?????/Arknights?[Annihilation 2] – Low Rarity Squad – Arknights Strategy


[Okaeri, Dokutah] Hello guys, let’s clear Annihilation 2 Lungmen Outskirts For the stage you need a Vanguard to gain deployment points A Guard with high physical damage Three Medics, if you have an AoE Medic it will be better One AoE Sniper – Catapult in this case is very good and she is easy to get I made a video about that you can see on the top side on the right Two normal single target Snipers – Jessica and Kroos One high DEF Defender, Cuora in this case is very good One AoE Caster Level 4 skill Shaw, and Cliffheart with Level 4 skill You can also use Rope but Cliffheart is easier to get You just need to login 7 days and the game will give you that operator All units are with level 4 skill or more First of all place your Vanguard here And Your AoE Caster there Now deploy your AoE sniper there or Platinum or Blue Poison with high damage because at around 350 enemies killed, there will be enemy casters, so you need to kill them before they can reach your Defender and destroy your defense.


So that’s very important If you have enough damage to kill the Wraith Leader You wouldn’t need Shaw on that position But if you can’t kill them in that zone You need to Shaw to push them into that hole Now deploy your Medic here And I advise you to deploy Shaw first, and after that, your Medic, and then Melantha because in that way the enemy will hit the last operator you deployed So the enemy will not target Shaw Now deploy your Guard here Another medic on that position to heal the sniper And Now just wait for deployment points and we can deploy Cliffheart on that position Now deploy a Sniper here If you have enough damage on the topside because you have Exusiai or Skyfire or some high-rarity operator, you don’t need that sniper but I need more damage because I’m using a low rarity composition squad so I need more damage to kill lanes Deploy your Defender on that position There we go You can see the sniper is targeting the Medic and not Shaw Or Melantha because she’s the last operator I deployed The first Wraith but this is pretty squishy so It’s easy to kill him Wraiths are not the problem.


The problem is Wraith Leader because he’s pretty tank and if you don’t have enough damage he will go through your defense and go in that position That’s why you need Shaw Perfect And after you killed the second Wraith Leader You can retire Shaw And it doesn’t matter where you put your Medics the important thing is they can heal that Defender as you can see my Ansel can heal And afterwards you need to place another healer there to heal the Defender Activate skill And now you can deploy your Shaw on that position Avenger – they are very dangerous Especially that red one very very dangerous And you can retire your Vanguard and deploy your Medic here So the Defender will get healed by three Medics And that’s how we’ll increase her survivability [it’s ok your English is great] Activate her skill Her S2 Her S2 And this is important, you can see that the enemy is the last Not the last but erm When Cliffheart kills him just retire her because you will need her later Activate skill Block the red one, for when that [enemy is killed], okay now you can retire Now just wait for that red dangerous one to die You don’t even need to activate her skill because three healers are healing her Okay now deploy your Cliffheart to kill that Mage If you don’t do that, that one will hit and kill Shaw Okay, now you can retire her because you need her again on that position and as you can see, that’s why you need AoE Sniper or high DPS Sniper Because of all those Casters, if they can reach that position your Defender will immediately die Now deploy your Cliffheart here again This time, I think you can- you need to activate her skill because there are more enemies too You can retire your AoE sniper and put Jessica here Activate skill Her S2 Now you can retire Shaw after the skill, okay and deploy your AoE Sniper here to get more damage And in theory the level is cleared only last four enemies Activate skill And there we go I tried the team composition for two days and I finally did the 400 kills GG guys!


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