[ASMR] Arknights CC#0 Barrenland Preparation Guide & Week 1 Clear [ASMR]


Hi guys, so as you guys know my mic has arrived, but im getting super sick from allergies so my recording quality might be not as good as normal. Welcome to my ASMR Guide video for Contingency Contract Barrenland, also known as CC#0 in CN! Firstly, congratulations to every one of you who has cleared Area 59 on EN! The next permanent map in the contingency contract following the CN timeline is Shattered Avenue, and I will be talking about how to clear risk 18 on week one and some of the harder daily maps. Yes, remember to like and subscribe to my channel for more videos in the future So let’s jump right into it the permanent map on CC Barrenland is Shattered Avenue, and our primary source of DPS are the heat tiles on the upper half of the map.


We are going to need either Mastery 3 FEater or Shaw on bot lane as well as an E2 Siege or Bagpipe if you do pull her in the previous gacha. Texas can also work in place of Siege, but she has to be elite 2. On the top lane, we have two defenders, Saria and Hoshiguma; this is non-replaceable as far as I know for week 1. So if you are missing both of these defenders, I would suggest waiting for the second week. We will also be taking a Silverash who is AT LEAST skill level 7 and an E1 skill level 7 Myrtle. There is no need to promote myrtle to clear risk 18. The primary strategy that we will be using is for Siege and Myrtle to regenerate deployment points and for FEater to push them up into the heat tiles.


The main threat in this map would be the elite Rockbreakers when buffed has 26,000 health, 550 defense, 90 magic resist, and 1500 attack. Recommended operators: Bagpipe – Skill 3: Closed Bolt Burst Fire – Mastery 3 Siege – Skill 2: Aerial Hammer – Level 7 Siege’s first talent upgrade – King of Beasts – is an excellent buff to support a Vanguard-oriented CC team which generally include operators such as Bagpipe and Myrtle. killing an enemy in her respective tile will provide her with extra skill points. In combination with her Skill 2: Aerial Hammer, this will ensure a reliable generation of deployment points and dish out consistent damage. Myrtle – Skill 1: Support beta – Level 7 // Level 7 Mastery 3 Myrtle’s first skill, Support beta is an incredibly fast and efficient DP-Recovery Skill.


If you pair this with bagpipe?s passive +8 sp upon deployment, she can activate support beta right after she lands. SilverAsh – Skill 3: Truesilver Slash – Level 7/Mastery 3 Lappland – Skill 2: Wolf Spirit – Level 7 Mastery 3 Her second skill increases her DPS potential by switching her damage to Arts, hitting an additional target, and removing the ranged attack penalty. She can be easily deployed from the bottom section of the map while having the range hit the enemies in the top section.


Hellagur – Skill 2: Half Moon – Level 7/Mastery 3 His second skill is great for clearing Rockbreakers while being able to self-sustain without needing a healer by his side. If your saria?s mastery levels are too low, I would recommend taking hellagur over hoshiguma since he wouldn?t need healing from saria and saria can focus on healing herself. Cliffheart – Skill 2: Binding Chains – Level 7 Mastery 3 Cliffheart’s second skill – Binding Chains – provides a jump in utility, as it enables her to pull multiple targets and does true damage while stunning for a short time. Her stun is good for animation cancelling the elite rockbreakers. FEater/Shaw – Skill 1: Mastery 3 Feater can be replaced by shaw, but there is a downside Shaw generally pushes slower than feater, so your siege might die when the last Rockbreaker walks into bottom lane.


Both the Bili-Bili video and the level requirements will be in the description if you need more details. The first daily map that you will face is the new map Desert, and for this map, your ground units are almost useless because of the defense shredding slugs, Which can one shot almost any ground unit, so be sure to have a Lappland with some good AOE snipers or casters ready. Recommended operators: Myrtle – Skill 1: Support beta – Level 7 /Mastery 3 Lappland – Skill 2: Wolf Spirit – Level 7 Meteorite – Skill 1: Spread Shot – Level 7 /Mastery 3 Ifrit – Skill 2: Sunburst – Mastery 3 Blue Poison – Skill 1: Double Shot. Auto – Mastery 3 The next map we will be talking about is Lungmen Transit station. This map introduces a new device that can be activated for another deployment slot and Naruto runners.


The devices cost 20 dp to activate, and you most often will start the map with a deployment limit risk of some kind, so you really want to use these devices. If one of the devices gets destroyed, you automatically lose one life. The risks also often force you to take either a full-range team or full melee, which is why this is one of the harder maps to clear. Recommended operators: Blaze – Skill 2: Chainsaw Extension Module – Level 7 Saria – Skill 1: First Aid -Mastery 1/Mastery 3 Hoshiguma – Skill 3: Saw of Strength – Level 7 Ceobe – Skill 2 – Very Hot Blade – Mastery 3 Eyjafjalla – Skill 2 – Ignite – Mastery 1 Mostima – Skill 3 -Key of Ordered Time – Level 7 Last and not least is Frozen Wasteland, which has ice devices, ice mages, ice katanas, and defense crushers all in one fun package.


If one of your operators get frozen, its basically night night for them as the regular ice katanas do two times damage to frozen units, and the elite katanas do three times damage. You will need a consistent way of killing the katanas such as Ceobe or Eyjafjalla for this map. Recommended Operators Ceobe – Skill 2 – Very Hot Blade – Mastery 3 Eyjafjalla – Skill 2 – Ignite – Mastery 1 Amiya ? Skill 2 ? Mental Burst – Mastery 1 Blaze – Skill 2: Chainsaw Extension Module – Level 7 Saria – Skill 1: First Aid – Level 7 Mastery 3 Ptilopsis – Passive – Ability Aura – Elite 2 Gravel – Skill 2: Rat Swarm – Level 7 Projekt Red – Skill 2: Wolfpack – Level 7 That is all for now! If you have any other questions about the CC#0, join my Discord server and ping me there! I am almost always online, but if I am not available, you can ping Tonny instead.


See you guys on my next stream!.


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