Vanguard is tank enough, you don’t need to retreat or swap ok windows enemies. You can retreat all of them scavenger here, maybe gasps wha, using the silver to hit the big defender faster Chris here skill. How are you ready lost enemy and there we go Canada,.

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