Asda 2 Attack Mage Skill Build


Asda 2 Attack Mage Skill Build?by Vnoj

Hi Guys and not Ladies, I am a mage.
I have been playing asda2 for the past week.
NOTE: This is my build (Hybrid good for PvP/ PvE), Not Yours. If you do have any recommendations please share in a reply.
If You Wish To use my build, Then your a citified Beast.

Here are the introductions.
This game we have sowel system, I particularly interested in only intel and stamina.
(if u spam skills then also add some spirit)

Skill guide:
1st Job: Magician at lvl 10, we could add up to 31 skill points.
1. Magic Blade. 3/3 Ur basic attack, max it
2. Fireball. 7/7 Finisher should be maxed
3. Aura of Darkness. 7/7 The one hitter should be maxed
4. Ocean of Fire 6/7 Good for mobs
5. Minor Heal 0/5. Let the healer heal. or use the little pots.
6. Eagle Eye 1/1 extra spell range.
7. Increase Strength. 0/7 Leave This To The Warriors
8. Increase Dexterity. 0/7 Agility For Archers
9. Increase Intellect. 7/7 This Should Be Maxed.

2nd Job: Wizard at lvl 30, we could add up to 30 skill points.
1. Blazing Earth 0/7. fires of hell
2. Meteor 4/7. crash down, vary recommend u max.
3. Burn 3/3. burn
4. Dream Dust. 0/2 1 target to sleep unnecessary or PvP 1v1 add 1/2 (see skill 11./ 9.)
5. Art of Intelligence. 0/5 unnecessary gives intell
6. Roar of Spirit 0/5 unnecessary gives spirit
7. Counter Recovery 0/2 wasteful skill
8. Cursed Recovery 3/3 Oh Skittles Yea Max This,
9. Shadow Cloak 0/1 U Cant see Me Good For PvP 0 or 1 (see skill 11./4.)
10. Staff Training 5/5 Extra Power Maxed.
11. Shadow of Fear 0/1 Frighten surrounding enemies 0 or 1 (see skill 9./4.)
12.Summon Demon 7/7 Quick Skill
13. Increase Stamina 7/7 Extra Health
14. Increase Spirit. 0/7 each maybe u should use 1 or 2 spirit sowels x
15. Increase Luck. 0/7
Note: 29 skill points have been used, Skills 4./11./9. are all basically skills to avoid. just use the
the last skill point on which ever u think is best.

3rd Job: Pyromaniac
Update Soon As im not there to test skills, please do leave recommendations in a reply on
which i should use. thanks

Rare/Hero At your Lvl Range, + 10 and up Recommended if you want to be the best.

Rare/Hero weapon +10/+20 Recommended If You Are Interested To Steal Aggro or Be A PvP Beast.

OK Thanks And Please Leave Feedback If and If Not did a superb Build

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