?????/Arknights?”Ambriel” Review + Demonstration – Arknights Operator Spotlight


She’S a 4-star operator and will be released at the release of the sixth chapter Emperor, is a sniper that privatized to attack enemies with the lowest defense. Her talent, precises striker, will give ambitions to stand the target if the enemy is outside of the original attack range. But remember that talent will be unlock after elite to her. First skill is a sneering shell that will increase her attack range by one tile ahead, and every attack will slow the target for short time, huh a little ball. Our second skill is a rather sweep that will increase here.


Attack and attack range will expand to the entire battlefield, but the attack interval is slightly increased in the pratik. Animation will also be slower. Let’S talk about your base buffs the first one is laziness. When the superior is a sent to dormitory self recovery speed, the per hour will be decreased by 0.1, but the rest or more 0.2 molar per hour to all operators assigned to that the dormitory. The second buffer is order. Distribution beta when this operator is assigned to the trading post order, acquisition efficiency will be increased by 30 %. Summing up member is a special sniper who has really big, attic, Ranger attack and she will prioritize attack at the enemy with the lowest defense. Her talent will grant her some RNG CC effector. Her first skill will increase her attack range, but only one block ahead: Anakin slow enemies for short time. The problem is her attack.


Speed is really really slow and that the slow effector won’t be relevant. So if you need a sniper to to DPS and also slow enemies, may is a better choice. Respect amber with the first skill while her second skill will increase her attack range to the entire battlefield and will also greatly increase her attack. But the tuck interval will be increased as well and at the final attack interval will be 3.6 seconds. If not at max potential and the sensor. She is a special sniper. Her default attack statistic is already height with the skill buff atmosphere free. She can easily reach up to 2,000 attack that mean you can easily kill enemy, Custer and miss Luxx in the entire battlefield. Maybe I’ll use her often in the chapter 7, but that depends on if you want or not use her, because maybe someone came to get her the gotcha. But anyway, if you can get her, I really recommend you to build her at least the two elite. One max level thanks for watching and see you in the next video

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