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Asda 2 Full Healer Mage Skill Guide

This are my skill guide for a full healer mage.(beta version)1st

Magic Blade 3
Lightning 7
Minor Heal 5
Study Minor Heal 3
Ress 1
Eagle Eye 1
Int 7

? total of 26/31 skill points, Its up to you to where you want to add the rest 5 skill point


Recover 5
Ice 1 (Optional this helps a lot when you are in danger. Can save your life)
Heal 5
Study Healing 3
Art of Intelligence 5
Staff Training 5
Dispell 1
Stamina 5

? total of 30/30 skill points

-I do not recommend you to add Study Light Magic because it doesn?t add that much to the heal and it?s a waste of skill point
-I prefer adding the rest to stamina because we all know how mages hp are low


Advance heal 5
Study Recovery 3
Quick heal 5
Party Heal 1
Sacrificial Contract 1
Study Advanced Healing 3
Boost Climate Magic 5
Study Quick Healing 7

-total 30/30 skill points

Any suggestions/violent reactions are welcome


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