Asda 2 Bow Archer Damage Build Guide


Asda 2 Bow Archer Damage Build Guide by hazlett

Hey everyone, I am a Bow, my name is ArcherKid.
I am just making this guide just out of boredom.

First of all, lets talk about Sowels.
There are 3 useful Sowels which are Dexterity, Stamina and Luck!

Dexterity = Increase Damage
Stamina = Increase Health
Luck = Increase chance of Critical

So which and how many Sowels should we put in?

There are 6 pieces you can put Sowels in, which is Helmet, Chest, Pants, Gloves, Shoes and a Weapon!

-At low level Armour can only hold 1 Sowel slot per piece, so which mean you could put 6
Sowels in.

My recommended is to have 1 Luck, 2 Dexterity and 3 Stamina.

If you don?t want to have any critical, Then go for 2 Dexterity and 4 Stamina.

-The next Rank of the Armour would have 2 Sowels slots per piece, Which is 12 Sowels.

Then again my recommended is to have 2 Luck, 4 Dexterity and 6 Stamina.

If you don?t want to have any critical, Then go for 5 Dexterity and 7 Stamina.

Alright that enough for Sowels, Lets talk about Armour/Weapon Set!
For Offense Bows should go for Uncommon Sets such as

Lua set
Chase set
Felice set
Absolute set
Valley set

For Defense Bows should go for Rares Armour.

As for Bow Weapons, Everyone should get hero weapons
Those who are unlucky to have those should go for rares!

Alright lets talk about Skills!

1st Job Skills!
Job Trapper at level 10, we could add up to 31 skill points.

My recommended Skills.

1. Aimed shot MAX 7/7 Attack Skill
2. Bloody Melody MAX 7/7 Attack skill
3. Throw Trap MAX 3/3 Catch the prey
4. Light movement MAX 5/5 Faster movement
5. Sharp Aim Never Get This 0/5 Not a lot of durability
6. Hawk?s Eye MAX 2/2 Increase range
7. Thorn Trap Not Recommended 0/3 Not very effective
8. Increase Strength. Not Recommended 0/7 Give small damage
9. Increase Dexterity. MAX 7/7 Increase damage
10. Increase Intellect Never Get This 0/7 Useless

Now lets get on with 2nd Job Skills!

Job Bowman at level 30, we could add up to 30 skill points.

My recommended Skills.

1. Arrow Shower Level 3 AoE skill
2. Dancing Arrow Not Recommended Not worth it
3. Time Bomb Not Recommended Need time to take effect
4. Explosive Trap. MAX Good trap
5. Art of Agility. MAX More damage
6. Roar of Tenacity Not Recommended Less damage increase
7. Step Back Not Recommended Not worth it
8. Secret of Regeneration Not Recommended Health potion are better
9. Bow Training MAX More damage
10. Increase Stamina MAX More Health
11. Increase Dexterity. Never Get This Useless, Don?t need Spirit
12. Increase Luck. MAX More chance of critical

Thanks for taking you time to read this!
I will be updating Info in the future!
Good Luck to the Bows people!

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