?????/Arknights?[Annihilation 1] – Low Rarity Squad – Arknights Strategy


Hello guys, and welcome back to my channel. In this video, I’ll show you how to clear Annihilation I: Chernobog. I already made a video about that, but without commentary, so most of you asked me about why I used that operator, can I replace them with [another operator], why my Shaw can’t push them into the hole, something like that.


So I wanted to make a remake version, but this time with the commentary. So to clear that mode, that stage, you need a squad like that. And I advise you to promote everyone – except Shaw – to at least Elite 1, so you can do the Auto Deploy safely. Anyway, you need a normal Vanguard that can obtain constant deployment points, just like Courier, Scavenger, or Zima. Then you need a single block vanguard that obtains deployment points for every kill. So Vigna, Plume, or Grani. After that, you need a single target caster. Amiya is very good, so just use her. Then an AoE Caster, two single-target snipers, two defenders, two medics, Melantha (or a guard with high HP and high attack), and Shaw. Remember that you need Shaw with a skill at least at level 4 or higher.


If the level isn’t at level 4 or higher, you can’t push the enemy into the hole. Remember that. And you can replace everyone in this squad with higher-rarity operators. Like Fang with Courier, Zima, Scavenger… Lava with Gitano or Skyfire, Kroos with Exusiai, Platinum, Blue Poison, Beagle with Saria, Hoshiguma, and so on. So please stop asking me if “I can replace that with that.” If they are the same category of operators, you can replace them. Anyway, start by deploying a single block vanguard here, and a normal vanguard here. So that vanguard will give you a lot of deployment points, because she’ll be able to kill many enemies. After that, you need to deploy a single target sniper here, and a medic here. Another medic here. Remember to deploy your defender as the last operator. I’ll explain why later. Now, just wait for enough deployment points to deploy your AoE caster.


And deploy her on that position. Now deploy Shaw on that position, and deploy your first defender….here. Remember to deploy your best defender on that position. So on the top lane you can deploy any defender. You can even use Noir Corne. If your sniper isn’t Kroos, but Exusiai or Blue Poison, you can skip this step. But if your sniper is one with low DPS, you can think of deploying another sniper here, to help to reduce the, the… the pressure on the front line, on your defender and vanguard. But that’s optional. Now, when that Junkman will appear, you can retire that vanguard… …And deploy your last defender here. The reason to deploy your defender as the last operator is because in the future, around 3…no, 250 [kills] There will be a senior caster, enemy senior caster, that can do AoE damage to your operators.


For example, if the enemy senior caster will target your defender, the damage is a cross, so every operator on that cross will take damage. That’s why you need to deploy your defender as the last operator, because later I’ll retire that vanguard and that sniper, so on that cross, there will be no operators. And only your defender will take the damage from the senior caster. Remember that. That is very important, or your medic won’t to be able to heal everyone. I really hope you can understand my bad English, heh. [Captioner’s note: Don’t worry, it’s actually very good! 😀 ] Anyway, don’t retire your vanguard early, because If you retire them, your defender won’t be able to block all those enemies.


So you need to keep your vanguard in the fight. I’ll tell you when to retire that vanguard. [Chill music] And be careful about that crossbowman leader. When that enemy will reach that zone, you need to activate your medic’s skill, or that sniper will die. …Unless she’s Elite 1. Now you can activate the skill. Medic’s skill. Okay, that is a very important step. You need to activate your AoE caster’s skill on that timing, because there are so many blocked enemies, and if you don’t activate her skill, the enemies will go through your defender.


😀 Okay guys, there we go, the first senior caster. Don’t worry about the first wave, because your operators will survive. You just need to be careful with the second wave. Because in the second wave there are two enemy senior casters. And when those two will start to move and reach that zone, you need to retreat the vanguard and your sniper, so they will only target your defender. So retreat your vanguard…and your sniper. And now, when the enemy heavy defender will appear, you need to deploy Amiya here. Because yes, Shaw can push them down, but Shaw needs to push, like, six, seven, or eight times before they fall in the hole. So you need someone to kill them faster, or they’ll be stuck in front of that defender, and that defender can only block three enemies [so other enemies will begin leaking through] That’s why you need someone to kill them faster.


Now, keep your operators skill for later. If you want, you can activate Amiya’s skill. And now…activate Lava’s skill. And deploy your vanguard here again, to block some enemies. When those enemies will die, you can retreat her. Activate Amiya’s skill again… And when that enemy heavy defender will come down that lane, you need to activate Lava’s skill, and your defender’s skill. Activate your medic’s skill too. And you can retreat Amiya, because you don’t need her anymore on that position.


Now be careful, because those three enemies will follow that road. So you need to deploy, uh… -activate that medic’s skill… And, uh, I was saying…you need to deploy a sniper here, and when those two enemies will start to attack your sniper, deploy Melantha here. And in theory that the enemy will die, but if he won’t die, you just need to Elite that sniper, or level up, a little bit, your Melantha. But in theory, you can do it. Now be careful here because you need to active Lava’s skill, and deploy, uh… -retire Jessica now, when that enemy has died, and deploy a vanguard here to block that enemy senior caster. And Plume here. Now activate your defender’s skill, and your medic’s skill too.


You need to keep that senior caster busy, because else that defender will die, and destroy your front line. Now you can deploy Amiya here, because you need her to kill Crownslayer on that block. Now active Plume’s skill – now – and in theory she will die… Yes, perfect. Now activate that medic’s skill, and Amiya’s skill too. Activate medic’s skill, and you can retire Plume… to deploy Melantha here. So Melantha will kill that enemy senior caster. And activate your defender’s skill, and your Lava’s skill too. Now you can retire Melantha… And deploy your Vanguard here, to keep that enemy senior caster busy. So you can let Amiya and your DPS kill those enemies. And now you can retire Amiya, and deploy a sniper here. And that’s all! :D.


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