?????/Arknights?”Aak” Review + Demonstration – Arknights Operator Spotlight


Okay, hello, guys and welcome back in my channel in this video i review akk jimmy ancient, forge and added in every future standard headhunting akk is a specialist that will constantly lose self-hp every second, as any six operator, he has two talents. The first one is mix the drug shot and when attacking he will activate one of the following effects: recover some hp increase.


The current attacks attack lost the target for short time or stun the target for short time. The second talent is medicine diffusion and we simply increase the heal amount received by ack. His first skill is rapid fire and is a simple skill that will increase his attack speed. His second skill is burst. Stimulant type gamma and act activation actually immediately hit the nerve alive related to their light directly in front with the 500 attack for 15 times and for the interduration of the skill akka and the target ally will obtain extra defense and the maximum hp foreign.


His third skill is burst. The stimulant to durian and at the activation arc will immediately hit the nerve line, prioritized to the ally directly in front with 500 attack for 15 times and for the entire duration of the skill. Akka and the target ally will obtain extra attack and attack speed. Let’S talk about his base buffs, the first one is neurotic: when is operator assigned to the control center increase effects of operators who find clues from their own faction, however, gradually increased by 1.5 molar consumer per hour of all operators present in the control center. The second buff is precision surgery. When this operator is signed to be the trainer in the training room, medic operator, specialization training speed will be increased by 60 percent. Summing up, akka is the first six-star specialist and he’s a really special specialist who will constantly lose his hp during the time.


His talent will grant him some extra facts every time he attack recovering hp, increasing the current attacks attacked his low or standard target. So this is pretty rng anyway. His first skill will increase a significantly here attack his attack, speed and if he can activate the talent of slow or standing enemies more often, his crown counter effect is really really good. Also with the first skill, his damage is really good. In fact, his attack statistic is almost the same or in some cases better than a normal sniper. The only difference is, he doesn’t clarify to attack drones. His second skill will hit the target ally and increase himself and the targets defense and the maximum hp. Of course, your operator have to survive to access damage. So if you use their skill on any operator with low defense and low hp, you will end to kill that operator, yeah, imagine being killed by an ally. Anyway, you can use that skill to increase your defender’s defense and hp during big waves or when facing enemies with really high physical damage.


His last skill is similar to the second one, but instead of increasing defense and maximum hp, he will increase the attack and attack speed. So normally you use that skill with a dps operator like snipers, caster guards and so on. Of course, the same as the second skill your operator have to survive, to axe attack or is basically a suicide skill. Normally you can’t use that skill on a sniper or caster, since their hp and defense are really low, but with the operators who increase allies. Defense, like shining or niana, it’s possible to do that. Imagine an xl with higher attack and higher attack. Speed during her third skill or siberash will deter the skill from true silver slash. It will become true to true silver slash that buff effect is really good for any dps operator. But let me repeat another time your operator have to survive to axe attack. First in terms of strength, akk really deserves his six-star title. He can dps with his first skill, supporting your front line by increasing their defense and maximum hp with the second skill, or even increasing your dps operator strength. So if you can get him, i really recommend you to build him. Maybe he will be hard to use, but if used correctly, he’s really really strong thanks for watching and see you in the next video [ Music ], no


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