[Arknights] CC#0 Guide: Spiders Splitboxing Explanation + Some Correction (Its all about the legs)


Hello, everyone welcome to the split boxing explanation, video i’d like to make a correction from my first video m3 can actually do it just slightly different timing. So let’s get started with sl7 sure so in this video i’m going to take the level 2 spider attack and also the 40 percent enemy hp tap. This button attack give them hp, camouflage and silent immunity. So, let’s start with the first part of the video the timing for doing this is quite precise for sure. So, let’s set all this up, it’s the initial part.


So here this is the first pirate i’m gon na demonstrate it so you better hold on to operator. So that you get a zero for one bullet time, then precisely when spiders back leg enters the box to deploy your gravel okay i’ll show it several more times so don’t be worried, pay attention to the spider’s leg, the last leg enters thing before then it will Get hit by both the top and bottom tops they’re still washed by this repeat as many times as you move, so you can observe it. Presidential spiders, like [, Music, ], foreign [, Music, ], [, Laughter, ], huh, [, Music, ], foreign [, Music, ], so [ Laughter, ], foreign [, Laughter, ], so yeah, that’s how it works. This is just level seven. No! This is just very few text, so it seems very easy, but that’s enough to show how speed bossing works for the spider part. Now, let’s move on to the next, the next one would be using a m3 feeder.


It’S different because um, because this shares are slow and m3 is larger for us. So let’s see oh [, Music ], so it might be slower, but still just pay attention to the legs. Okay, the moment the last leg enters then deploy your gravel. It will be stopped between two tiles and there might still be dealt to it. It’S still the same thing: just pay attention to the legs, this m3 grip uh feeter by the way. So because my feet is too high level, it’s gon na do a lot of damage with the spider it’s hard to demonstrate. Actually, oh, no, i might kill it. Look at the lake [ Music ] pay attention to the lake closely another try right here: [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ]. If it’s all about like oh no, the gravel gon na be deflect, so i’m gon na use red here into the lake.


Oh yeah, okay, the last one to the legs, lay at the back. Okay, perfect timing, right, that’s it! That’S it for the pushing part. Just remember pay attention to the legs, an m3 feeder. She only need to push the rock bracket once to go to the top, and here you have a red and you will take the rope breaker damage attack. The drawback will do much more damage to zarya. So if you have a right here, it would be nice to stop this attack. So let me demo this again but with full text um, but this is just what do i call it? Oh, this is cc trending around text, though so it’s not as hard as uh the actual text. So the text here i’ll write it in description. So, let’s start this level: seventh [, Music, ], [, Music, ], okay, [, Music, ], so pay attention to the like. At the back, i’ve repeated this so many times already. I hope you guys already understand the leg at the back goes in good point: [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Laughter, ], okay, [, Laughter, ], but remember, though this is not with level 3 hp attack or with level 3 spider attack literally spiders. They have more hp, so yeah this makes seems easy because it’s just level 7

[, Music, ], [, Music, ], okay, [, Music, ], [, Music, ] i’ll push. The foreign then pay attention to the leg again: [ Music, ], [, Laughter, ], [, Music ] works every time. [, Music ], i’m gon na put some legs in the thumbnail too. The spider legs – oh no, it can’t be progressable, so i’m gon na use red pay attention to the leg leg at the back. Now it goes [ Laughter, ], something [, Laughter, ], [, Music, ]; okay, that’s it that’s it! For this map. There isn’t very much else. This is why it’s so easy, except for rng. I guess look at the pressure here.


Sorry, i was tanking it, so you have a rat to stop the attack. It would be nice all right. That’S it! That’S it for videos. I hope you guys get the point and how to do this split boxing thing, but in this video i’m just spending talking about the spider split boxing, but because for the other split boxing, the clay part split boxing is actually much easier to understand. As in for the top lane, it’s not really done by cliffhard. If you use a s2xl7 saw or fitter, you can just push them. Then they’ll walk here. You don’t need the force from cliffhard. But if you want to use cliff alone, then you’ll need s2m3 on her skill, so yeah. That concludes the video. See you guys next time.

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